MESSAGE FROM NOUK: This valuable post was written by my beloved friend and colleague, Coreen Walson. If you’re ready…here’s a quantum leap in understanding what’s involved in miraculous healing: 

When we understand that all is Mind, we accept that there is no matter, no material world, and no material body. Everything is objectified thought.

How does thought experience anything then? Through a “sense” of something. The dictionary defines the word “sense” as “feeling, sensation or perception”. The ego thought system uses emotions (feeling), the body (sensation) and sight (perception) to create a sense of something in addition to God, which is All in all. So, all there really is to sickness, since there is no “body” to be sick, is a sense of sickness. It is not real at all, but only a mental sense of it. This mental sense is established by the feelings of sickness, a sick body, or the sight of abnormality in the body.

Reducing sickness to a sense, we now recognize that a sense of something erroneous can very easily be replaced with its counter-fact, the Truth. A sense of sickness can be replaced with the knowledge of Health., a sense of lack can be replaced with knowledge of Abundance, and so on.

In speaking with a friend about this, she shared that it was always much easier for her to provide a knowledge of the Truth about someone else than it is to know the Truth for herself when confronted with a false appearance that seems real. Good point! And why is this? Because when it seems to happen to us or our body, we become afraid, and it is this fear that seems to block our ability to know the Truth. I saw very clearly in that moment that a sense of fear is used by the ego to create a “me” apart from God, good, so let’s call this sense of fear that creates a “me”, personal sense.

As this unfolded in my thought, I recognized that all we are ever dealing with, with any problem, is a sense about it. Again, there is no body, no matter, no physical world. When we reduce any issue to what it is, personal sense, we are well on our way to eradicating the only seeming cause there ever was or is. No longer do we need to worry about what a body is seeming to do or experience, no longer worry over test results or diagnosis, or even so-called health laws. We have reduced the so-called problem to its origin, personal sense.

I joined with our sister Nouk on this, and we discussed the necessity in making sure that listeners or readers don’t still attach fear to the word “sense”, as some may still believe that the senses report the truth to us. We asked Jesus to help us and immediately he gave Nouk the word “non” . . . . . NONSENSE!!! After gales of laughter, I looked up the word nonsense in the dictionary. Are you ready for this?

Nonsense – that which has no meaning or makes no sense. Some of its synonyms are: foolishness, gibberish, garbage, and my personal favorite . . . . bullshit!

Here is what Jesus has to say about nonsensical sense testimony in A Course in Miracles:

“You have conceived a little gap between illusions and the truth to be the place where all your safety lies, and where your Self is safely hidden by what you have made. Here is a world established that is sick, and this the world the body’s eyes perceive. Here are the sounds it hears; the voices that its ears were made to hear. Yet sights and sounds the body can perceive are meaningless. It cannot see nor hear. It does not know what seeing IS; what listening is FOR. It is as little able to perceive as it can judge or understand or know. Its eyes are blind; its ears are deaf. It cannot think, and so it cannot have effects.”

“For eyes and ears are SENSES WITHOUT SENSE, and what they see and hear they but report. It is not they that hear and see, but you, who put together every jagged piece, each senseless scrap and shred of evidence, and make a witness to the world you want. Let not the body’s ears and eyes perceive these countless fragments seen within the gap that you imagined, and let them persuade their maker his imaginings are real.”

“There is no gap that separates the truth from dreams and from illusions.” 

“The world you see does not exist, because the place where you perceive it is not real.” … “Look at the little gap, and you behold the innocence and emptiness of sin that you will see within yourself, when you have lost the fear of recognizing love.” T-28.V.4,5:6-8,6:4,7:2,6

So to summarize thus far, in order for you to have a sense of being a person and separate from God, you require the testimony of the five physical senses or what we’ve termed “personal sense”. This personal sense gathers evidence in false pictures, an abnormal body, and negative feelings all to convey a sense of fear and dread. This fear and dread are the very senses you require to maintain your “personhood”, and all of this sense testimony is absolute nonsense!

What do we do once we have reduced any seeming challenge to only a false sense of it?  In the recognition that all the evidence creating personal sense isn’t real, we can surrender it as baseless. In this surrender of what has never been true, our natural state as the direct Knowing of the Mind of God, which is present and fully communicating and asserting itself AS us, is directly experienced. God created us One with Him, completely Spiritual, Whole, Complete, Pure, and innocent, and we experience this directly in proportion to the extent we forsake all personal sense testimony.

Let us remember that the ego thought system is NOT Mind. It is an impersonal thought system that is designed to collect false data through the senses to create fear in a so called “person” to prove that the separation has occurred. Seeing this, we can conclude that both the problem (i.e. sickness) and the “person” who believes they are sick, are one and the same. Jesus is taking us to the Absolute – that the dreamer and the dream, the liar and the lie are ONE, both illusory.

What remains? God and His Idea, Father and Son, One in Being. And how does communication take place in Truth? Spiritual sense. God communicates to His Son not in words but through ideas. We experience this as revelations, “downloads”, inspiration, and intuition. It is the Mind of God imparting itself to its Creation and these impartations are always true, perfect, infinite and good. In this experience of our Oneness with God, there is only peace. From this place of remembering Union with all that exists, fear is impossible. Without fear, sickness is impossible.

In fact, fear and all its forms are an impossibility because there is no separate “mind” to sense it. This is the overturning of the entire ego thought system and all its erroneous suggestions. This is the beginning of consistent miracles. How simple it is to supply the Truth in place of the false personal sense testimony.

Here is a wonderful guide to handle the seeming appearance of adversity in any form:

Recognize that the problem is only false testimony of the senses that seek to draw you into a state or “sense” of fear.

See how this sense of fear is being used by the ego thought system to convince you that you are separate from God and therefore a “person”.

Now that you have reduced the problem to only a “sense” of it, affirm that this sense can be replaced by the Absolute Truth of what God is Knowing. Claim and understand that Truth in place of the nonsense.

Remember that the ego and its antics are NOT Mind. God is the only Mind and you have that Mind because you are the Christ, God’s Child. Therefore, both the problem and the seeming “person” that the fear was attempting to create are not and never were YOU.

Happy healing!

By Coreen Walson:  https://nouksanchez.com/ttc/hosts/coreen/

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