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The cause of all appearances of conflict and suffering arises from just one source, our split-mind. This split is our free will choice to perceive fear, the underlying illusion that an opposite of God/Love exists.

Fear or Love is all there is to choose between in each moment, regardless of the millions of deceptive forms this choice seems to take. Yet only Love is real. Fear, along with every conceivable manifestation of it, does not exist. If it did, then God would not exist. However, God, as all-encompassing Love – has no opponent.

In order to bring forth and maintain the concept of fear so it can perpetuate a thoroughly convincing, closed circuit dream of bodies, conflict, suffering, life and death, the false-self needs two primary sub-causes. These are belief in sin together with its inevitable consequence as guilt.

The separation cycle depends on belief in sin and guilt and their joint inevitable outcome – fear. When fear is believed, it compels us toward sin and guilt incessantly (usually appearing as grievances against others or self) which in turn increases our fear. This un-forgiven cycle feeds the ego’s compulsive desire for separation, suffering and death. A guilty mind is a fearful mind and this is what the false-self concept is.

To experience fear and its painful results we must first believe unconsciously that we are sinful, therefore, guilty. The guilty unwittingly expect punishment in the form of loss, conflict, illness, pain, aging and death. Hence their constant defense against it, which acts as fear’s attraction. This attachment to sin as the unseen and un-forgiven expectation of punishment is the cause of all manifestations of threat.

The sensation of fear is inextricably entwined with the hidden desire for self-punishment. The fear of disease, conflict, betrayal, loss and death are all symptoms of our un-forgiven expectation of punishment – because of guilt. Practically speaking, how can we tell if we still value this hidden desire for self-punishment? We need only to review our grievances. Do we still believe we were indeed unfairly treated? Is there anyone we just cannot wholeheartedly forgive? Resistance to forgiving our self for having unknowingly used others to attack us is our secret desire for ongoing self-punishment. And whatever mistake we still desire to keep, God cannot save us from.

“…in your brother you but see yourself. If he be lost in sin, so must you be; if you see light in him, your sins have been forgiven by yourself.” W-158.10:3

Conversely, a guiltless (forgiving) mind knows no fear. And because of this it cannot suffer. “The guiltless mind cannot suffer.” T-5.V.5:1 If there were no belief in sin and guilt then innocence as fearlessness would reflect the Love we are everywhere, as the one beloved, and shared Child of God. In that incorruptible innocence lays our fearlessness which is the experience and demonstration of our joyful union, and our immutable safety and security here in the dream. All seeming fear including its effects is immediately healed within this all-inclusive innocence.

Projection makes perception. We can only ever perceive and experience that which our own split-mind projects. As difficult as it is to hear this, this truth translates practically here: we only ever see and experience what our mind desires. But while the split-mind remains un-exhumed and un-forgiven, this unconscious belief in sin, guilt and fear (self-sabotage) continues to manifest exactly what we consciously don’t want such as relationship conflict, betrayal, disease, pain, scarcity, loss and finally, death.

Comprehensive healing of all suffering, no matter where we seem to see it, occurs exclusively in the healing of our divided mind, which is the recovery of our whole Mind which is unified with our brothers and God. If suffering or conflict is believed and experienced then the split-mind – as the body identity – must be manifesting it because unconsciously, it wants it. Why? It justifies and proves through its conflict and suffering that it is indeed a separate, personal body/mind and not the unified Child of God.

Healing is not the integration of the split-mind because fear and Love are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist. Therefore, they cannot integrate. However the split-mind is healed through divine union – Holy Relationship – which eradicates the illusions of sin, guilt and fear that caused the split-mind in the first place.

“Everyone seeks for love as you do, but knows it not unless he joins with you in seeking it. If you undertake the search together, you bring with you a light so powerful that what you see is given meaning. The lonely journey fails because it has excluded what it would find.” T-14.X.10:5-7

Recovering Our Missing Half

The missing half of our unified Mind rests in our brother. There is no other place in the universe that we can find it, although we have wasted millennia in the dream of time trying to avoid recognizing this fact. The ego’s invention of special love and special relationships is its greatest defense against awakening to our unified Mind.

The insane idea of physical death is also one of its major defenses employed to escape from ever having to “close the gap” with others and Self through genuine forgiveness. The false-self would rather sicken, age and die than to truly forgive.

It always hides our imaginary sin and guilt in others. This is the only way we could perceive attack at all. If we did not secretly believe that we are sin incarnate, we could never feel attacked or perceive sin in others.

Even so, in applying sincere forgiveness, through our desire to see our brother as sinless we literally erase our own imaginary sin and guilt. This restores our certainty that we are as God created us, incorruptible, eternally worthy, innocent and forever cherished by God Himself.

“In your brother is the light of God’s eternal promise of your immortality. See him as sinless, and there can [be] no fear in you.” T-20.IV.11:8-9

In worldly relationships, the memory of our brother being divinely sent to gift us with the other half of our right Mind is blotted out. Instead, the ego’s projection only sees differences, makes judgments, and condemns, etc., all to prevent true forgiveness and joining. It wants to see conflict and preserve resentments so as to maintain its illusion of separation from our brothers, our Self and God.

It cannot genuinely forgive or join with another because to do so would bring about a comprehensive and irreversible experience of union. In that extraordinary communion with our brother, a selfless fusion occurs. Our right Mind is restored, and with it comes our remembrance of the inestimable Love and innocence we are with our brother and God. In fact, this collapse of the gap between two or more people is our joined Mind in God. This is the miracle. And in it is the presence and power of God here in the dream. There is no greater power ever, than this all-inclusive union. Thankfully, this miraculous experience occurs increasingly within the Holy Relationship.

