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Jesus was the first within the one Son of God, to fully awaken from the ego’s dream of death. He was the first to wholly embody the Christ, the Holy Self. Because he has completely undone the ego’s dream of death, we don’t need to do it again. We were with Jesus as the one Holy Self when he accomplished the end of suffering. The only part of us that disagrees with this, is the imposter, the self-made ego. All we are asked to do is to forgive and to accept the Atonement for our self, trusting implicitly that in the instant we accept Atonement…it is done. If it is done, the only decision left for us is to choose to receive what is already complete. We don’t need to earn Atonement. It’s our inheritance. The memory of our absolute guiltlessness and total invulnerability will return as we trust in the Power of the Atonement.

There is only one block to truly accepting the Atonement; and that is guilt. All guilt is simply the unconscious guilt for having made a false-self and world, apart from God. The result of this is fear. All fear arises from guilt as our unconscious fear of punishment (by God), and is disguised as the need to defend ourselves from perceived threat, i.e. sickness, conflict, scarcity, loss and death, etc. This deep fear may also appear as a sense of unworthiness, doubt or disbelief.

There is just one requirement for undoing all our suffering and that is to accept and receive the healing that Jesus has already given us …this is the divine undoing of fear and guilt in our mind. In any Holy Instant you can choose to totally surrender your guilt and judgment of the situation as you see it. Jesus, in the following quote, explains that he already accomplished the undoing of all our suffering. Will we accept it?

“You were in darkness until God’s Will was done completely by any part of the Sonship. When this was done, it was perfectly accomplished by all. How else could it be perfectly accomplished? My mission was simply to unite the will of the Sonship with the Will of the Father by being aware of the Father’s Will myself. This is the awareness I came to give you, and your problem in accepting it is the problem of this world. Dispelling it is salvation, and in this sense I [am] the salvation of the world…” “As God sent me to you so will I send you to others. And I will go to them with you, so we can teach them peace and union.” T-8.IV.3:1-6,10-11

“You have no problems that He cannot solve by offering you a miracle. Miracles are for you. And every fear or pain or trial you have has been undone. He has brought all of them to light, having accepted them instead of you, and recognized they never were. There are no dark lessons He has not already lightened for you.” T-14.XI.9:2-6

“The Atonement does not make holy. You were created holy. It merely brings unholiness to holiness; or what you made to what you are. Bringing illusion to truth, or the ego to God, is the Holy Spirit’s only function.” T-14.IX.1:1-4 “The Atonement is so gentle you need but whisper to it, and all its power will rush to your assistance and support.” T-14.IX.3:2

The Forgiveness and Atonement Process

  • Accept yourself now. Regardless of how upset you might be, you are not your thoughts or physical and emotional feelings. You are the quiet Witness, choosing to have your mistaken perception healed in this instant.


  • There is only one Power as God’s Loving Will. Remember to use true denial by denying anything not of God’s Love, the power to hurt you (or another). There is only one Power as God’s Love. Everything other than God’s Love is unreal.


  • Identify the real cause which is guilt in your mind. Where do you believe the cause of the problem is? If you believe the cause of this problem (sickness, pain, conflict, scarcity, person, situation, etc) lies in an ego cause outside you, either in the body, in the world or in the past, then you will deny healing of the singular cause which is unconscious guilt.

The cause is in your mind and nowhere else regardless of what appears to be so. Believing that the cause is outside you separates cause and effect in your mind. To heal the one cause, you must be willing to suspend doubt even if it’s for an instant. The miracle occurs in the instant you withdraw your belief in what the ego tells you is real.

Both cause and effect are always in your mind. The cause (guilt) and it’s effects remain together in your mind even though the seeming symptoms appear so convincingly out there and real; they are not. Cause and effect can never be separate in your mind although the ego’s job is to make it appear as if they are, so you will continue to depend on the ego’s guidance instead of your Holy Self. Because cause and effect are never separate in your mind, the healing of all worldly effects is readily available when you prioritize the healing of your perception (forgiveness) first, above all other concerns and appearances. You must desire your perception to be healed more than you want a particular physical outcome. Review the illusory cause of the problem (your belief in what your ego-body’s senses tell you), and surrender your mistake to Spirit. Look past appearances!

You may still choose to do something about the seeming problem in the world, eg. medication, surgery, leave your job, etc; but you will have prioritized peace first by forgiving and accepting Atonement. In other words, you have surrendered the singular cause of the problem to God within.


  • Atonement is the undoing of fear, by Spirit. You cannot heal or be healed while you are fearful. Only one holy instant of surrendering fear is required for the miracle to take place. Remember that you are responsible for fear, therefore you must be willing to surrender it fully. Spirit cannot help you while you cling to fear and doubt.


  • Is the problem or issue real? If you still believe the problem or issue is real, you cannot forgive it. True healing as forgiveness can only take place when you’re willing to recognize the only obstacle as the singular cause of this dilemma is your own perception of it as a problem. In giving it reality you invest in an imaginary power other than God’s Love and healing. The ego sees a problem and then proceeds to solve it or overlook it. Both actions cannot heal the fundamental cause. In fact they exacerbate it. To heal we must agree to join with Holy Spirit to look beyond the error. If we can’t look beyond it then we will believe that we (the ego) must undo it before we can accept the miracle through forgiveness.

