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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020

magic-1In A Course in Miracles, there are many references to “magic”. I see magic as being anything that we believe and trust in, more than the Love of God as our Holy Self; more than the unopposed Will of God. Another way to describe magic is that it’s the mistaken belief that effects (body and world) can be causes in themselves. Because the single cause of everything we experience originates in our mind, so everything we seem to perceive externally, such as pain, sickness, conflict, loss, scarcity and death, or say food, medicine/treatments either traditional or holistic etc., are always effects and never real causes (for sickness or healing) in themselves. As effects only, they cannot cause the positive or negative changes in the body and world that we seem to witness through the ego’s perception except via our desire (thinking) and only temporarily. These effects are merely “phenomena” that we made up. 

Magic represents anything apart from God’s Love that we believe either sustains us, or attacks us. Some common examples of magic include traditional or holistic medicine or therapies, food, drink, alcohol, the body, dieting, exercise, money, special relationships, pain, disease, scarcity, loss, death, etc. And here is another way to explain the ego’s concept of magic; it is a belief in two mutually exclusive powers; the ego’s and God’s. And one of them is an illusion! Only God’s Love, God’s Will, God’s Laws and God’s Healing exist. But we won’t accept and see this until we truly desire to value only this. 

Until we have begun the ego’s undoing process, we vacillate between these two diametrically opposed belief systems, yet they are completely irreconcilable. We don’t usually recognize this until we have hit a wall in life. Until we reach a peak in disillusionment and suffering that we can no longer endure. And this limit is brought about by endless and futile attempts to reconcile the irreconcilable. When we come to this place, we are more likely to be open to the genuine undoing of the only cause of our pain, the belief system of fear. Until then, we will continue our fruitless attempts to reconcile God’s Love and the ego’s fear, while including the ego’s magic as substitutes for God’s all-encompassing Love and healing.

While we still believe in the false self and continue to fear our Holy Self, we will rely heavily on the ego’s laws to sustain us. And we will depend on the ego’s magic remedies to defend ourselves from fear’s illusory attacks. In my own experience and working with many people, I learned that we seem to believe that everything but God’s Love, sustains us. Until we’re ready to exhume our unconscious defenses, we can’t really ask for them to be divinely reinterpreted. There are just so many props, mostly unconscious, that we depend on daily, as substitutes for our total trust in God’s Love. Not only are they substitutes, but they act as defenses that prolong suffering.

Let’s look at some of these defenses. It’s important to note here that relying on these is not bad or wrong. They are all illusions. And illusions cannot harm us as long as we “know” they are illusions. Most of us don’t really know this though. To the extent that we assign them a significant role in our life then to that degree, they will replace God’s Love in our awareness. As such, they are blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. Included here is everything we believe can attack us. To the extent we believe in a particular threat as being real, tells us the degree that it replaces God’s Love in our awareness. In our attempts to defend ourselves against seeming threats like disease, pain, scarcity or death, we unknowingly use these to replace God’s Loving Will in our awareness. All magic, both the magic that appears to sustain us, along with the magic that seems to attack us, are defenses against God’s Love as our Holy Self. As such, they can be healed by our willingness to look at them all with Spirit. 

Please do not fall into the trap that I did when you begin to recognize the multitude of defenses that you have unknowingly interposed between yourself and Love. And that is to judge and guilt-trip yourself for having a long list of defenses against Love. The last thing you need now is more self-judgment and guilt. The aim of exhuming everything we use to defend against God’s Love, is to eradicate self-judgment and guilt – not increase it. We do need to unearth these secret defenses and look at them clearly with the light of Spirit’s Love so they can be disarmed so to speak. We take these through the forgiveness/Atonement process. While they remain hidden from our awareness, the ego’s sinister plot is to project unseen fears outside us, in order for them to appear to attack us through others, sickness, scarcity, etc. NOTE: Click this link for the Atonement/Forgiveness process.

Another word of warning. It is not up to you to control or give up any of your magical defenses. As your mind is healed there is a transfer of trust that occurs; from the ego’s magic over to God’s Loving Will. Your dependence on magic is just a substitute for trust in God’s Will and this dependence is gradually transferred to Love. Spirit does this, not the ego.

My Experience with Releasing Magic Remedies

 If there is any doubt, guilt or confusion in releasing magic, then it’s the ego. For example, I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis at age 38. This disease appeared to contribute greatly to my mother’s early death as well. In fear, I was compelled to use every conceivable natural and traditional treatment (all defenses against God’s Love) to reverse my osteoporosis. I was told back then that once menopause set in, I could expect to lose a lot more bone mass and experience an escalation of pain as a result.

