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These deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles coming forth in The End of Death trilogy, remove the last remaining veil that lay between our self and the full embodiment of our gloriously majestic and eternally innocent Holy Self. We are being called to provide a strong, unshakeable foundation to support this profound shift in consciousness and we welcome your financial help in order to do this.

Strengthening this foundation allows us to extend these deeper teachings and to support their increasing interest through: retreats in the US and other countries, and new educational materials including computer and phone apps. A percentage of all donations will be allocated to TMTT’s scholarship fund. Please join us with your financial, tax deductible gift of love and support.

Our big dream eventually is to have our own Retreat Center where friends can come and experience an uninterrupted period of miraculous transformation. We have placed this intent lovingly in our hearts and trust that this too, will manifest.

Please join us in an all-out demonstration that abundance is God’s Will! If you feel inspired to help us, then please make a tax deductible donation or regular monthly donations. With many people contributing $10 or $50 monthly, TMTT could joyfully complete and deliver some pretty awesome educational material to help usher in these deeper teachings.

If you are taking a course with us we’d appreciate it if you make the donation for 12 months.

No one is turned away. If you are unable to donate now, please join us anyway! –

If you would like to donate to more than one option (see “Where do you want you donation to go?” field below), simply choose the first option which is “Split as per comments”. In Comments indicate how you want you donation allocated, i.e. total donation is $100. Indicate $50 to ……., $25 to ……. and $25 to ……… Please make certain that your breakdown totals the entire donation amount.


Our nonprofit, Take Me to Truth, Inc. is poised at the threshold of ushering into the world the joyful message of the final phase of healing. This heralds the end of the ego’s dream of fear and the beginning of the Happy Dream!

Thank you, each and every one of you for all you are and all you willingly share!

With Love and Joy,

Nouk & the Take Me to Truth Family

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For postal donations, please send an international money order or US or Canadian check made out to Take Me To Truth Inc. to :

Take Me To Truth Inc.
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Undoing the Ego is the trade name of Take Me To Truth, Inc.