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BODY PROJECTED 3If you’re still somewhat confused about how the miracle works and how it’s healing transfers from mind to body or world, this excerpt is an exceptionally clear and powerful explanation. The miracle is not a “hit and miss” deal. If it appears that way, it’s the ego doing the forgiving. Unlike the ego’s unpredictable healing outcomes, the miracle (Atonement), when sincerely ACCEPTED (without fear or doubt), heals with certainty; this is God’s certain healing which has no opposite. This valuable piece is almost 4 pages long and well worth printing out. Enjoy!

Jesus is very clear about the miracle’s capacity for complete transfer of healing from perception to physical manifestation (if not blocked by doubt and fear). The reason we are not yet accustomed to experiencing and witnessing to immediate healing is because of our unrecognized and un-relinquished fear of God’s Love. For the “fear of God” exercise, click on this link.

The body and world are purely effects of their cause in the mind; they are never separate from their source which is our perception. They dwell in the mind (not brain) and only “seem” to be caused or affected by external phenomena.

Recall the laws we perceive and rely on such as biological laws, laws of nutrition, laws of nature, laws of disease and medicine, laws of time and matter, etc ., are made by the ego thought system as replacements for God’s immutable Laws.

The miracle restores the Laws of God because it transcends the world’s laws by healing our perception, undoing fear to reveal our natural state of Love beneath it. The body and world reside completely in our perception; they are never apart from it. As Jesus tells us in the Course, “ideas leave not their source.” The body and world are ideas within our mind. This is why they cannot possibly leave it. And it is also the reason why, as the mind is healed of guilt (self-attack), the body must also be healed.

We are not in a body which is in a world that resides in the universe. Quite the contrary, the body, world and universe dwell in our mind.

We’re accustomed to seeing life through the laws of the ego which are opposite of the Laws of Love. Therefore we think we need the illusion of time in which to heal, or that we need the illusory biological process to heal the body.

The miracle does not require time in which to accomplish healing. Its purpose is to collapse time. It is a vertical negation of part of the illusory horizontal time line.  Fear and its distorted effects, are abolished in the instant the miracle is sincerely welcomed and received. Although doubt can appear to delay the miracle’s healing effects.

The miracle erases the belief responsible for obstructing the already fully manifest Reality of God’s perfection as the Christ I AM. This is God’s Will expressed through us and as us in the dream. The innocent and joyful perfection of the Real World dream is already made manifest. This includes the seeming body and the world. They are already healed. In claiming our guiltless state via the miracle, it is impossible that they be under any laws but God’s.

God’s Will as the healed dream, is not something that is yet to happen. It is already here, now. If we can’t see and feel it then it’s because we are using our power of choice to see and feel something other than God’s Will. That is how powerful we are. At any given moment we are either wishing with the ego for self sabotage (consciously or unconsciously) or we are willing with God in joy.

The Real World is still a dream, yes; however it is a healed dream. This is a dream we dream with God unlike the one we have dreamed with the ego. In the Real World there is no more fear or guilt to cause conflict, sickness, scarcity, loss or death.

This is why our only real purpose is to accept the Atonement, the miraculous healing of our distorted perception. It’s the lifting of the veil of separation and suffering. When we wholeheartedly accept the miracle, we also invite the presence of the Real World which was always there but was previously obstructed by our unconscious choice for guilt and fear.


In No Single Instant Does the Body Exist At All

In no single instant does the body exist at all. This is what Jesus tells us in the Course.

The body is not a pile of flesh and blood that was born and is destined to decay and to die. The body is a projected image only. Although it seems to change in appearance according to the ego laws we invest our belief in. When condemned to the ego’s laws the body is imprisoned by them.

Allow me to use an analogy here. Imagine your body as 3-D image being projected in front of you. The image looks real however it is slightly transparent. You are observing it but you clearly recognize that you are not this image nor are you limited by or confined to it. It exists independently and apart from you although your thoughts directly alter its appearance. When you look more closely you see that this image is being projected by a stream of light from your own mind. You are the observer of the body’s projected image.

You play with this stream of light. You play with thoughts of fear, judgment and defense and notice the image responding to these thoughts in the form of guilt, fear, doubt, sickness, pain, depression, weight gain, death, etc. Through the ego, you command the body to respond to its laws of time, deprivation, suffering and death. If you agree to these laws then the body must obey your beliefs.

Then you switch to playing with God’s Loving thoughts of forgiveness, innocence, safety, joining, health, giving, joy, peace, life etc. The projected image responds immediately to these thoughts and changes its appearance to represent them. In other words, your thoughts and beliefs project the body’s state in any given moment.

