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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020
It took many years before my own confused interpretation of the body’s sole purpose was healed and transformed. As I have mentioned before, this depth of clarification occurs when our unconscious fear of God’s Love has dissipated somewhat and we have come to trust in our Holy Self.

The body is either our greatest ally or it’s our greatest defense against God’s Love, depending upon which inner teacher we value and trust, the ego or the Holy Spirit. To the ego, the body is to attack with. Yet to Spirit, the body is purely a means by which to demonstrate (communicate) Love and healing.

The chief aims of the ego are to prove the body is more powerful than the mind, that effect is really cause; and to demonstrate through the body’s various forms of attack (pain, sickness, emotional upset, scarcity and death etc.), that we and others are guilty. In a nutshell, the ego uses the body to prove that we are indeed separate from our Source of consistent Love, communion and healing.

Unconsciously, we use the body for attack whenever we perceive our self or another as a body. This includes believing in sickness or pain as real. We can recognize the extent of our belief in these phenomena by identifying the degree to which we, independently from Spirit, attempt to control the body’s appearance and health.

 When we judge our self or another according to their bodily appearance or state of health, either good or bad, we unconsciously attack because we choose to see the body rather than to behold the Truth of Spirit beneath the body. Judging another as a body is limiting them to the body and therefore limiting our self to the body.

“You are not limited by the body, and thought cannot be made flesh. Yet mind can be manifested through the body if it goes beyond it and does not interpret it as limitation. Whenever you see another as limited to or by the body, you are imposing this limit on yourself. Are you willing to accept this, when your whole purpose for learning should be to escape from limitations? To conceive of the body as a means of attack and to believe that joy could possibly result, is a clear-cut indication of a poor learner.” T-8.VII.14:1-5

We unknowingly believe the body is a separate entity because we have used the body as a “goal” in itself instead of as a means by which to awaken from fear. We’ve given the body a divided role and split it. Part of the body is given to Love and yet a larger part is given to fear. We secretly make it a separate entity which will always bring about illness and death.

 “Perceiving the body as a separate entity cannot but foster illness, because it is not true. A medium of communication loses its usefulness if it is used for anything else. To use a medium of communication as a medium of attack is an obvious confusion in purpose.”  T-8.VII.11:4-6

“Do not allow the body to be a mirror of a split mind. Do not let it be an image of your own perception of littleness. Do not let it reflect your decision to attack. Health is seen as the natural state of everything when interpretation is left to the Holy Spirit, Who perceives no attack on anything.” T-8.VIII.9:5-8

We attempt to use the body for both Love and attack, to join and to separate. Jesus makes a strong point in the following quote, by asking us a meaningful question about the body’s purpose:

“To communicate is to join and to attack is to separate. How can you do both simultaneously with the same thing and not suffer? Perception of the body can be unified only by one purpose. This releases the mind from the temptation to see the body in many lights, and gives it over entirely to the One Light in which it can be really understood.”… “Learning must lead beyond the body to the re-establishment of the power of the mind in it.” T-8.VII.12:1-4,6

“The ego has a profound investment in sickness. If you are sick, how can you object to the ego’s firm belief that you are not invulnerable?” T-8.VIII.3:2-3

The true purpose of the body is to communicate that we are one in God’s Love, to demonstrate the Son of God cannot be attacked. We use the body for communicating Love as the demonstration of our perfect immunity in God, when we cease to use it to testify to attack in all its numerous forms. As the mind is healed through consistent forgiveness, the body cannot help but follow the healed mind.

When we wholeheartedly abdicate the body to the Holy Spirit, we entrust the body to Love and healing with no opposite. We no longer use it independently of Spirit to get the ego’s needs met for either pleasure or pain. Now the body will not be used to demonstrate guilt and separation through pain and sickness. The body’s health is fully guaranteed because it is utilized for one purpose only as God’s Love, healing and service; therefore its purpose is not split.

Guilt as attack is withdrawn as we recognize and accept that it’s no longer “our” body, but belongs now to the Holy Self, the risen Christ, as the expression and extension of Love. This is real communication of Love and the living proof of guiltlessness to all. The body is used as a tangible demonstration of Love without attack; a power greater than a thousand tongues!

If you would like to heal your perception of the body’s purpose, here is the full Atonement/forgiveness process. You can take your concerns through this process and re-align with Love and healing without opposite. Click on this link for the process.

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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