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This may come as quite a shock. Every conceivable fear we have, every fearful thing the body’s five senses report is specifically designed as a convincing shield of fear that we unwittingly use to defend and protect our separate self from God’s ever-present Love, from His uninterrupted peace. The sole purpose of this shield of fear is to block awareness of the breathtaking innocence and invulnerability of our infinite Holy Self, the only Self we are.

Did you know that every fear regardless of the form of its appearance is always the fear of God as the fear of Love itself? All that exists in reality is God’s Love. There is no opposite. Fear does not exist. The split-mind as the separate self that believes in fear, is convinced that it is an enemy to changeless innocence, to Love, to God. In short, it believes that in order to continue it must shield itself from the peace, healing and Love of God. Thus its investment in fear acts as an unrecognized defense against our incorruptible Holy Self. It does this through its convenient projection of sin, guilt and fear thus ensuring its illusory survival.

Look at the “Shield of Fear” diagram following. See how the false-self has surrounded itself with a defensive wall of fear which it devised to block out God’s unopposed Love as the Holy Self we are.



The truth is that we are the Creator’s most beloved creation and this Love that we are is the totality of our one Christ Mind, the Holy Self. This is the unified Mind, the only reality we have and are. We are not a separate human being imprisoned within a temporary body that appears to have a mind of its own.

We are quite literally the changeless and incorruptible Spirit of Love itself. Fear, together with its byproducts, does not exist, no matter how much we dream them as real. . When we are concerned, angry, confused, feeling unworthy, hurt or in pain, we can immediately see we must be misidentifying as the body-self, a human being, and this is why we need our perception corrected through accepting the Atonement. Our Holy Self cannot be threatened. Only an “artificial self” substituting for the glorious Self we are can possibly believe and thus experience suffering.

Love and fear cannot coexist. Fear is an illusion we made up as a massive smokescreen to hide from our indestructible, Holy Self. Explained differently, our Holy Self and attachment to our false, body-self cannot both exist. Only our Holy Self – as Love – is real. Our false-self and our Holy Self can never be integrated because they are totally irreconcilable. We are not both! We must learn to make a positive separation between these two.

“Nothing can reach spirit from the ego, and nothing can reach the ego from spirit. Spirit can neither strengthen the ego nor reduce the conflict within it. The ego [is] a contradiction. Your self and God’s Self [are] in opposition. They are opposed in source, in direction and in outcome. They are fundamentally irreconcilable, because spirit cannot perceive and the ego cannot know. They are therefore not in communication and can never be in communication.” T-4.I.2:6-12

When we are triggered by fear or its effects such as sickness, pain, conflict, lack, etc., it’s the ego projecting that fear hoping that we will believe it and then react to it. And when we do this, we cannot possibly forgive it because we’ve made it real in our belief. The cost of making something a reality in our belief, either good or bad, is that by valuing it, we immediately reject its undoing via Holy Spirit’s quantum forgiveness.

While we believe in and react to a seeming threat, we use that convincing “image apart from God” to block our mind from accessing the miracle. The Holy Instant is always present with us. But while we’re lost in fear and control, with our independent attempts to problem solve our projected illusions of threat, we deny the Holy Instant along with the miraculous healing it brings.

Recall that all fear is a byproduct of the belief in sin and guilt. There could be no possibility of fear, of perceived threat, unless there was a firm belief that we have indeed sinned and are therefore guilty. Fear then, is always the false-self’s guilty anticipation of the punishment it believes we deserve. Most of this self-attack remains unconscious until we desire to see, and forgive the ego’s projections.

Fear has just one enemy – perfect Love – which is who we are exclusively in truth. Just think of all the possible scenarios that we fear might occur in our body, our relationships, our family, or our financial situation. The worst fear being physical death itself.

Now, let’s take a moment to drop into peace.  Imagine that we are spotlessly sinless, eternally innocent, and perfectly incorruptible, and that absolutely nothing can possibly threaten us, not even death. Can we maintain enough detachment from guilt and fear to catch a momentary glimpse of what our separate, human self is really afraid of? It’s certainly not what we thought. It’s not guilt, fear, conflict, lack, illness, pain, separation or death. With these out of the way, can we maybe see how all the things we seem to fear – as the shield of fear – are there solely to block our awareness from becoming truly “known” as the Christ? And keep us from leaping joyously into the blazing light of eternal Love and union? Just who would we be without fear?