This means any affliction that appeared to originate in the past, is now open to complete and instant re-projection via the miracle. A healed mind must project a healed body. It doesn’t require the time-consuming biological process or magical medicines to heal, to be restored to wholeness. In an instant of true acceptance of the Atonement (forgiveness), that which previously appeared damaged or diseased as the veil of distorted perception is lifted, is instantly replaced by God’s ever-present perfection. This completely healed state of perfection was there all the time.

You will eventually see nothing that happens in the body can threaten you. In fact, in playing with fear and doubt, or with Love and trust, you recognize the source of all feelings, both physical and emotional, remain and are felt in your mind and not in the body. This image of the body cannot cause or feel any pain or any healing. It cannot get sick or well because it is simply an effect of your beliefs. The body, as an effect only, cannot be a cause of anything. All cause is in the mind that projects the body.

The body’s suffering arises from abdicating it to the ego’s thought system. It’s either hailed as our hero or blamed as our jailer and executioner; take your pick as they are both the same. To believe the body is either the source of salvation or pain always leads to suffering and death. We equate the self with a body then and condemn our self to the ego’s laws of death.

While the ego’s central dream of death is deemed natural and inevitable (still valued as real), unconsciously we will believe that death comes from God. As a consequence, we will continue to fear Love as our Holy Self. Unknowingly, we will fear life itself, attracting death as an escape from awakening to our complete invulnerability in the body. Where else but in a body completely abdicated to God’s Loving Will, will we awaken from death as our fiercest defense against God’s Love? Remember, if death is real there is no God. And if God is real, there is no death. To read about undoing our secret attraction to death, click on this link.

In the case of disease, aging or pain, instead of recognizing that we are the mind that projects the image of the body, we believe we are the body; that the body constitutes our allness. We choose to believe the body sustains our life here in the dream, rather than to recognize the Truth, that our life is wholly sustained by God’s Love as the Holy Self.

When we mistakenly believe the body is the source of our life, it’s as if we walk right up to that projected image and proceed to mess with it, totally oblivious to our projector-mind which is beaming it in every millisecond. Instead of healing the singular source of the body’s problems in the mind, we make repeated attempts to manipulate this illusory effigy in order to protect or heal it. Sure, we might change its appearance temporarily through magical means. But we will not heal the one cause of all its suffering unless we invoke the miracle to heal the projector itself.

Using magic medicines, etc. to temporarily manipulate the image of the body, is not bad in itself. We’re just tampering with the “effects” on the ego’s horizontal timeline while the true cause is usually left un-remedied. It is simply a delaying tactic due to unconscious fear of the miracle’s direct and immediate healing (God’s Love). That is why Jesus gives “magic” such a bad rap in A Course in Miracles.

When we rely on magical means to manipulate the body’s imaginary projection (instead of healing via the Atonement/ forgiveness/miracle), we deny the power of the Christ within, the Holy Self. We choose to remain victims of the ego’s fear paradigm for a while longer. Yet there is absolutely no judgment in this. Beware not to judge yourself or others for depending on magic rather than on God’s Love. If you’d like to learn more about releasing magic (without guilt!), please read this post by clicking this link.

Regardless of how much we tamper with the projected “image” of the body, we do not address the single cause of all sickness and suffering. The guilt that caused the diseased projection remains unseen and therefore un-relinquished. We give the image magic medicine, we find it special relationships in attempts to make it feel secure, while we unknowingly condemn it to the laws of disease, of time, of decay and finally, to physical death.

In all of this, the body, as a completely neutral and benign projection, cannot ever change. Can a projected image on its own, feel pain, get cancer and die? It cannot change in appearance, it cannot age, and it cannot even feel of its own. And lastly, the body cannot die. It is totally lifeless and deathless. It, of its own, is nothing. And yet we continue to choose to dispossess our infinite power to extend Love by giving the body the authority to tell us what to think, how to act, what to feel, and when to die.

You might like to do some radical self-inquiry on this. But please do so without self-judgment. “Where, in your body or your life, do you still attempt to manipulate the “projection or image” independently from Spirit?” For example, your weight, health, nutrition, or perhaps your bank account or relationships, etc. Whatever shows up, are you now prepared to invite Spirit in to change your perception of these, to heal them?


The miracle collapses time. It also collapses matter (space). Time and matter are both within the ego’s hierarchy of illusions. It is no more difficult for the miracle to restore matter to its perfect state than it is for it to collapse time. Time and matter are equally untrue illusions and there is no hierarchy among them because there is no truth in any illusion regardless of its appearance. We tend to make “matter” very special in our hierarchy of illusions, believing it to be one illusion too real to be healed by the miracle. This is very funny! Thankfully, there is no order of difficulty in miracles. Miracles transcend both time and matter equally. There is no bigger illusion to heal than any other as they are all equally unreal.

