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“When the proverbial sh*t  hits the fan, the immediate response is to try to problem solve independently from Spirit. But the instant we do BELIEVE there is a problem to be solved, we’ve entered delusion. We have immediately separated ourselves from true Healing in the mind. The only need we have is to willingly ACCEPT divine healing of our sense of separation from God’s Love as our Holy Self – in all instances. This is healing of our attraction to the ego’s obsessive need for self-attack in numerous forms; the unconscious wish to be unfairly treated.

Never focus on the illusion that there really IS something here in the dream to heal. That’s called MAGIC or false healing. As Jesus explains in the Course, when we (of the ego) believe there is something real in the illusion to heal, we CANNOT look past its appearance and therefore we cannot forgive it.  And when we focus on healing a problem we mistakenly decide of the “form” it will take, thereby losing the understanding of its true purpose which is healing the mind that made the illness or problem. Here is a clear quote on this from Jesus in the Course:

“When you decide upon the form of what you want, you lose the understanding of its purpose.” A Course in Miracles, T-30.III.2:1

When we’re triggered by something that appears outside us, in the body, the past, in another or in the world, we have misplaced the only CAUSE of the problem which is in our mind being unconscious guilt as self-attack.  This is the ego’s separation of cause and effect so as the real cause is never healed.

When we focus on a specific problem to be healed – the ego claims it and will sabotage us. If we’re triggered by something, a typhoon in the Philippines, an illness, financial scarcity, or conflict, etc., then the ONLY source of healing is always within OUR OWN MIND – because that is where the trigger is. The trigger is guilt and the concern we seem to have arises from our deep fear of punishment along with the subsequent expectation and manifestation of this self-attack.  It is this deep fear of punishment as the unconscious attraction to pain, that fuels all our fears. And it’s THIS that needs healing. Sure…we can fix the SYMPTOMS of the problem but if we really want to HEAL THE FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE of all problems then we need to exhume our own secret terrors. Then we can raise them to the light and give them to Spirit in exchange for miracles through forgiveness.” ~ By Nouk Sanchez, undoing-the-ego.org  

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The End of Death

The End of Death

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