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Welcome to the Total Transformation Course where we join weekly to bust through the ego thought system, awaken from the dream of separation and celebrate that what we are is the One Son of God, the Christ! Are you ready to drop all beliefs of limitation, sickness, dysfunctional relationships and fear? When we learn that the core root of all seeming problems is self imposed GUILT, the solution becomes focused and attainable. The solution is your invulnerable INNOCENCE. With the help of your TTC family, we discover our innocence as the ego’s subtlety and disguises are uncovered and brought to the light of Truth where they cease to exist as surely as fire ceases without oxygen. We practice the art of closing the gap between ourself and others to realize that there is really only ONE and to the degree we separate from “others” we have separated from ourselves and God. We also practice communication with the 7 key principles which is a tremendously effective way to bust the ego thought system. So if you’re ready to end suffering for all time, take responsibility for all events in your life and then see through them with the Truth given through Holy Spirit and your priceless TTC family, then this journey is for you! I look forward to joining with you.

With love and gratitude,

The Hallway

The Hallway

By Coreen Walson

The Hallway is a vision I received back in 2005. It has been very helpful not only as a visual aid in learning about the important difference between”sympathy” and “compassion”, but is a blueprint of the journey of awakening. For those who find visuals helpful, this is full of holographic symbolism that reveals more every time you read it. From my heart to yours.