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The End of Death, Volume 1; copyright 2014
Through the ego we believe we know the specific “forms” of that which we think will make us feel happy, loved, secure, and healthy. Yet the truth is that when we, apart from Spirit, decide the particular form that our desire should take, we will lose the understanding of its purpose. There is only one need we have; to heal our sense of separation from the incorruptible and eternal Love that we are. When we commit to healing this single necessity as our priority, everything we need will be given to us. This is God’s Will.


The ego wishes. But the Holy Self wills with God.  If we seek to fulfill our needs from a sense of scarcity, we join in wishing with ego. And the outcome must be sabotage. Yet when we consciously will with God then every need we have will be met effortlessly.


The ego’s sense of lack stems from fear and guilt. Its underlying intent or attraction is self-punishment. Therefore when we attempt to meet our own needs through the ego we will attract suffering in some form.


When scarcity tempts you to scheme with the ego, go deeper. Ask yourself, “Does this desire arise from a sense of scarcity (fear and guilt)? Or does it come from a sense of gratitude and abundance, a certain knowing that all your needs are always met?”


God’s Will is infinitely abundant. There is no lack in God therefore there is no lack in you. You are God’s Will and His Kingdom. For that reason then, the only seeming lack is that you have forgotten Who you are. You don’t need to get your needs met. This is the ego wishing with fear. You just need to surrender your fear wholeheartedly and open to accept and receive your Inheritance. This is willing with God. Thy will be done. And so it is.


“Instead of “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven” say, “[Will] ye first the Kingdom of Heaven,” and you have said, “I know what I am and I accept my own inheritance.” T-3.VII.11:8

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