This is why, as we become miracle-minded, we can heal as Jesus did. He healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water and calmed storms; however He did not need either time or biological laws to instantaneously heal whichever distorted image appeared; whether it was illness, infirmity, or even death. Jesus embodied His own joined Will with God’s all-encompassing Love. He lived out from an unequivocal conviction that all suffering was a distorted “appearance” only, one that simply obstructed the true perfection beneath it. He chose to see though the veil of terror, of “appearances”, and called forth the Real World of perfection in every case.

What can we do to help heal someone who believes they are sick? The greatest healing we can give them is not to join with their belief in sickness. If we perceive them as sick, we’re perceiving from a sick mind our self…and it is then our own mind that needs healing via the Atonement.

Using the previously mentioned projector analogy, when we see another’s body we always see it through our own projector, and if we see a sick body then we’re choosing to look through the ego’s filter. We are not looking with Spirit at the Truth of the person which is always 100% perfect inside and out. Only the ego in our mind can seem to see sickness in another.

If I see a sick body being projected in front of me (mine or another’s), then it’s always mine to heal in my perception. To the degree I am triggered by it shows me where my unconscious guilt is surfacing to be forgiven. To read more on helping others to heal via the miracle, please click on this link. 

Jesus knew without a doubt that only God’s perfection exists despite appearances to the contrary. He didn’t give any reality to disease, handicaps, storms or even death. He forgave every appearance of suffering by looking past them all. Instead he invoked the miracle to lift the veil of suffering, revealing the beauty, innocence and wholeness of our Holy Self and the ever present Real World. He came then to ask us to join Him and He is here now again extending this invitation to awaken to our majestic and Holy Self.


The Miracle: Blasphemy to the Ego

As blasphemous as this appears, the miracle literally heals instantaneously if we do not block it though fear and doubt. It heals both the cause of suffering and its seeming manifest symptoms either in the body or world. The miracle cannot partially heal. It heals all or…it heals nothing (which is impossible). Only fear and doubt appear to delay the miracle’s certainty of healing.

The miracle undoes all illusions by not judging them as real. Forgiveness gives the miracle its strength to overlook illusions.

There is not one illusion (sickness, pain, conflict, scarcity, problem, etc.) no matter how great it may appear that cannot be overlooked (forgiven) and healed. If there was one illusion that could not be healed via the miracle, then that would mean there was still some special form of sin/guilt that remained too real for God’s Love to heal.

This would be a problem that was more powerful than God, a sin that had the power to undo all of Creation and destroy the will of God. Jesus says that only if this were possible (and it’s not!), could there be some “appearances” that could withstand the miracle, and not be healed by it.

He even goes on to say there’s no surer proof that idolatry (ego beliefs) is what we wish for, than when we choose to believe there are some forms of sickness and suffering that forgiveness cannot heal. This means we prefer to keep some ego idols and are not yet willing to let all idols go. Therefore, we believe that some appearances (terminal illness and death, etc.) are real, that they are not appearances but truth.

Jesus also tells us not to be deceived by the meaning behind the fixed belief that some “appearances” are harder to look past than others. This always means that we think forgiveness must be limited, that we set a goal on partial pardon (healing) and only a limited escape from guilt and suffering for our self. What can this be but false forgiveness of our self and everyone else?

It must be true that the miracle can heal all forms of sickness – or it cannot heal at all. Think about this. The miracles purpose cannot be to judge which “forms” of sickness are real and which appearances are true. If one appearance of sickness, scarcity, adversity, suffering or even death is judged to be apart from healing then that means that one illusion must be part of Truth, which again is impossible! But if we believe this then it means we cannot escape all guilt but only some of it.

Our complete return to the joy and fullness of the Christ I AM, as Love itself, necessitates all-inclusive forgiveness of everyone and everything including our self. We cannot afford to keep one seeming grievance or affliction apart from the miracle by giving its appearance more reality than God. Otherwise we will be afraid to look within, which is the only place we can finally find the Love, the eternal innocence and infinite safety that we so deeply yearn for.

Every appearance of sickness, decay, deprivation, adversity or death that we see and believe is real (triggers us), is a sign of the guilt we still choose to retain. That is why it’s imperative, if we wish to heal, to choose to look past (forgive) them all. And why we need help via acceptance of the Atonement, the miracle.

When we’re especially challenged by the “appearance” of some adversity or suffering either in our self, in another or in the world that seems impossible to overlook (forgive), we must ask for help in this. We need help to forgive our self for believing the appearance of suffering is more real, more worthy and thus more powerful than God’s all-encompassing Love.

Recall that we are God’s Love, His Treasure as none other than the Kingdom of Heaven itself. When we fall for an appearance, believing in its reality, we unknowingly condemn our Self as God’s most precious Treasure.


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