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Another layer of these teachings is thankfully settling in more deeply now. A pivotal aspect of Jesus’ teaching involving the body’s True and only purpose as a “communication device” is finally showing itself more clearly for me.

The Holy Spirit uses the body only for communication but what exactly does this entail? Communication means healing. And we can use the body not only to speak of God’s Love but as we advance in our trust we can use the body as a living demonstration of God’s invulnerability to the ravages of guilt and fear such as disease and pain, etc.

As mentioned often, the body is purely an idea that dwells in our mind (not brain). The body’s state is governed entirely by our beliefs and values, most of which stem from the illusions of guilt, fear and deprivation. Because the body is completely neutral it has no ability to either get sick or well unless our mind commands it to.

Jesus refers to the “unhealed healer” as one who believes he or she possesses an ability to heal that everyone else does not share. This may be seen as a special gift or ability to heal that they can bestow upon another. Yet this is a belief in magic rather than in True healing. There is a fundamental confusion that takes place when we believe that:  a) someone IS sick, and b) that we can heal the perceived sickness.

There is no sickness in the Holy Spirit’s reality. If I truly believe someone is sick then it is my own perception which is in need of healing. My own fear is seeing what is NOT there. Then in my fear I am joining with it in another’s mind which makes us BOTH sick. If I try to heal another (or myself) from the insane premise that the sickness is real and then I depend on external phenomena (magic) to heal an UNREAL condition…I am unknowingly attacking myself and the other.

When I try to heal another of illness then I will usually begin the healing action or prayer from my own sick perception.  And all attempts to heal what is not there will unknowingly add to the seeming problem (guilt and fear).

“…the Holy Spirit’s decision to use the body only for communication has such a direct connection with healing that it does need clarification. The unhealed healer obviously does not understand his own vocation.” T-7.V.1:3-4

“Healing only strengthens. Magic always tries to weaken. Healing perceives nothing in the healer that everyone else does not share with him. Magic always sees something “special” in the healer, which he believes he can offer as a gift to someone who does not have it. He may believe that the gift comes from God to him, but it is quite evident that he does not understand God if he thinks he has something that others lack.” T-7.V.4:1-5

We all have instantaneous healing available to us in any instant we truly desire it. This is healing of the guilt and fear which is the sole cause of all illness and adversity. Once we accept the True correction in our mind and heart then its divine effects can translate to the body if we are not fearful of the miracle, the Atonement.

True healing comes from my willingness to believe and express that the body has no other purpose but to communicate healing which is Love. It is no longer employed to witness to attack or separation via disease, pain and death.

The body’s purpose and the single purpose of all our relationships, is to communicate to all their total sinlessness and guiltlessness. We can do this by using the body as a witness to demonstrate that the separation has no effects, zero consequences once forgiven.

Another way to say this is that the separation (adversity) has absolutely no power over our mind aligned with God’s Will. This means that the body (matter) as we know it can be easily healed by Holy Spirit’s miracle thus we communicate to our self and the world that we are literally under no laws but God’s. We demonstrate the reversal of the laws of the world. And we reverse the belief in guilt as we testify to the incorruptible innocence that we all are.

“Healing is the one ability everyone can develop and must develop if he is to be healed. Healing is the Holy Spirit’s form of communication in this world, and the only one He accepts. He recognizes no other, because He does not accept the ego’s confusion of mind and body.” T-7.V.3:1-3

Love is incapable of any exceptions. And True healing is incapable of any exceptions. All True healing comes from our undivided devotion to God’s Laws and not the ego’s. God’s infinite Love and therefore His infinite healing have already happened. The Real World is already here. It needs no time to occur because it has been willed by the Holy Spirit.

We don’t need to earn or qualify for our perfect healing. We don’t need to wait for it. It is already here. Spirit knows what our soul yearns for and has already delivered it to us. Healing happens when we no longer desire its obstruction as a defense against Love. But are we willing to relinquish our predetermined judgments about this? Are we willing to forfeit our own delusions of guilt, judgment and unworthiness? Are we willing instead to align with the Will of God and breathe deeply into the Light of Love’s certainty of healing? After all…our healing and joy is all that God Wills for us.

The Holy Spirit does not work by chance, and healing that is of Him ALWAYS works. Unless the healer always heals by Him the results will vary. Yet healing itself is consistent, since only consistency is conflict-free, and only the conflict-free are whole. By accepting exceptions and acknowledging that he can sometimes heal and sometimes not, the healer is obviously accepting inconsistency. He is therefore in conflict, and is teaching conflict. Can anything of God not be for all and for always? Love is incapable of any exceptions. Only if there is fear does the idea of exceptions seem to be meaningful. Exceptions are fearful because they are made by fear. The “fearful healer” is a contradiction in terms, and is therefore a concept that only a conflicted mind could possibly perceive as meaningful.“ T-7.V.5.

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