The ego’s plan is to have you see error clearly first, and then overlook it. Yet how can you overlook what you have made real? By seeing it clearly, you have made it real and [cannot] overlook it.” T-9.IV.4:4-6

Forgiveness through the Holy Spirit lies simply in looking beyond error from the beginning, and thus keeping it unreal for you. Do not let any belief in its realness enter your mind, or you will also believe that you must undo what you have made in order to be forgiven. What has no effect does not exist, and to the Holy Spirit the effects of error are nonexistent. By steadily and consistently cancelling out all its effects, everywhere and in all respects, He teaches that the ego does not exist and proves it.” T-9.IV.5:3-6


  • Ask for and trust only in God’s Will to be done. Invoke God’s inevitable Will to heal all suffering.


  •   Remember there is no hierarchy of illusions. Therefore, there is no order of difficulty in miracles.


  • Remember that all pain, sickness, upsetting people or situations have the sacred purpose of bringing your unconscious guilt (self-hatred, self-attack) to the conscious to be healed via forgiveness. For this, you can be grateful.


  •   Forgiveness is remembering that the person or problem you perceive is not really there (in the person or problem). So the imagined cause (guilt) must be in your own mind. Now real healing can occur as you release the guilt from its source; always in your own mind.


  •         You have one Altar within. You cannot have two mutually exclusive devotions on your Altar at any one time. If you are upset by a person or problem, then the person or problem is your devotion. And Spirit cannot help you. However when you place your wrong perception on the Altar, asking for healing, then Spirit is free to heal your perception.


  •      You must accept Atonement if you truly want to undo error and heal. Do not allow unworthiness, fear or doubt, cause you to resist accepting your rightful inheritance. Atonement is the divine correction of your perception. It undoes the guilt and fear that caused the problem. You don’t need to understand the problem, you only need to accept the remedy…the Atonement.


NOTE: If you would like to unearth your unconscious FEAR of GOD, click here for the EXERCISE


Forgiveness Steps – Accepting Atonement


1.      I acknowledge that I am not at peace, so I must be wrong-minded. And I want to be at peace so I ask Spirit to help me look at my mind.


2.      I remember that any sign of threat, pain, sickness, conflict, or scarcity is not God’s Will. I acknowledge this is the ego in my mind. I remember that I must deny the ego’s appearances and focus on the Love that is Truth, beyond all appearances.


3.      I invite You (Spirit) to look at these fears and judgments with me. I will not judge myself or another while we do this. I will leave a space of total non-judgment, so you can fill it with Love and healing.


4.      As we look together, I say to myself with sincerity, “Even while this appears as a problem, and despite feeling fear, pain, anxiety, unworthiness, anger, guilt, or doubt – I open myself to receive healing through the miracle, in this instant.”


5.      Trust only in God’s Love. God is in everything I see, because God is in my mind. Together, we look past ego appearances as they represent our unconscious wishes with the ego. In looking past appearances we join with God (light) in asking to perceive only what is true, beyond ego appearances (darkness). God is in everything I see, because God is in my mind; and what God sees through my mind is therefore healed! Do not doubt this. This is forgiveness. Trust and doubt cannot co-exist and Love without trust is impossible.


6.      A Prayer to Spirit within: “Spirit, I accept your Atonement; I accept your divine correction of error in my mind, and I allow your healing to flow through my mind. I accept that you have already healed both the cause and symptoms (effects) of this problem; the decision and its shadow. If the problem’s ‘appearance’ continues, or if there are continuing ‘symptoms’ (appearances) that cause me to doubt – then I offer these doubts to you as well, to correct in my mind. I remember in any holy instant that I sincerely accept Atonement, it is done! To continue to be concerned after I have forgiven and accepted Atonement, is to doubt your Love and prolong the illusion of time and suffering.” Remember: Love without trust is impossible; doubt and trust cannot coexist.  “I remember this and I have gratitude that Spirit has already healed my mind and I accept with this, the healing of all symptoms (effects). It is done!”


Note: If I am too fearful yet to trust only in God’s Love, I will find comfort in alternatives for now, and this is perfectly okay. For example, I may take medication, see a physician, take supplements, etc. The most important point to remember is to do these things with conscious awareness of Spirit. I might take medication however I no longer take it alone. I ask Spirit to heal my perception as I take an alternative. In this way, we are gently led out of fear and in to Love. Remember if there is any sign of judgment or guilt, exchange it for the miracle…again.

 If you would like to take yourself through an embodied forgiveness prayer, then see The Atonement Prayer, by clicking on this link)

Atonement Short Cut:

1.  Acknowledge your perception needs to be healed. Express willingness to surrender it.

2.  Surrender your wrong-minded perception

3.  Accept the Atonement, the miracle. Trust it is done!


A  Short and Powerful Forgiveness Prayer


Note: place the person or situation that upsets you in the following prayer…


“Holy Spirit, please help me to forgive myself for having unknowingly used ______(person, sickness, scarcity, conflict, pain, etc) _____to attack myself and to separate from your Love as my Holy Self.”


The End of Death

The End of Death

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