And Excerpt from ‘The End of Death’  

Copyright 2013 Nouk Sanchez

What you experience will tell you just ‘who’ you believe yourself to be. Is your experience a consistent one of Love, security, safety, abundance, joy, peace and health? Or is it often interspersed with scarcity in Love, finances, security, happiness or health?

While I experience inner or outer conflict I continue to place my trust in choosing ‘between’ an assortment of illusions. And I will not choose the only option that will free me from the ego’s incessant barrage of decisions, which is to forgive and accept Atonement instead. While I think I have a multitude of choices to make, I will reject the only one that will correct all the rest; accepting Atonement.

The endless choices that we face are the ego’s smoke-screen to distract us from being fully present in our Holy Self. And yet it’s only from within this Self that any real decisions can be made. The myriad decisions we think we make, the ones that are made independently apart from Spirit, are all illusory. Nothing real happens.

A lot may be transferred from one illusion to another, for instance from the illusion of disease to the illusion of health, or the illusion of scarcity to the illusion of wealth. But no real healing takes place. Through the ego, a shifting of ‘effects’ may occur in the illusion, however no true healing (undoing) of the ego, the singular cause of chaos, will transpire. And with the cause still intact, it remains to continue its attacks in other forms.

All choice we think we face comes from our uncertainty of ‘Who’ we are; and the infinite Power of God that is this Holy Self’s inheritance. All our suffering arises from doubting ‘Who’ we are. “Who are you?” Are you the ego who is riddled with secret self-doubt? And constantly seeking completion through relationships and achievements, while it administers relentless bouts of unconscious self-attack? Is this you? Is this really who you are?

Or are you the quiet and Holy Self who knows without a doubt that all your needs are met?

When the bulk of our life and relationships are compartmentalized and run by the ego, then there is no one ‘home’ in conscious awareness to participate. An empty, needy, sick, anxious or controlling entity may seem to be present. But that’s not our real Identity. Just ‘who’ is this entity that believes it must control its life independently apart from Spirit within? Who is it that fears for its life? Who is it that experiences the seeming ‘opposite’ of God’s all-encompassing and uninterrupted Love? The one that feels betrayed, abandoned, victimized, or impoverished? If God’s Love and joy is all there is, then what is suffering but an illusion desired?

When you abandon yourself to outside forces you leave yourself. How many of us have lost ourselves through seeking for security and love outside instead of from within?  You cannot give or receive truly when you have unknowingly abandoned yourself through fear, e.g. obligation, seeking approval, etc.

When the act of giving or receiving is made through the ego, there is always sacrifice.  And sacrifice consistently demands payment. The act of giving or receiving in this case, is executed by the false self. No-thing happens. When you give or receive from the ego there is no one home to extend or to receive. And that is why false giving and receiving leaves us feeling so empty. Yet when we remain ‘present’ and true to ourselves, Love and security are free to extend themselves from within. When you are certain of your true Identity, you can help others to remember theirs. This is how we help others to accept the miracle.

Self Love

Self Love is Holy. The Holy Self is Love. It is our only true Identity. To the degree that we have forgiven ourselves, our body, others, the world, the past and God, will be the extent to which we are free of suffering. Self Love cannot attack because it understands that all attack is self-attack. Neither does it defend, since it recognizes that all defense is attack.

Self Love is God’s Love made manifest. And Self Love is embodied through forgiveness, by accepting that no one is guilty. I finally see that through the ego I have used others, pain, sickness or scarcity to self-attack. I recognize that I cannot be attacked unless I first (unconsciously betray or abandon) attack myself. In order to perceive attack, I must have already abandoned my Holy Self. And now I need a miracle to restore awareness of my real Identity along with its incorruptible nature. This is what accepting Atonement is for.

If I feel threatened by another, by sickness, pain, scarcity or conflict, then I must believe in fear over Love. While fear eclipses awareness of my Holy Self then I have left my Self as Love. I must then believe I am not my Holy Self but something else apart from God’s Love. And while I ‘live out from’ this false-self apart from God, I will fear Love and healing and will continue to problem-solve separately from Spirit. In this belief I have separated myself from God’s Love and will continue to accumulate guilt with each fear that I face alone. Guilt feeds fear. Fear manifests as problems and suffering. And so the cycle continues.

