NOTE:This incredibly helpful essay is written and audio recorded by Coreen Walson

Imagine that you are sitting at a dining table with friends or family members, with a beloved pet nearby. Conversation is going on when suddenly the scene becomes frozen while another is in mid-sentence, like when a computer’s signal is broken and everything stops. Nothing moves.

Beyond the walls everything is frozen also, the entire earth and all its activity has just stopped. Next, you become aware that the body of every person sitting at the table, including yours, is slumped down in their chair with heads hanging back or to the side. The pet’s body has deflated and has sunk to the floor. You look with horror at the bodies that you know and love devoid of any signs of life, and marvel that even your own body appears quite dead. It is as if the world has just been unplugged.

Your next thought is that obviously you are not dead. You are experiencing yourself as the awareness that is viewing the scene and feel still very much alive, yet not inhabiting the body that you had identified as for so long. This recognition dispels the initial fear you felt, and you begin to relax into this new discovery that this unplugging has not subtracted from your

As you look upon the body you had thought was you, you realize that it had never defined the Truth of what you are. Based on your current experience of what you are, it is now obvious that it didn’t matter whether that body was male or female, was educated or not, attained any level of what the world calls “success”, was wealthy or poor, healthy or sick, . . . no matter what
was done to “dress it up”, it never defined you nor had any affect upon your capacity to Know, do or Be. You aren’t and never were, THAT. The self you thought you were, its stories, the timeline, its successes and failures, the good and bad, all those things that were so important before are now seen in their true light and have all been utterly meaningless from the
standpoint of your true Identity.

You consider the others at the table, and extend this same recognition to each one. You never truly Knew anyone as they really Are either. They were never in the bodies that you see because they, too are the conscious awareness that is beyond all physical form. As this recognition dawns, you are now able to feel the Presence of others and to communicate with them through your thoughts. There is an experience of Love, joy and light heartedness around the shared recognition that you had actually believed, for a little while, that what you Are could actually be confined to a physical body! This communication was instant and Known simultaneously with one another, affirming the One, Shared Mind.

A Question arises, “if none of this was ever real, then what IS?” As you rest in the silence, you remember with certain clarity that Mind is real; that the Love you are experiencing now is Real, that the movement of Mind is taking place, . . . that when all that is false ceases, that Truth remains – Presence is Here, Now, and that the how of what you are experiencing is not through
the body’s senses but through enhanced, spiritual sense, which does not require form, time, or space in which to occur. You are completely uninhibited, expansive, and that in order to Know anything, you simply place your attention on it and it is recalled.

You are not alone nor can you be, because What you are is joined with All of Creation. You are experiencing your Holy Self
directly, and are awestruck at how you are both a singular point of understanding or consciousness, yet also one with the Whole, . . . a place where Mind is Knowing itSelf as You, yet You are still able to experience every other part of Creation as One with it. It is the experience of “no self”; it is Being “unselfish”, or the state of Union with the One or All that is. The clarity that the scene at the table has never been real is plain. A fundamental demonstration of the separation between Truth and fiction has been experienced. Now what?

You are made aware that you have previously elected to take this clarity back into the dream scene that is still frozen before your awareness. While you experience some reluctance, it is the Memory of Love for the Sonship that makes your consent simple. You wonder how you will ever engage again in the dream of physical form, the finite, after this direct Knowing. Your Answer is given, you become the Presence of Reality right in the midst of the unreal. The Truth of the infinite Presence of Mind and Love is to be embodied and extended by you, using the form, as unreal as it is, to awaken your Brothers who are still dreaming.

“But what if I forget?!” you ask. The dream is so fantastic, so convincing. The Answer comes again that “I will be with you. I will show you what to do, and what to say, and who to say it to. All you need to do is to remember to ask Me.”

Without a doubt you know this to be true, and you don’t even question this Voice because it is as more familiar to You than any idea you have ever had. You Know It Loves you, and that you are part of It. The more you stay focused on this Presence, the more you Know that it is You, always has been You, yet is so much more. Perfect Love envelops you with a warmth and certainty; nothing is missing, there is no fear, no lack, no doubt . . . just the sweet sense of perfect Oneness with a Love so Divine that your only desire is to join with it completely.

And in an instant, you are back at the table, fork in hand, listening to the others talking and laughing at the table, with your beloved pet at your feet. You are still aware of what has taken place and what your function is now, even while surrounded by talk of unreal situations and empty pursuits. You remember and check in, waiting for a sign, all the while Being the Presence
of the awareness of Truth. Suddenly you feel a surge within, the need to express an idea, and you allow this to come through you and find yourself speaking to another in a very direct, Truthful, and Loving way.

The other person pauses, a light flickers in their eyes, and you can feel that they have been reMinded of something that they had long forgotten. This Memory brings a correction about, you feel a closeness, no, the Union between the two of you, and Love is experienced. For a brief moment, there was no fear, only Love and Truth being shared and Known. Just for a moment, the memory of Perfect Love has pierced the dream. You smile to yourSelf because you Know that this is your function, and it is more than enough and all you want.

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