Nouk's parents

Nouk’s parents

Copyright 2014 Nouk Sanchez

I did something that I didn’t think I’d ever do again. I dared to sort through a few hundred ancient photos from the past.  This large box of old photos was shipped to me from my birth country Australia, a few years ago. However there was zero incentive to look through them…until recently.

The bulk of these images were from my childhood, moments captured in a time long since forgotten. There were also photos of my family from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Looking through them, I recalled the story of why I had spent my earliest childhood years being raised by my French grandparents.

My father had contracted tuberculosis after serving in the Australian army during WWII. So when I was born, he was quarantined in an army hospital for two and a half years. My mother worked to make ends meet hence my being given to my grandparents for those first formative years.

As the story goes, apart from the very early years with my grandparents, I had a pretty unhappy and dysfunctional childhood. There was nothing in that childhood I wanted to keep. And I was especially reluctant to save childhood moments captured in time by unsuspecting cameras. The last thing I wanted to do was look through a pile of nostalgic images.

Nouk's great-grandparents 1800's

Nouk’s great-grandparents 1800’s

My journey back in time via these old images was quite an experience. But it was not at all what I expected.

I must have journeyed in and through these photos for some four or five hours. However I made sure that I didn’t view them alone. And because of “Who” I chose to view them with, a miracle occurred. It seemed I traveled back in time accompanied by the whole ancestral tribe. Yet we were not alone. This time, we journeyed with a Divine Escort. This time, we took Spirit with us to look upon it all, every scrap of fear, of shame, of blame, of guilt, of anger, of grief and of loss.

We came across ancient love-letters exchanged between great-grandparents, messages aching with emptiness; romantic hopes echoed as substitutes for real Self Love and peace. There were stories of illness, war, loss and death. And there were notes and photos of real faith and endurance.

It wasn’t Nouk looking over the seeming past, it was Spirit’s Grace that scanned each image or letter and reprogrammed them. What was not real was undone to reveal an eternal shimmer of Light. I can’t really explain what happened. But what I can say is this. As I placed the very last photo back into its sleeve…I was stunned by the peace and gratitude that flowed in and through me. What had happened? Why was I completely free of all emotional, sentimental feelings or memories? What happened to the past that was associated with those childhood photos? Where did that past go considering I am still here, but minus any connection to that past?



Suddenly, a clear knowing arose from within: “I am still here… but without a past!” Then I recognized ever more deeply that I am not a product of my past. In fact I feel brand new, reborn in every “now” moment. And then I heard and felt these words: “From the seeming past, only the Love has been saved for you. All else is unreal. The past does not exist except for the Love that has never left you.”

Perhaps the most beautiful realization of all, was the moment I recognized that I was not alone in experiencing the effects of this miracle. I knew with every fiber of my being that all my relatives, those present and passed, were amongst the masses who were healed in this very precious Holy Instant.

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