Think about this. If God’s Will for us is uninterrupted and perfect peace, health, Love, joy and life without opposite, then who’s will is it that we suffer? Just ‘who’ wills this if it’s not God’s Will?

If there are always only two opposing ‘wills’ being God’s and our independent ego will (which is illusion); then ‘who’ is responsible for all our suffering? Could it be someone or something out there or in the past? Could it be that the body betrayed us? Could it be lack of any kind? No. It all boils down to one cause being the ego, specifically, the desire to see guilt as outside us; the need to use others, the body and the world unconsciously to attack our self. The ego will do anything and everything other than to allow this to be raised to conscious awareness. Because once we look within and see suffering’s sole culprit, we will undo the ego’s thought system.

Our Holy Self is God’s Self. This Self is eternal, unchanging and indestructible. Nothing we do through the ego affects this Self. It remains infinitely secure and whole no matter what occurs through the ego and the body. All suffering is derived from blocking our awareness of this Holy Self.

Whenever we ‘believe’ that pain, loss, scarcity, sickness, conflict, betrayal or abandonment are real for ourselves or another, then we have left our Holy Self. And we need to apply forgiveness and accept Atonement to come back to the Truth within. Click here for the forgiveness/Atonement process.

When we dwell in this Holy Self, there is no suffering. Because the instant we drop within to that sacred Self, there is no fear. There is no fear because there is no guilt. Only a deep and silent innocence rests within and here, we feel God’s Presence. When I accept God’s Love as my Holy Self then I cannot even think of betraying myself through self-attack.

I ask myself, “Would I attack myself with pain, disease, scarcity or conflict?” “Would I do this if I knew that to attack myself is to attack God’s Self?”

When we recognize and accept our Holiness (and others) then it becomes increasingly difficult to choose to attack it. If I feel any kind of pain be it emotional or physical, then I go within and ask, “Would I attack my Holiness, my God Self?” And, “Is this God’s Will?” If attack is never God’s Will then my suffering must arise from an alien ‘will’; the ego’s desire to attack and separate me from God’s Love as my Holy Self.

In pain, sickness, conflict, scarcity and suffering I am opposing God’s Will. And through my suffering the ego attempts to prove the body and the world are more powerful than my mind and heart joined with God. Remember never to ask for the ‘form’ to be healed. Whether it be your body, a relationship, the past or the world. These are purely symptoms or ‘effects’ of the one cause of all suffering which is your sense of separation from God; from your Holy Self as Love itself.

God’s Love never heals just the ‘effects’ alone. It heals the cause but only when we’re willing to surrender our own fears to Love. The miracle heals when we’re willing to prioritize healing our own perception over and above the problem as we see it. Once the true cause (fear) in our mind is exchanged for the miracle, then it’s free to heal the effects of the seeming problem, e.g. sickness, pain, scarcity, conflict, etc. Cause and effect remain together in our mind at all times and cannot be separate.

All healing lies within this Holy Self. Dare to drop within and rest deeply there. Because this is the Self in which all healing has already taken place. God’s Will is done! Accept it. Receive it. Healing is not outside you. Go within and claim it. It only takes one Holy Instant of heart-opening surrender. As you do, you join with God’s Loving Will to receive the healing of the imagined gap that your fear had made to keep you separate.

Do you feel unworthy of claiming your Holy Self and the immediate healing it offers? There is nothing you can do to decrease or increase your worthiness. It is unassailable and eternal regardless of what your ego imagines. Your ‘worth’ is inestimable. If your worth could be tarnished then so could God’s. Your resistance to claiming and resting in your true ‘value’ and ‘worth’ is because it would cost you your sense of separation. You could no longer feel victimized by anyone or anything. What does your sense of separation and doubt bring to you? And what does it keep from you?

How long will you wait before you are willing to accept the healing that has already been given you? Which ‘self’ still waits? Which ‘self’ feels unworthy to receive the miracle? And which ‘self’ doubts?

“Uncertainty about what you must be is self-deception on a scale so vast, its magnitude can hardly be conceived. To be alive and not to know yourself is to believe that you are really dead. For what is life except to be yourself, and what but you can be alive instead? Who is the doubter? What is it he doubts? Whom does he question? Who can answer him?” W-139.3.


The End of Death – Volume One

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