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In A Course in Miracles circles we often hear people refer to the Course teaching that the script is already written. In the past I thought this meant that fate had been written and it didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do. However now I realize that it means that God Is; regardless of the illusions we seem to see and feel here in the dream. The Right-Minded part of us is sure, constant and eternal. It is changeless no matter where we think we are in the ego’s mindlessness. In mindlessness which is the ego’s constant state, we are simply asleep to the real script, where we are consciously united with God’s Will.

We are gifted with free will. We will choose either the ego or Spirit in any one moment. But if we choose ego it does not in any way make it real. The script is written in God’s Loving perfection and it is full of exuberant joy, whether or not we choose to believe in a dream of suffering and death. The sooner we choose against the ego’s dream, the quicker we can claim conscious awareness of the all-encompassing Love that was, is and forever will be, the essence of our Holy Self.

Through Jesus’ resurrection and the Atonement, the ego’s dream was already undone long ago. But since we have the free will to choose between dwelling in Heaven’s State or hanging out a little longer in the illusory ego’s hell state, we appear to perceive it taking “time” to free ourselves. Yet in the instant we commit ourselves wholly and irrevocably to choosing only Love, only peace and only joy…then in that moment only Love, peace and joy are what we will perceive. We can only perceive what we value. If we value fear, we perceive suffering. If we value only Love, we perceive only Love. Until our unconscious blocks to Love have been exhumed and exchanged for miracles, we will continue to see a body and a world of suffering. This is what the Atonement is for. Once we choose to accept it in every instance of loss of peace, then the Real World will be restored to our awareness. This will occur when we decide to value only Love.


“When you want only love you will see nothing else.” T-12.VII.8:1


The ego’s paradigm has no script because it’s dream exists apart from God. And anything apart from God simply does not exist. So how could it have a script? Although the ego’s fear-filled script does have a consistent and repetitive goal, and that is to kill our body before we awaken to recognize that we share God’s Power as Love and thus we also share in his invulnerability.

“Fear is a judgment never justified. Its presence has no meaning but to show you wrote a fearful script, and are afraid accordingly.”…  “Your dark dreams are but the senseless, isolated scripts you write in sleep. T-30.VII.3:8-9,6:15

Beware of the mistaken belief that Spirit (Love) brings us suffering in the form of lessons. Love can only bring Love, peace, happiness and joy. All lessons that we learn through suffering, are not brought to us by Spirit in a script. They are choices that we make, a path we take, while all errors or pain can be given to Spirit for release and reinterpretation.

For many years I mistakenly believed that there was a divine script here in the ego dream. And that it was etched in stone. I really believed that some of my toughest forgiveness lessons were placed in the script by Spirit. Seeing it this way was quite depressing and fearful. Unknowingly, I had projected my unconscious fears onto God and had now made an ego version of god; and one that would place many painful forgiveness lessons on my path. No wonder I was so reluctant to trust in Spirit! Who would, if they thought that painful lessons were brought to us by Spirit?

Only later, I realized that God is all-encompassing Love with no opposite. Therefore there can be no suffering, no pain, no conflict, no lessons and no death in God. I am the decision maker. I am the perceiver. And my experience is determined by which inner teacher I choose to perceive with. If I choose the ego, then I will experience pain. In choosing Spirit, I will offer my perception of suffering in exchange for the Atonement, the miracle.

From the ego’s dualistic perception, we may tend to see Spirit as something outside us at first. But Spirit or Love, is Who we are. The true essence of Who we are… is God. And there is nothing more powerful than God’s Love. Nothing! Through the ego we forgot temporarily Who we were. We made up a dream self along with its world. Then we decided to make up an illusory power called fear, claiming it to be the opposite of Love. We are expressions of God. God is the sun and we are those rays of light that the sun emits. There is no separation between the sun and its rays. Therefore, there is no separation between us and God’s all-encompassing Love…ever.


The End of Death

The End of Death

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