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The End of Death, Volume 1; copyright 2014

Each time I consent to suffer sickness, pain, scarcity, conflict, or physical death etc., it is a defense against God’s Love (Truth). It’s the ego attempting to demonstrate both to myself and the world that I am separate from God’s Love, that I am guilty and therefore, deserving of punishment (suffering). Also, in suffering I attempt to demonstrate that there is indeed a power other than God’s all encompassing Love which has no opposite, and that the ego’s fear is a power greater than God’s Love.

In my own defense of this illusory power called fear, I make it real in my experience. For instance I might believe the threat of cancer. The thought of cancer causes much fear. In the state of fear I separate from Love, from the very essence of my healing which is God’s Love. In fear and defense, I forget that I unknowingly attract the very thing I am afraid of. Seeing this fear as real, I then, independently and apart from Spirit, plan my defense against this imagined threat. The ego hides from us the fact that in fearing sickness (or any other seeming problem) and defending ourselves from it alone, apart from Spirit, we acquire more guilt and fear.

The following prayer will help you make a genuine connection with your Holy and invulnerable Self within. In an instant of connection with this Love within, the ego’s fear must fall away. And in that instant or less, the miracle of healing takes place. Firstly… go within and breathe deeply into your heart. Make a genuine heart-felt commitment to join with the Love that dwells within you as the Holy Spirit. Now you are ready to ask Spirit for increased trust in only Love and healing:


“Holy Spirit, you know that I am fearful of __(disease, aging, pain, weight gain/loss, death, etc.)__ . I recognize that this fear separates me from trusting in you exclusively and from accepting your healing with absolute certainty. I choose to remember that what my body’s eyes and senses see are not the Truth because they reveal only what the ego sends them to witness. I also remember there is nothing in my body or in the world that can “causesuffering. Only my fearful beliefs attract suffering into my experience. I fear sickness, pain or death because I must mistakenly believe that I deserve punishment because I am guilty. And my un-relinquished fear/guilt manifests as “self-attack.” But what I have forgotten here is that when I’m in fear, I am in defense. In defense I unknowingly reject your Love as my Holy and invulnerable Self. In fear, I reject true and complete healing.

However fear about this issue seems to be compulsive, something out of my control. How do I undo this fear? In response Spirit asks me, “What is this fear trying to tell you, what is the worst outcome possible?” After deep and honest contemplation, I then reveal my worst fear. Spirit answers me with this, “Whatever it may be, you must trust that it is not God’s Will! You must remember that you have the power to refuse to accept all the ego’s lies in My Name. You recall that all fear is always your fear of God’s Love regardless of the form it takes. In fact, in order to accept the Atonement (miracle) you must firstly refuse to accept the ego’s lies, even if for only one instant. That instant is enough for the miracle to take place.”

I want my perception healed more than anything in this moment. I choose to be vigilant against fear. I may still feel fear but I commit wholly to relinquishing my belief in what these fears tell me. I choose “true denial”. I deny any belief that error can hurt me. This kind of denial is not a concealment but a correction and my Right Mind depends on it. In this precious Holy Instant, I open my heart to receive your miracle and I trust completely that my perception has been healed. Thank you with all my heart for this gift. Amen.”

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