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What is the Holy Relationship Journey?

Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ) – Jesus teaches unequivocally in A Course in Miracles that the Holy Relationship is the fast track to awakening and the means by which to transcend the ego’s highly defended obstacles to peace (Love). Author and teacher, Nouk Sanchez, illustrates and emphasizes with laser-like precision just how the Holy Relationship transcends all ego defenses in the bestseller, A Manual for Holy Relationship. In this manual, she has generously harvested powerful quotes from the Course on the Holy Relationship, as well as given us personal examples from her journey from special to Holy Relationship. Step by step, the undeniable requirement for this “Holy Grail” is laid out and illuminated before us. Every sincere student of A Course in Miracles will want to not just read but deeply study and contemplate these teachings for themselves. Take Me to Truth offers freely a rich library of recordings from our family’s live gatherings where we read the material and discuss its meaning and practical application to our daily lives. Amid tears and laughter, each participant will certainly experience many of the Holy Instants and “aha” moments with us as they watch these profound, learning videos. We are so pleased to be able to offer these to those who are called, and offer our thanks for their willingness to embark on the final phase over the bridge to freedom – the Real World.

No matter what and no matter who seems to come between us,
let us never abandon each other.

What you’ll learn


Fear of union is our only problem


Two minds joined in Truth and Love close all gaps


All defenses are blocks to the miracle impulse as Love’s extension


Special vs. Holy relating – fall in Love with your Holy Self


Sex vs. true intimacy – accessing true joining and its healing effects


Why Holy Relationship is the means to awaken from the dream


Why Truth and Love heal every illusion


How to use the Body for Loving communication


The Miracle of the shared goal of innocence


Holy Relationship as the answer to the dream of death


“This is the best thing you have ever written. A series of difficult concepts from ‘A Course in Miracles’ have been brilliantly clarified here and brought together in a simple way to get to work in a practical way. Thank you so much Nouk.”

P. R., Belgium

“I am stunned Nouk by your wisdom and your ability to clarify it.”

C. Madsen

“I am speechless. What an eloquent rendition of the Teachings (from A Course in Miracles). Wow.”

J. McFarland

“So powerful!! Thank you so much for bringing such clarity to ego’s tightly guarded secrets. ❤ The Light can shine them away.”

Allen D.

“Oh my glorious GOD. Every word you express is sweet music to this heart. I have opened up to see what I've chosen in the "parental role" over Perfect Changeless Love. I am so grateful for these insights!”

S. Raven

“Thank you Nouk! Your words created a crack....in the ego’s shell!!”

A. M. Valton

“OMG!!! I had an amazing revelation listening to that Nouk, thank you for sharing this l am so truly grateful and have a new found knowing re my sons and my holy relationship... THANK you. It brought tears of joy to my eyes.”

Trisha V.

“Nouk, you have a way of delivering a message that speaks deeply to me. Thank you!”

P. Ingraham

“This was a God-bomb for sure! It radically changed me and my perceptions of reality.”

S. Hanson

“Just listened to this and it's really penetrating my walls! Thanks so much for your brilliant work!”

L. Smart

A Manual for Holy Relationship – Book Interview

In this 34 minute video, you will learn the essentials covered by Nouk’s book “A Manual for Holy Relationship”.

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