The ego is ingenious at minimizing fear in our awareness during the human experience, but it does this specifically so that we will never recognize that all of this self’s mind is fear-driven. So much so, that it can never Love nor receive Love. The only love it knows is special love, a fearful and changing love which is fear in disguise.

“The ego can and does allow you to regard yourself as supercilious, unbelieving, “lighthearted,” distant, emotionally shallow, callous, uninvolved and even desperate, but not really afraid. Minimizing fear, but not its undoing, is the ego’s constant effort, and is indeed a skill at which it is very ingenious. How can it preach separation without upholding it through fear, and would you listen to it if you recognized this is what it is doing?”

“Your recognition that whatever seems to separate you from God is only fear, regardless of the form it takes and quite apart from how the ego wants you to experience it, is therefore the basic ego threat. Its dream of autonomy is shaken to its foundation by this awareness. For though you may countenance a false idea of independence, you will not accept the cost of fear if you recognize it. Yet this is the cost, and the ego cannot minimize it. If you overlook love you are overlooking yourself, and you must fear unreality [because] you have denied yourself. By believing that you have successfully attacked truth, you are believing that attack has power. Very simply, then, you have become afraid of yourself. And no one wants to find what he believes would destroy him.” T-11.V.9:1-3,10.

The illusory human self uses its blind conviction in sin, guilt and fear as a foolproof safeguard against reality which is our Holy Self’s infinite guiltlessness and complete immunity to all seeming threats. It projects illusory appearances of fear and while we choose to believe these blocks to Love, we deny our own perfect invulnerability to all appearances of fear. We cannot be both human (fear) and divine (Love) as only one is real.

Fear is the imaginary shield we use to safeguard the darkness of the false-self from the brilliant light of our Holy Self as Love. That is why Jesus says that Truth (as Love) is an outright threat to the ego, and why sickness, pain and conflict, etc. are always defenses against the Truth. Sickness, pain and conflict are each an immediate defense to Love and miracles when these are seen as an outright threat to the ego’s attempts to prove separation and suffering are real. There is no way we can access Christ Vision while we’re still hooked on believing fear in any form.

And this is precisely why, when we’re feeling anything but peaceful, thankful and happy, we need to own up to the fact that we’ve chosen to perceive without God, without Love. And thus, we’re seeing an imaginary idol within the ego’s shield of fear. The cause of our angst is never external, even if it appears so. In the moment we catch our self, we can choose again by accepting the Atonement, the correction of our perception by Holy Spirit.

When fear appears, remember that it is never your fear. It is always the ego’s fear… and never your own fear. This is imperative. Fear must be made impersonal because it is. For once you say “I am fearful,” you immediately misidentify as one with the ego’s guilt, as an opponent to God. And in this, you reject your Holy Self. To gain immunity to the ego’s temptations you must learn to make a positive separation between the fear-filled, false-self, and your beloved Holy Self which you share with everyone.

This is far too important not to repeat here: “Your recognition that whatever seems to separate you from God is only fear, regardless of the form it takes and quite apart from how the ego wants you to experience it, is therefore the basic ego threat.”…” Very simply, then, you have become afraid of yourself. And no one wants to find what he believes would destroy him.” T-11.V.10:1,7

Can You Surrender, Accept and Receive?

Here is a powerful question for you. What might change and heal if whenever you’re tempted by fear you remind yourself that this appearance is purely the fear of Love, the fear of returning to the surrender, peace and joy of your Holy Self? What would happen if each time fear arose, you refused to engage with it and instead, welcomed the unopposed Love and healing behind it, which the fear attempted to shield from your awareness?

Recall that while we still believe in fear and its effects, we must also value them. To believe is to value whether seemingly pleasurable or painful. Another thing: the one who fears (values fear) is never the one who can heal – forgive – it. This acute distinction must be made before we can genuinely forgive via accepting the Atonement.

