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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020

I did ask with great passion for every conceivable conscious and unconscious block to Love, to be revealed and healed in my mind via forgiveness. Therefore, it is impossible to deny the present speed-up that I am experiencing. This process has quickened considerably for me this past few months. It really feels like warp-speed!  As I witness core defenses (unconscious attraction to suffering and death) coming up to be seen and relinquished, the ego attempts its usual backlash tricks. However I’m sensing an ever increasing inner surge of Truth along with the undeniable joy that inevitably accompanies such an experience.

For me, part of this speed-up includes observing an escalating phenomenon since The End of Death Volume One was published in February 2014. These deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles about literal miracles and the end of death are in extreme opposition to the ego’s beliefs about everything we value here in this world; and they are even more blasphemous and therefore incredibly threatening to the spiritual ego. As I’ve mentioned before, if I had encountered these wondrous teachings a few years back they would have triggered my own defenses for sure!

I feel an inner (and outer) acceleration that’s difficult to describe. In order to break through the ego’s completely non-negotiable fear paradigm based on its central dream of death, a massive momentum is building. And this involves quite a few of us who hear the same Calling. I get it now, that this, the grandest of all paradigm flips from fear,  to joy and Love requires an enormous surge of Divine G-Force (single-Mindedness) in order to finally pierce through the ego’s gravitational pull once and for all. I feel an ever increasing urge to be undivided and uncompromising with these deeper teachings of Jesus.

Just when I thought I would develop more tolerance (compassion) toward the ego’s mis-creations, there is less. I feel an inner calling to embrace uncompromising self-honesty to a level I had never imagined before. As a result there is less tolerance to mindlessness. I am reminded that time itself can waste as well as be wasted, especially when there is a lack of self-honesty and now-moment mindfulness.

Sometimes it can be quite uncomfortable as this takes place, yet I recall that it’s only the ego that fears the impending loss of separation and suffering.

My experience recently has been filled with extraordinary miracles and a deepening of trust in God’s Loving Will as my own True Will. Honestly, there is not much left that Nouk tries to control or manipulate apart from Spirit these days. It really is a stripping away process, one which is stripping away my unconscious attraction to suffering, leaving only joyous miracles in its wake.

I must confess that I was recently triggered by one of these “undoing opportunities”. It hit a place deep in my core. Here was another wonderful chance to ask the Teacher within for healing and clarity. This opportunity came in the form of an innocent and seemingly innocuous statement from another Course teacher and student.  In the fourth and last stage of an apparent terminal cancer, he displayed all the “appearances” of someone close to death.

For someone in his predicament this statement was not unusual, especially coming from a long time spiritual seeker. It seemed to echo a spiritually sound intention, and one which I have heard and agreed with many times before in my life. He said, “I want to die consciously.”  And before I knew it…an inner alarm bell ripped through me.

As he expressed these words that he believed to be true, I felt a deep and cold shudder resounding inside me. My immediate yet silent question was, “What is wrong with this intention?” As the inner Answer arose, I saw that with this question I was now seriously trespassing upon the ego’s most revered territory, the greatest and most defended of all its idols – death.

The Answer I received was breathtakingly simple; its logic, unequivocal.

“Death and God cannot co-exist. They are mutually exclusive. As such you cannot die consciously. To believe you can succumb to death is to be unconscious. Death is an expression of the unconscious fear of God’s Love as Self.”

To be “conscious” means to choose Love and Life with God, to be single-minded. God does not see death because it does not exist. Therefore, to say, “I wish to die consciously”, is an unseen contradiction. This is a clear example of the insanity of the unconscious split-mind. It’s like saying this: “I wish to experience physical death (which is in opposition to God). But I want to do it consciously with God.” It is an impossibility!

If death is real there is no God. If God is real there is no death. God is all-encompassing Love and Life with no opposite. Death denies life which is God.

I am not attacking the intent to die consciously here. I am simply bringing un-truth or confusion to the light of Truth for myself and anyone who wishes to join me. There are many (most, lol!) who still believe that death is not only the natural outcome of life (God) but that it is both legitimate and inevitable. I am simply challenging the confused BELIEF that there could be both God and death. If we believe that death is inevitable then unknowingly, we will fear God (our Holy Self) and perpetuate the ego because unconsciously we will assume that death comes from God. And a God whom we still believe sanctions death will never be trusted!

Unquestioned statements such as: “when I die”, “before I die”, “when I get old” or “here is my bucket list”, arise from the unconscious expectation (our will) of sickness, aging and death to come save us from fully awakening. This awakening is an embodiment of the unspeakable healing and joy of our God’s Self and Life while in a body; what Jesus calls the Real World dream. However because our ego will here is as powerful as God’s, He cannot save us from our un-relinquished prayer for suffering and death.

As Jesus repeats in the Course, we do not go home through death! In death the ego thought system is retained because the fact that we believe we have been victimized by it (suffering) proves the ego pursues us even after seeming death. (To read more about death as the ego’s central dream, please read: Why Jesus’ Teaching is the Quickest of all Spiritual Paths

I share all of this while maintaining awareness that many if not most on the Course’s forgiveness Path nevertheless do believe in the ego’s fear and suffering paradigm; not realizing yet that they cannot truly forgive (heal) something they still believe is real. To believe something is to “value” it. Believing that which the body’s senses state is real and true is a continuation of valuing fear over Love.

We will carry on experiencing the painful effects of our unquestioned beliefs until such time as we are ready and willing to exhume and heal them via the miracle of forgiveness, the Atonement. Until then, if we believe the body can be victimized by sickness and death, we will not realize nor accept that the ego-mind made the appearance of the body, sickness and death. Yet these appearances can just as easily be undone by the miracle; a shift in perception.

Remember the Course’s number one miracle principle: “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.” And the reason is this, that all suffering regardless of seeming severity is illusion; it is UN-real. As such it was never part of God’s ever present Love, joy and reality and therefore does not exist. When we genuinely ask for forgiveness of our wrong-minded belief in suffering, when we wholeheartedly ACCEPT Spirit’s miraculous perceptual shift (miracle)…then the painful illusion must fall away; that is if we show-up to receive it fully. 

On a lighter note, I am reminded that it’s so much more joyful to willingly die to who I think I am (ego), before the ego kills the body! 😉

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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