From The End of Death, Vol. Two

Copyright 2016 Nouk Sanchez


Healing Breakthrough

True healing breakthroughs transpire when we willingly choose to be accountable for our unconscious choices to suffer. And it is done without self-judgment. This is when we decide to apply Quantum Forgiveness and we ask to have our mistaken perception of the past and everyone in it, completely reinterpreted and re-purposed by Spirit.

We cannot do this though until we are willing to take full responsibility for having chosen to suffer albeit unconsciously. Taking responsibility for all our suffering involves forgiving our self for having unknowingly used our parents, another, illness, pain, abuse, scarcity, etc., to attack our self. Remember there is only really one of us here. We either see the ego (our own projected attack), or we see the Christ. The choice is ours in any one moment.

The Truth is all that exists in everyone we encounter including abusive parents, is the one Holy Self. The degree we forgive our self for having unknowingly used others to attack our self, is the extent to which we will experience the Christ in others and our Self. The thin veil that appears to separate us is lifted and we see the Truth of that Being; which is the Truth in us. The thin veil, the one we lifted is the only imposter here.

The Divine Lesson – All Forgiveness is Self-Forgiveness

When we invite Spirit to reinterpret and re-purpose the egos past including childhood abuse, we will see the bigger picture; the view from above the ego’s battle ground. We will flip the old victim perception into one of divine empowerment. And we will reinterpret the role that we our self assigned to our seeming abusers from one of fear to a role of Love.

Gratitude for each of these seeming abusers must dawn on our awareness as we recognize how and why we scripted our own movie. We see the blessings in it and we know that we could never have been attacked unless we agreed to it.

The greatest gift we will receive from this miraculous shift in perception is the recognition that the one who seemingly betrayed us has offered us our salvation literally. For without them we would not be able see that the pain we experienced was all our own projection, our own unconscious self-attack. And without them we would not have the chance to undo it by forgiving our self.

The Christ is the Truth of every being. If you do not see this yet it is because you still value the illusion of being a victim (to project guilt outward). There is still a reluctance to give up attack and separation and you are not yet willing to have your perception healed. Unconsciously, there is an ego pay-off to keep the grievance.

This seeming abuser is the Christ in disguise. The disguise is so utterly convincing because the very last thing the ego wants us to recognize is this:  The disguise conceals our very own unconscious self-hatred (guilt as attack) which is projected onto another. This is the split mind’s guilt. Guilt expects punishment. And from what it secretly expects God cannot save us.

The ego, expecting punishment, goes on to manifest its own punishment. All forms of fear are the expectation of attack which is the unconscious attraction to it. It uses others, the body or the world, to attract its own unconscious attack.

This unconscious attraction to self-attack has a hidden value. Through the ego, we unknowingly value guilt, fear and suffering because they offer the ego its essential protection from God. The darkness is upheld by guilt and fear. Without them the Light of our Holy Self would completely extinguish all darkness. And that includes any belief in victimization, specialness, separation, martyrdom, etc. There is always a pay-off involved in holding onto trauma and abuse. And if we truly want to heal, we will willingly forgive our self for having unknowingly used someone or something to attack our self.

One beautiful exercise to help you recognize and divinely reinterpret the role of a seeming abuser is this: Write a letter to yourself from the abuser. They may be still present in a body or not. It does not matter. The key here is to allow the Holy Self of this person to write to you. Spirit will guide the Loving words. And all of it will be the Truth if you do not censor it.

Why we seem to attract Suffering

In this lifetime, I had chosen unconsciously to experience what many would classify as cruel abuse. At the age of eight, I was sexually abused by a teacher. I was in third grade. When I attempted to share my distress with my mother, she slapped me for “telling lies.” As a result of this seeming double assault, I chose (again, unconsciously) to become deaf. I lost more than 80% of my hearing suddenly soon after that experience.  I wanted desperately to withdraw from what I perceived as a cruel world.

If we look at this through the eyes of the ego, that an innocent child was brutally victimized, then it does indeed appear horrific. But the ego only wants to see a single, favored frame from its entire movie since the separation; only this lifetime. What about other lifetimes?

We all have been both victims and perpetrators. This is the game of the ego. It loves the drama of projecting the ego’s version of innocence. To be innocent here in the dream, ones innocence must rest upon another’s guilt. The ego has no understanding or experience of True Innocence which is undivided, unopposed and literally indestructible. Only our Holy Self knows this Innocence because it is an attribute of God’s eternal Love.

The ego, in order to survive, had to make up its own version of what I will call “corrupted innocence” based on fear and attack. Corrupted innocence is attack. It is the unconscious wish to be unfairly treated. It rests on the belief that we purchase our innocence through being victimized. My innocence is bought at the cost of another’s guilt. And it is the ego’s addiction to this corrupted innocence that must compel us to value its victim stories and therefore, unintentionally resist True Healing.

I know all about this as I blamed my perpetrator for a number of ensuing afflictions for more than 40 years. It was not until I fell to my knees in forgiveness one day, that I finally saw the ugly prize the ego almost refused to relinquish. If I forgave my abuser, I would lose my corrupted innocence! I needed to him to be guilty. Then I could maintain my grievance against him to prove that I was the innocent victim.

What I did not realize until then, was that while I continued to see that teacher as my abuser, I was condemning both him and myself to death. I cannot recognize and accept my True Innocence (indestructibility and healing) while I still choose to perceive anyone as guilty. And this includes everyone in the past. If I accuse another I condemn myself because we are literally one!

True innocence comes with no cost. It is our Inheritance from God. True Innocence does not require a guilty opposite. In fact the idea of any guilt, judgment or blame completely disqualifies True Innocence. And this includes self-judgment.

This is why forgiveness of everyone and everything, including our self, is absolutely crucial if we genuinely desire to free our self from all forms of unconscious self-attack. Every seeming pain and disease could be healed at once through heartfelt forgiveness; the withdrawal of our projection of guilt.

True forgiveness undoes the imagined past. If the Love of God is all that exists and nothing can threaten it, then everything we have ever experienced that was not of God did not happen. Therefore the past is entirely imaginary – literally. The only experiences which reflect Reality are those which are aligned with the Will of God (Love). When we forgive the past we are forgiving an illusion that we no longer value. Because we no longer value suffering as a “will apart from God”, we no longer attract it…” TO BE CONTINUED IN PART THREE HERE: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/healing-the-single-root-of-all-abuse-and-trauma-part-three/


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