In accepting the Atonement it’s never the false-self that forgives its own mistakes. This self cannot forgive, just as it cannot Love. Rather, in that Holy Instant of sincere forgiveness, we join with Holy Spirit in complete surrender of the “false-self who fears.” We’re never forgiving somebody or something that appears externally because every appearance that triggers us is projected exclusively by this human self concept. When we wholeheartedly surrender the “false one who fears” to Holy Spirit, He shifts our  perception from the human-self to the Holy Self. This is not something the ego can do. The ego is completely invested in doing something, anything, except to surrender itself to the light of Love in which it is divinely subsumed and erased. Note: Please refer to the “Shades of Gray diagram” in “Stepping across the Threshold” here:  https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/spiritual-awakening-stepping-across-the-threshold-part-one/

A reminder: there is no possibility of integrating the human-self (ego) with the Holy Self because one is wholly fear while the other is wholly Love. The two are not only mutually exclusive…but they cannot coexist in any one moment. The presence of one in our awareness completely replaces the other. Only Love is real – literally.

The Holy Instant’s leap from the ego mind to the Holy Self can never be achieved by the intellect alone, which happens to be in the ego’s domain. This miraculous shift requires an instant of complete surrender to accept and receive the truth of our uninterrupted Identity in God, as Love. In this, we do nothing. In the instant of doing nothing, in the instant we quit trying to understand, the ego mind is immediately retired. Fear is suspended. And in that spacious moment all we can do is surrender deeply, accept and receive God’s ever-present Love as the center of His Being.  After all, we are the Kingdom of Heaven, and nothing other than the Kingdom of Heaven:

“It is hard to understand what “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” really means. This is because it is not understandable to the ego, which interprets it as if something outside is inside, and this does not mean anything. The word “within” is unnecessary. The Kingdom of Heaven [is] you. What else [but] you did the Creator create, and what else [but] you is His Kingdom? This is the whole message of the Atonement…” T-14.III.1:1-6

In all the history of time there has never been one moment in which we have not been wholly immersed in and as unopposed Love. We don’t know this only because we chose to block our awareness from this fact with the illusion of fear.

The ego’s fear-driven thought system is anchored in its treacherous conviction that we are not enough, and that we are fundamentally lacking. Believing this profound lie ensures that we must try to earn God’s approval and Love, and that there is no way we can access it unless we “do” something to qualify for it. And once we mistakenly believe this, we’ll also fall into the trap of thinking that we alone are responsible for all our seeming sins.

The purpose of every stab of fear, or guilt, or need to “do” something, or to figure it out, or to judge and blame, is to conceal this lie that we are simply not enough. If only we would stop…and ask to see through this lie with Holy Spirit instead, He will always reveal our impeccable sinlessness together with the infinite Love we are. This is an experience and not an intellectual pursuit. To further help bring about trust in this experience, I encourage you to regularly engage in “The End of Fear” guided meditation here: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-end-of-fear-guided-meditation/#audio

Holy Relationship Accelerates the Collapse of Guilt and Fear

While we value fear we also prolong the erroneous belief that we’re guilty, and therefore deserving of punishment as self-attack. We can certainly use all our temptations into fear to accept the Atonement instead. But where guilt and fear are most quickly erased is within the Holy Relationship. The reason is because in joining with a Holy Relationship companion we literally collapse the guilt and subsequent unworthiness that are responsible for the attraction to fear. We do this together by each agreeing to withdraw as consenting witnesses to the ego’s idols that make up the illusory gap between us.

When people agree, together, to unreservedly pull out the ego’s plug of special love (hate), when they refuse to believe in and sympathize with the ego’s dramas for each other, a very rapid demise of the ego’s shield of fear occurs.

In conclusion, I include a quote here from my dear friend and colleague, Coreen Walson. She so eloquently explains the quintessence of Holy Relationship in one beautiful paragraph:

“In Holy Relationship, consent and trust is extended to one another that says no matter how crazy I seem to get, no matter how convincing the evidence seems to be, no matter how asleep I seem to be, you have permission to be the presence of the Mind of God and to be the reminder of the perfection that must always be right where the problem boasts itself. When two or more have that commitment and refuse to let go of one another even in the heat of the battle so to speak, the ego has no believer to give it traction or seeming life. It fizzles out and is seen as the nothingness that it is, as the one who is sane, calls his or her insane brother back to the light of Truth. This is exactly what Jesus did two thousand plus years ago and is asking us to do for one another now.”

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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