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We appear to see a multitude of different people and scenarios. We apply endless “judgments” to these people and circumstances including judgments against our own body. Yet all these judgments arise from giving each one a “purpose” that our false-self has assigned. We judge good from bad not recognizing that all judgments from the ego are destructive because they proceed from unconscious guilt and fear and an inherent belief in separation and lack.

If we really desire to heal not just “some” areas of our life but all of them, then it’s time to acknowledge something crucial. There is only one purpose for all that we seem to see and encounter. Just one. And it’s in applying this one comprehensive purpose to everyone and everything including the body, that full and unequivocal healing will take place.

The one purpose is forgiveness…quantum forgiveness.

What is a judgment? Judgment is purely the temptation to believe that an opposite of God’s all-encompassing Love exists.

Without exception, every person and each experience in our life is there to help us serve our one purpose – quantum forgiveness. They show us just where and what we are still holding against God and our Holy Self. They show up precisely to help us discover and release our own unconscious self-judgments and self-sabotage.

These people do not exist as separate entities. There is only one Child of God. If I am the perceiver then I am that one. And everyone I perceive is that one. This dream is a giant hologram and everyone in it is literally a mirror for us to see our own unhealed aspects so they can be acknowledged and healed by quantum forgiveness (Atonement). When I forgive, I always forgive myself for having believed the ego’s projected self-attack that seems to come at me from external sources such as others, illness, pain, lack, and other adversities.

The Divine Purpose behind being Triggered

What is the divine purpose of being triggered? It is to forgive myself for believing that another will apart from God’s exists. I’ve obviously made a judgment and further, I must believe that judgment. It matters not the form of judgment.

It could appear in the form of relationship conflict, disease, pain, weight issues, financial lack, or even death. Once I “believe” it I will attempt to solve the problem independently apart from Holy Spirit. And then I will have indeed abandoned my Holy Self where all healing lay.

As soon as I’m triggered by another, a situation, or the body, this is an immediate signal that I’ve made a judgment. If I am triggered at all then I have made a judgment apart from my Holy Self. I have abandoned my Self the instant I believe a judgment. And I will always suffer as a consequence of that judgment unless I apply forgiveness.

So let’s consciously re-purpose our triggers. Let’s give them just one purpose from now on – forgiveness. And it’s from our willingness to forgive our self for “believing” our judgments, that the miracle can come and heal the imagined problem in ways we could never have imagined. We open our self to epic and miraculous healing beyond anything the world has known; and all because we’re committed to practicing a moment-to-moment form of forgiveness.

There is a sense of excitement to know that we are not responsible for problems but that we can easily forgive our BELIEF in the judgment that a problem even exists. All miraculous healing arises from this practice.

We must learn to withdraw trust in what our body’s five senses attempts to tell us is real. This is the ego trying to tempt us. Through the false-self and its five senses we think we see disease, pain, aging, loss, deprivation and death. Yet these are not God’s Will and they are therefore not real. Our part then is to desire to “will with God” to restore God’s Will to the situation or person. However, we must use discipline to ask Spirit for help in disbelieving (forgiving) our judgment of the sickness or problem.

Forgiveness always looks past “appearances” and calls forth only God’s perfect healing regardless of what the problem looks like or how severe the illusion. There is no hierarchy of illusions (problems) because they’re all illusions with equally zero reality. And this is why there is absolutely no order of difficulty in miracles!

Jesus speaks to us directly:

“Forgiveness recognized as merited will heal. It gives the miracle its strength to overlook illusions. This is how you learn that you must be forgiven too. There can be no appearance that can not be overlooked. For if there were, it would be necessary first there be some sin that stands beyond forgiveness. There would be an error that is more than a mistake; a special form of error that remains unchangeable, eternal, and beyond correction or escape. There would be one mistake that had the power to undo creation, and to make a world that could replace it and destroy the Will of God. Only if this were possible could there be some appearances that could withstand the miracle, and not be healed by it.”

“There is no surer proof idolatry is what you wish than a belief there are some forms of sickness and of joylessness forgiveness cannot heal. This means that you prefer to keep some idols, and are not prepared, as yet, to let all idols go. And thus you think that some appearances are real and not appearances at all. Be not deceived about the meaning of a fixed belief that some appearances are harder to look past than others are. It always means you think forgiveness must be limited. And you have set a goal of partial pardon and a limited escape from guilt for you. What can this be except a false forgiveness of yourself, and everyone who seems apart from you?”

“It must be true the miracle can heal all forms of sickness, or it cannot heal. Its purpose cannot be to judge which forms are real, and which appearances are true. If one appearance must remain apart from healing, one illusion must be part of truth. And you could not escape all guilt, but only some of it. You must forgive God’s Son entirely. Or you will keep an image of yourself that is not whole, and will remain afraid to look within and find escape from every idol there.” T-30.VI.5,6,7.

A PRAYER: “Holy Spirit, please take this judgment (my “belief” in an opposite of God as pain, sickness, conflict, anger, loss, self-doubt, lack, etc.) from me. Take it completely. I don’t want it because I see that it’s a judgment made on a belief in fear. I want only Your Holy perception of this. You see only the healed outcome of this. And this is all I desire to see, feel and know with You. With all my heart, I ask You to restore my healed perception. Amen.”

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