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We are constantly making decisions. But the real question is just who are we making them with? Did you know that we cannot make any decisions alone? Every decision is always attended by a companion. It takes two to make a decision! Nothing can be caused without some form of union. The outcome of each decision depends exclusively on which “adviser” we choose to collaborate with, the ego or the Holy Spirit.

“For you and your adviser must agree on what you want before it can occur. It is but this agreement that permits all things to happen. Nothing can be caused without some form of union, be it with a dream of judgment or the Voice for God.” T-30.I.16:2-4

It is easy to recognize which adviser we have chosen by observing how we feel. Guilt, fear, frustration, disappointment, anger, confusion, anxiety, sadness, shame, loss, pain, sickness, etc., are immediate signs that we have chosen the ego as adviser and not Spirit.

Negative emotions are the effect or outcome derived from a delusional belief that there is something wrong, a real problem to be solved. The belief that there is a problem is the belief in the absence of God (Love as our Holy Self). There are no problems in God because God has no opposite. Therefore, which part of us appears to be threatened or hurt?

This point is apt to be overlooked far too quickly. Therefore I will say it again. In any given moment I will either believe there is a problem or I decide with Spirit to heal my delusional perception of a problem. The presence of my belief in a problem excludes God from my awareness. These two beliefs of both a problem and God are irreconcilable and cannot coexist.

Regardless of the perceived form or severity of the problem it is always our perception of the problem which needs correction. If all there is is God’s Love, and I am triggered by something in this moment that is not God; then I must be seeing illusion! This must be an illusion that does not exist.

The instant I perceive a problem and believe it I (ego) will attempt to find a solution to my problem. And the instant I search for a solution via the ego I will unknowingly collude with the imaginary problem. I will defend myself from it without realizing that defense is always attack. By defending I attack myself. And I demonstrate to myself and others that this problem is more real than God. Furthermore, this problem replaces God in my awareness. This is the goal of the ego’s obsession with problems.

Remember the ego values suffering and problems. It wants us to value problems by according them reality. To the degree we persist in believing that suffering and problems exist is the degree we will unknowingly value them and therefore, attract exactly what we unconsciously value.

And remember the ego uses the body’s five senses to report back what it sends them to find which is always a sense of separation. This is why we must learn to question the body’s five senses as a prerequisite to the divine re-purposing of the body (more info on this in the book, The End of Death).

We need to undo our addiction to valuing problems. To the degree we continue to defend our self from them reveals the extent to which we still want and value them. And whatever we value Holy Spirit cannot save us from.

This is why if we truly desire to be free from pain, conflict and suffering, we must join with Holy Spirit to heal the one problem. And this is our destructive perception that there is a reality other than God.

Perhaps you can see now that our desire for the perception of suffering is in fact, representative of our “fear of God.” Our unconscious fear of Love (our Holy Self) is so great that we prefer to experience suffering and death as substitutes for Love without opposite.

This may now put a different spin on the importance of being mindfully present to our decision-making process. Just who do we invite to be our decision-making adviser? Is it fear via judgment and doubt? Or is it Love via forgiveness and trust? We will know which adviser we have chosen and therefore valued, by the feelings and experiences we manifest. Luckily, in any moment we acknowledge that we don’t like the outcome of our decision-making, we can always choose again only this time with Holy Spirit.

If you are still triggered by seeming problems no matter where they appear to be perhaps you could take yourself through this very helpful process below:

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