DEATH STONECopyright 2015 Nouk Sanchez

The most fiercely defended belief in the ego thought system is this: that DEATH is the natural, legitimate and inevitable outcome of all life.

To the ego, this belief is non-negotiable.

The ego’s existence depends on its belief that death ENDS life. Why? Because while we remain convinced that life always leads to death, we will unconsciously “fear God.” While we believe that death is the inevitable outcome of life, unconsciously we will believe that death COMES FROM God. And we will be forever attracted to death as an escape from awakening to the magnitude of our shared power in God.

Remember here that God is all-encompassing Love and joy…without opposite. This eternal Love is Life without opposite. It is WHO we are. There is no death in God. God doesn’t even KNOW about death because death is impossible. The ego tricks us by tempting us to believe that “we go home through death.” Yet Life is the here and now portal to God as our Holy Self. Death is not.

As Jesus tells: “All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening. They are attempts to reinforce sleeping out of fear of waking. This is a pathetic way of trying not to see by rendering the faculties for seeing ineffectual. “Rest in peace” is a blessing for the living, not the dead, because rest comes from waking, not from sleeping.” ACIM, T-8.IX.3:2-5

Every spike of fear and every form of suffering arises from our deeply defended, yet hidden belief that we are guilty. Unknowingly, we are terrified that someone or something (the ego’s projection of its “god”) is out to annihilate us. As a result, we spend lifetimes madly defending ourselves from the inevitability of death. But death is not the ego’s enemy. Life and guiltlessness are.

I just cannot resist the following passages from Jesus. He speaks about death:

“This is the darkest veil, upheld by the belief in death and protected by its attraction. The dedication to death and to its sovereignty is but the solemn vow, the promise made in secret to the ego never to lift this veil, not to approach it, nor even to suspect that it is there. This is the secret bargain made with the ego to keep what lies beyond the veil forever blotted out and unremembered. Here is your promise never to allow union to call you out of separation; the great amnesia in which the memory of God seems quite forgotten; the cleavage of your Self from you;–THE FEAR OF GOD, the final step in your dissociation.”

“See how the belief in death would seem to “save” you. For if this were gone, what could you fear but life? It is the attraction of death that makes life seem to be ugly, cruel and tyrannical. You are no more afraid of death than of the ego. These are your chosen friends. For in your secret alliance with them you have agreed never to let the fear of God be lifted, so you could look upon the face of Christ and join Him in His Father.” T-19.IV.D.4,5

 Jesus speaks to us literally:

“You have surely begun to realize that this is a very practical course, and one that means exactly what it says. I would not ask you to do things you cannot do, and it is impossible that I could do things you cannot do. Given this, and given this quite literally, nothing can prevent you from doing exactly what I ask, and everything argues FOR your doing it. I give you no limits because God lays none upon you.” T-8.IX.8:1-4


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