The End of Death, Volume 1; blog reference
The End of Death, Volume 1; blog reference
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Following is an exercise that will assist in exhuming your unconscious beliefs about God and thus your fear of God, which is really the unrecognized fear of Love itself.

1) What are the positive qualities of God’s Nature and Will?

With pen and paper, write down all the positive attributes or qualities of God’s Love. For example: unconditional Love, peace, joy, safety, security, abundance, all needs are met consistently, etc. Go deep and see if you can come up with at least ten of these positive qualities. The more the better.

Spend time sitting with all these. These are the intellectual list of God’s celestial attributes. This is what the ego is happy for us to see as long as we don’t dare to delve any deeper to find out what we really believe about Love (God) in our unconscious.

2) What will it cost me to trust exclusively in God?

 Now, with total and radical self-honesty, allow the following statement to settle in. Imagine if you were to completely embrace this statement; what fears arise? I choose only God’s Will for me, from this moment onward. In so doing, I choose to forfeit my own independent will in every area of my life.” If you ask for and accept only His Will, there is no room for your own separate will.

Now write down your fears and concerns about each area of your life (see list below). Unearthing these fears is invaluable. They pave the way out of fear forever, so please be honest. Write down any concerns about possible change, loss or sacrifice in each of the important areas of your life. Make a comprehensive list of all the so called fearful or even disastrous scenarios that might occur if you totally surrendered your own independent will to God. What do you fear may change or fall away, specifically in the following areas?

  • finances and income
  • relationship
  • children and family
  • job or career
  • security and self image
  • the body and health
  • pleasure
  • Other  

Any signs of concern or fear represent the tip of the so called ice-berg as far as our unconscious distrust in God’s Love is concerned.  When Tomas and I did this exercise after nearly 20 years of the Course,  we were astounded to discover just how much we still did not trust Spirit. We still compartmentalized parts of our life keeping them separate from our Spiritual journey.  When our life looks like a multi sliced pie and we insist on keeping and controlling some slices independently apart from Spirit, the conflict eventually becomes unbearable.  And it’s here that we either opt to recycle again through scarcity,  disease or death,  or we decide to jump in to undoing the ego, totally.

3) Revealing the “god” the ego made

Now…look at your first list. The list of your positive beliefs about God’s Nature and Will. Then place the list with all your fears about totally surrendering your life to God, beside the first list. Usually, these two lists are totally opposite. One is full of Love and the other is full of fear. Look carefully. The first list of positive attributes of God is real. The second list is unreal. It represents your unconscious fear of God. This is your unconscious fear of Love itself.

Look again at your list of fears. This represents the god the ego made! The ego projects these deep fears onto God so we will persist in turning to the ego for guidance instead of God’s Love. To the degree that we continue to maintain our own independent decisions, goals, plans and control, shows us just how fearful we are, of God’s Love.

If you truly wish to heal your unconscious fear of God, then it would be helpful to take your list of fears and go through the Atonement (forgiveness) process with each of these blocks to Love’s presence and surrender them in exchange for the miracle. In this process you will be relinquishing the ego’s obsession with unconscious self-attack. Here is the forgiveness/Atonement process: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-seven-essential-principles-of-quantum-forgiveness/

God is Love. God is Love without fear, pain, loss or death. All there is,  is God’s all-encompassing, and undivided Love.  There is nothing else. When we see or feel anything else, we are hallucinating. So if all there is, is God’s Love, what then do we consistently protect our self from and defend ourselves against? Why do we insist on problem-solving independently from Spirit (Love)? And the answer is because we still fear God (Love). We don’t trust Love because we don’t yet know it, we don’t know our Holy Self. From the ego thought system, we project an ego image onto God. And the god that we’re so fearful of is the imaginary god the ego made. A cruel and demanding god who tests us constantly and gives us freedom only in death. No wonder we are so terrified of surrender! The “god we made” is the greatest unconscious block to trusting in the Power and Presence of our Holy Self.

A Prayer to Release Fear, Guilt, Pain, Anxiety, Sickness or Scarcity

“Every fear, all pain and every concern I have about my own or another’s safety, is always my defense against God’s Love. I choose now to be mindful of every instance of fear, seeing fear for what it truly is, rejection of my Self as Love and innocence. In defending myself from fear and suffering, I make them real in my belief. And by making them real, I reject the Love and guiltlessness that is my true safety, my Holy Self. In the name of God’s Love, I join my will with Spirit’s Will now and together we choose against fear and suffering in every form. In His Will I am safe. Through His Will I remember that I have dominion over everything the ego made to attack me or another. And fear and suffering are not His Will. When I allow myself to be consumed by fear or pain, I isolate myself from God’s Love as my Holy Self. I willingly accept only God’s Joyous Will for me and reject anything the ego uses to try to distract me from my one-minded path Home. Amen.”

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