Quarantine in the high desert

Quarantine in the high desert

By Daniel Boissevain and Nouk Sanchez (2016)

Nouk and I (Daniel) have had a few things to deal with regarding making changes in preparation to pave the way for 2016. Thank you all for your patience, allow me to explain further.

As you may know by now, Nouk has begun a quarantine period. She has had many inner nudges to go within from Jesus, in order to truly embody these deeper teachings. The inner calling is to become a literal “demonstration” of these deeper teachings. There are many teachers of A Course in Miracles, however I don’t know of one who is healing the sick and raising the dead – consistently (as Jesus teaches). To help facilitate this shift she has cancelled all live Retreats and speaking engagements for 2016…not knowing where her income will now come from.

We both have been guided to move from our little apartment in Santa Fe.  The nudge was to find a remote property in the high desert, to allow us the necessary solitude and tranquility for this quarantine period, without the daily challenges of noise and distraction.

Well, we found a rental property and it’s perfect!  It’s a 12 acre property in Abiquiu, Northern New Mexico, skirting the southerly base of a lovely mountain (National Forest/Park). This gives us easy access to remote hiking trails and peace and tranquility.

We can have chickens, vegetable gardens, desert landscape gardens and access to a well for our water. Also a garage and work area for me to build items we need, along with a magnificent view to distant mountain ranges. The house is perfect in every way;  lots of space, large rooms, and a lovely warm, cozy, functional kitchen and the house has 3 fireplaces for those cold, snowy winter months (like today).

A Wonderful Learning Opportunity – A Miracle

We found the rental property through Craig’s List and its perfect how both of us had pinned it as a favorite after we both independently looked through over 400 properties.  Isn’t it great how Spirit works?

There was one seeming ego temptation though. The rental price was $350 per month more than we could afford, way out of our league. Yet we just KNEW this property was divinely orchestrated. It’s at this point the ego usually dupes us into entering a lie by tempting us to take one of two fear-based choices:

1) Forget the property because the rent is too high, OR

2) Take it at the full rental price and HOPE (fear-based) that we can struggle and sacrifice enough in order to scrape the rent together every month.

Both options were FEARFUL. But…there was a divine option. And we decided to take that one instead.

So we overlooked the “appearance” of lack and decided to go ahead to view the house. We met with the owners. They explained to us that they were seeking responsible tenants who would be overjoyed to take good care of their property. They shared with us that they hadn’t had a very good experience with the previous tenant.

We joined at the heart level with the landlords and recognized their needs and concerns. This is where we practiced what Jesus teaches in the Course…we relinquished our separate goals and joined to share the one goal with them. We had their best interests at heart and knew that while we did so; all our needs MUST be met. This is Love in action.

We told them that we would love and care for the property as our own. Then Nouk and I excused ourselves and sat alone for 10 minutes in a vacant room of the house, joining with Holy Spirit to open to guidance on discussing the rental price.

Strong guidance was to just state the simple truth…that we fell short of the rent by $350 per month.  And…that we didn’t have the required first and last month’s rent as a deposit, which would have been an extra $3300.

Then these lovely people, whom we had just met only an hour before, opened their hearts and AGREED to dropping the rent by one-quarter! And…they waived the $3300 deposit as well! What a miracle!

The landlords live around 5 hours away.  They explained that before we could move in, they would need to travel down in order to spend a few days cleaning up the house and land as the previous tenant had left them in a shambles. We felt such huge gratitude for these landlords that we offered to do the necessary cleaning and prep ourselves, therefore sparing them the need to travel down here. They were so thankful that they mailed us the keys to the property two weeks before our scheduled move in.

As we write this, we have moved in and the funniest thing is that we still haven’t seen the rental agreement, let alone signed it! That’s how much TRUST there is between us.

Nouk and I have no idea HOW the rent will be paid each month…yet we TRUST that all, yes ALL our needs are met when we prioritize God’s Will above every temptation to perceive fear and lack.

Thank you to YOU, our beautiful Spirit Family, for joining us on this most wondrous Journey without distance to the Holy Self that never left. Thank you for your courage, for your consistent willingness to “bounce-back” regardless of how many times you’ve succumbed to the ego’s relentless attempts to pull you down its endless rabbit holes.

Let’s rally together as ONE now. Let’s collaborate to DEMONSTRATE that fear cannot prevail, that L.O.V.E. is all there is…because L.O.V.E. is WHO we are…literally. You are God’s most cherished Child, shining in pure innocence.  You are the Light of the World. You are under no laws but God’s and your Holiness quite literally REVERSES all the laws of the world. Jesus came 2000 years ago to teach you and me WHO we really are. It’s time now to learn to accept and RECEIVE the Majesty of our Creation and to make it manifest here in the world.

With boundless Love and gratitude,

Daniel and Nouk

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