For quite some time I was in conflict. I knew that I was taking many magical remedies to sustain myself and I felt terribly guilty about that. I knew these supplements were magic because I hadn’t developed enough trust in God’s Love as yet, to drop them. I also experienced significant pain related to the osteoporosis. Later on, I recognized that the pain was not from the disease but from the guilt I was carrying. I just had to surrender my guilt…and so, I did.

I sincerely prayed, asking for help to forgive myself for all my illusions, all my defenses. I confessed that I had no idea how to relinquish these defenses. In fact, as I wept and released, I admitted that I did believe that these supplements and not God’s Love and Laws, sustained me. That I must believe that medicine and supplements, and not God’s Love, were the source of  what gave me life. And so it was a full and emotional confession that I offered up that day. In expressing my vulnerability, I re-joined with Spirit’s invulnerability.

I knew that Spirit would let me know if and when it was safe to drop my magic potions. I kept taking my magic remedies until gradually and gently, almost all of them gave me up. I did not give them up. They just fell away and there was no doubt about it. At the time of writing this book, I still take the calcium supplements but over the last two years, the others fell away. At the other side of menopause now, I was told recently that I no longer had advanced osteoporosis. In fact it had healed completely. A bone scan revealed this. And the pain I suffered from for many decades, has vanished. As the mind heals, the body must follow.

When we try to give up something, it’s the ego that is doing the trying. That’s why dieting rarely works. The ego sees a problem, makes it real and then attempts to remedy it. It just doesn’t work. If we truly desire to give up something, we must join with Spirit in looking at it; allowing light to shine on it, wholly without judgment. This is forgiveness. The seeming problem is forgiven in looking at it with Spirit. And then we’re free to let it go. We’ll be given the timing and the willingness to release it effortlessly, as long as we don’t try to control it.

If you still depend on magic but feel that you would like to exchange it for total trust in Spirit’s healing, then simply ask Spirit to help you in developing the level of trust in only God’s Will that is necessary for this transfer. In my experience, it’s best to continue to do or take whichever magic remedies seem to work, but bring Spirit in while you use or take them. If you take pills, then before taking them mindlessly with the ego, decide to be present in that moment, and take them mindfully with Spirit. Make sure to ask for your perception to be healed as you take the magic.

 The ego’s capacity to use these defenses (magic) to attack us, is divinely discharged once we dare to exhume them and look at them with Spirit, without self judgment, while we accept the Atonement instead. The Atonement process is the one cure for every conceivable illness or problem that we perceive. I suggest reading lesson 140, “Only salvation can be said to cure”, in the Workbook of A Course in Miracles.

“Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness. For the mind which understands that sickness can be nothing but a dream is not deceived by forms the dream may take. Sickness where guilt is absent cannot come, for it is but another form of guilt. Atonement does not heal the sick, for that is not a cure. It takes away the guilt that makes the sickness possible. And that is cure indeed. For sickness now is gone, with nothing left to which it can return.” W-140.4.

Prayer for Undoing our Dependence on Magical Remedies

Here is a prayer that might help us to give our dependence on magic remedies over to Spirit to be healed. Firstly make sure you are present and relaxed. Set your intent to open your heart and mind to God’s healing and Love. Breathe gently and deeply into your heart, releasing any anxiety with each “out” breath. Make a genuine, heart-felt commitment to join with the Love that dwells within you as the Holy Spirit. Now you are ready to ask Spirit for increased trust in only Love and healing:

“Holy Spirit, for now, I seem to trust in magical remedies more than I trust in your Love as the miracle to heal all. I recognize that my temporary dependence on magic is a defense against trusting exclusively in the miracle to heal. However I acknowledge that using magic is not bad in itself. My fear of trusting exclusively in your Love (miracle) to heal all, is temporary. And I agree to forgive myself by giving you all my judgments about my seeming problem and my magical substitutes for your Love. I will continue to take/use my magic without guilt until such time as my trust in Love eclipses my trust in fear. This will be revealed to me at the perfect time. Until then, I remember that it’s not up to my false self to relinquish these remedies. Instead, as I take/use this magic, I do so consciously with you Holy Spirit. And as I do so, I accept your gift which is the undoing of fear in my mind.

I  want to see myself as guiltless and as perfect as you see me. So I ask you in to heal my perception and to open my heart, making my trust in your Love and Healing as powerful and as consistent as your endless trust in me. Amen.”

Short Prayer for Undoing our Dependence on Magic Remedies

Here is a shorter prayer, one that is easy to remember. It is one that I have used while taking/using my magical remedies:

“Holy Spirit, while I take/use this magic remedy as a substitute for trusting exclusively in your Love (miracle) to heal me, I ask you to be present with me. Please heal my perception, making my trust in your Love and Healing as powerful and as consistent as your endless trust in me. Amen.

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