“In this world, God’s Son comes closest to himself in a holy relationship. There he begins to find the certainty his Father has in him. And there he finds his function of restoring his Father’s laws to what was held outside them, and finding what was lost.” T-20.V.1:1-3

Union with our brother as the one Holy Self, which is our union with God, is the false-self’s worst threat. We think it elevates us when we project our own self-hatred and unworthiness onto our brothers. But if we recognized that the false-self’s goal is to ensure that our secret self-hatred and unworthiness stay hidden and unhealed, we would give up (forgive) the belief in sin and guilt entirely and the false self would be annihilated.

When we blame a brother we reject him/her in totality. There is no partial blame, which means we unknowingly reject our right Mind, which is the Holy Self in union with our brothers and Holy Spirit. This blame is nothing short of Self rejection. We cannot possibly cast blame upon another without rejecting our Holy Self in totality. Think about that.

And this is why when we slip into judgment or triggers we need to accept the Atonement for our self as a priority. We invoke the miracle and instantly regain awareness of the only sane part of our Mind, restoring the happy memory of our incorruptible innocence, peace and guidance.

Every trigger from everyone is always a gift. They always show us where our own blind spot of Self-rejection is hiding so it can be forgiven and healed. All triggers are never anything else apart from this. In forgiving our brother, the missing half of our Mind is returned to us. This cannot be done while we still value condemning anyone including our self. Note: Here are the  “The Seven Essential Keys to Quantum Forgiveness” 

Jesus refers to the ego dynamic of blaming another and attempting to correct them. He explains clearly that while we condemn another, we place the focus of correction outside of our self, and we deny the sane half of our Mind, which is in our brother. The insane part is then mistakenly perceived as being all of our self.

The miraculous healing for this primordial defense against our unified and Holy Self involves the Holy Spirit’s intervention until we advance in forgiveness and Holy Relationship. Then we will realize that our brother is literally our savior; because in him rests the other half of our unified Mind. This joyful realization occurs as we recognize, accept and fulfill our “joint” function with our brother which involves the truly common purpose of being a living demonstration of God’s glorious and unified Will here in the dream.

“The focus of correction has been placed outside yourself, on one who cannot be a part of you while this perception lasts. What is condemned can never be returned to its accuser, who had hated it, and hates it still as symbol of his fear. This is your brother, focus of your hate, unworthy to be part of you and thus outside yourself; the other half, which is denied. And only what is left without his presence is perceived as all of you. To this remaining half the Holy Spirit must represent the other half until you recognize it [is] the other half. And this He does by giving you and him a function that is one, not different.”

“Correction is the function given both (to you and your brother), but neither one alone. And when it is fulfilled as shared, it must correct mistakes in you and him. It cannot leave mistakes in one unhealed and set the other free. That is divided purpose, which can not be shared, and so it cannot be the goal in which the Holy Spirit sees His Own.” T-27.II.14:2-7,15:1-4

“Correction must be left to One Who (Holy Spirit) knows correction and forgiveness are the same. With half a mind this is not understood.”…“His single purpose unifies the halves of you that you perceive as separate. And each forgives the other, that he may accept his other half (his brother) as part of him.” T-27.II.1:1-2,6-7

Many people cannot relate to the repeated statement made in the Course that says we are afraid of Love, and that our greatest fear is God. It just doesn’t make sense to many. Meanwhile, if we react to our brother with anything other than Love then our triggered response immediately reveals our own projection as rejection of our Holy Self, the shared and unified Mind. This constant un-forgiveness of our brothers is the fear of God, as the fear of Love itself.

The Hand of God cannot be received or extended except through our brother. While we continue to want to see our own denied and un-forgiven sin and guilt in others, we cannot know our Holy Self. Nor can we joyously awaken fully to our own incorruptible innocence and its universal immunity to all forms of attack the ego made. We will be bitterly afraid of God as Love while we still harbor grievances against others or our self, either past or present.

“Sin has no place in Heaven, where its results are alien and can no more enter than can their source. And therein lies your need to see your brother sinless. In him [is] Heaven. See sin in him instead, and Heaven is lost to you. But see him as he is, and what is yours shines from him to you. Your savior gives you only love, but what you would receive of him is up to you. It lies in him to overlook all your mistakes, and therein lies his own salvation. And so it is with yours. Salvation is a lesson in giving, as the Holy Spirit interprets it. It is the reawakening of the laws of God in minds that have established other laws, and given them power to enforce what God created not.” T-20.IV.2.

Our sanity rests in our brother. Our salvation, as our missing half-Mind, rests exclusively in our brother. Awareness of our full return to innocence is found only in our brother. Our fearlessness and immunity to all suffering dwells in our brother. And our health and happiness cannot be found apart from closing the gap with our brother. This is why the Holy Relationship is the Holy Grail and within it lie the Keys to the Kingdom. It is why Jesus devoted such a large section of the Course to the Holy Relationship. It is the path to awakening from the dream of time, bodies, birth and death, once and for all. All fear, as the unconscious fear of God as Love, is gently undone within the eternal sanctity of the Holy Relationship.

“Before a holy relationship there is no sin. The form of error is no longer seen, and reason, joined with love, looks quietly on all confusion, observing merely, “This was a mistake.” And then the same Atonement you accepted in your relationship corrects the error, and lays a part of Heaven in its place. How blessed are you who let this gift be given! Each part of Heaven that you bring is given you. And every empty place in Heaven that you fill again with the eternal light you bring, shines now on you. The means of sinlessness can know no fear because they carry only love with them.” T-22.VI.5.


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