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It has been revealed to me that animals are a sacred part of our own creations. As such they are part of our one Holy Self here in the dream, as are all life forms. All that I perceive is in my own mind (not brain), therefore every animal or life form that I perceive whether they be a stray on the street, my beloved pet, or seeming food at the supermarket, dwells exclusively within my own mind. I am the perceiver of all that I project.

Personally, I have always been very sensitive to any kind of animal cruelty. Because of the depth of my sensitivity in this area and the pain it caused, I just had to ask Jesus for help to heal my perception. I knew that I could never do this on my own while looking through the ego’s lens of fear and pain.

I was told that my mind was split between fear and Love. A question came from within: “From which part of your mind do you choose to perceive this appearance of suffering?”

My answer was that I had perceived it through fear and not Love. I must have been looking through my own un-relinquished guilt and fear.

The next question was: “If the source of suffering is always within your own mind and never outside it, then where would the cause of the suffering you seem to see, need to be healed?”

It must be that my fearful mind required healing because this is the only cause. So the cause in my mind must be healed first before I can help to heal any other life form, including my own body, others, animals or the environment.

To the extent by which any kind of suffering triggers anger, fear or concern in me, reveals the degree of unconscious guilt that still remains un-forgiven in my own mind.

And then I heard this from the Teacher within: “By all means, if you feel inspired to help any life form at the action or form level, then do so. However if you wish to help rather than harm and learn to practice True harmlessness then be vigilant against colluding with fear, lack, anger, sadness or loss in your OWN mind first. The presence of these reactions is a sure sign that the mind is divided and is therefore in fear. Thus the intent beneath your action will be harmful and not helpful.”

True harmlessness cannot be known nor demonstrated through the ego thought system. That which we usually call “care and love” arises from a sense of fear and lack; a belief that attack is real. When we believe this we must also believe that we are separate from our Source as all-encompassing Love without opposite. Therefore all actions we take will arise not from Love, but from this sense of separation from our Holy Self.

As well-meaning as we might be, if we perceive error, attack or harm via our lens of fear then we make the seeming problem real in our perception. The ego never wants us to see that anything we attempt to remedy through fear or lack, only serves to validate and reinforce the original cause of all adversity which is unconscious guilt and fear.

True Harmlessness and Healing

So what is the most helpful thing to do if you really desire to heal or stop animal cruelty or any other form of suffering in the world? The very first step is to go within and sense the degree of your own “fear level”. Remember that all forms of anger are expressions of fear as well.

Determine your own fear (anger, sadness or concern) level first. On a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 representing extreme anxiety and 0 being no anxiety at all, assess your degree of concern. Be radically honest. If there is any fear at all then it is this form of attack which needs to be healed first before you can extend True harmlessness or help.

If your concern or anxiety level is high then this reveals the extent to which your own unconscious guilt (self-attack) requires healing via forgiveness/Atonement.

Through the ego, we have no idea how to Love, how to heal or how to care for others, therefore we haven’t a clue about true compassion, true empathy. The ego sees through the body’s senses to report back to us its paradigm of fear and not the Real World of Love. Then, from this fear which is a state deprivation, we attempt to Love, help and heal. Yet Love and fear are mutually exclusive!

We cannot truly Love and care for any life form unless our Love is free of fear. Otherwise we attempt to help or heal through fear not realizing that in doing so, we actually project fear and death onto the very ones we wish to help or heal.

True harmlessness is known and demonstrated only when our mind is aligned with the certainty of Spirit’s Love. From this state of Reality, healing is first accepted and then extended. Only Love is real. And because we commit to seeing only Love…Love eventually will be all we see, and all we experience.

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