Desire to Understand?

Desire to Understand?

Copyright 2014 Nouk Sanchez

When we’re concerned or anxious about someone or something, our immediate default is to want to “understand” it, we desire some kind of clarity with which to view the seeming problem in hopes to remedy it. Unfortunately the kind of understanding that is offered by the small self, will always be a judgment based on the ego’s self-perpetuating past. The ego’s need to understand is the unknowing urge to condemn in some form or another.

The ego’s desire to understand comes from its heavily disguised fear of Love, its outright rejection of our True Self as God’s all-encompassing Love, joy and healing. This false self’s attempts to understand will always lead us away from our Self, away from peace and forgiveness.

Its need to understand conceals its real motive. It wants us to consult “it” to solve all the seeming problems that it secretly manifests. That is its job; to keep the dream of suffering going. If we believe the problems it projects are REAL, then 1) we cannot forgive them, and 2) we will continue to seek its advice instead of going to Spirit within.

The need to understand is really the ego’s attempt to justify its fear paradigm. The mind’s search to find the cause or remedy of a seeming problem either in another, in the body, in a situation, in the world or in the past, is a diversion from the one necessary realization for healing.

If there’s an anxious desire to understand or to fix something then it arises from fear. If there is any fear, concern, sadness, anger or lack then the fundamental problem, the one real and unseen cause, is that we believe we’re separate from our Holy Self, the immediate and ever present Source of all Love and healing. So the true remedy then is always forgiveness regardless of what the seeming problem looks like.

There is no hierarchy of illusions. There is no more truth in one form of suffering than in any other no matter how life-threatening it may appear. There are no degrees of illusion; they are all untrue. This is why the miracle has no order of difficulty; it completely transcends and undoes illusions, and is 100% effective… when we genuinely believe in and accept it. The miracle immediately restores the true Cause of Love, joy and healing in our perception by overlooking (forgiving) the appearance of suffering.

The real question, whenever doubt or anxiety arises is, “Do I want to understand… or do I want peace? Only fear desires to understand. And nothing can be understood by the small self that doesn’t serve to substantiate its closed circuit fear paradigm. Its very foundation is a lie that cannot be understood. But when we willingly give over our desire to understand and decide for peace instead, we return to our Source.

We trade our frustrated desire to know for Spirit’s peace. Peace comes from prioritizing forgiveness. We learn to desire our mind be healed MORE than we want to change the seeming problem. This is the only way every problem’s singular cause can be undone.

If I am confused or I believe there is a problem, then I offer my confused or anxious state to Spirit in exchange for the miracle. It’s always my perception that requires healing because the seeming problem could not exist without my distorted evaluation of it.

Jesus tells us in the Course, “And it is recognized that all things must be first forgiven, and then understood.” (T.30.V.1:6) Of course! Forgiveness offers us God’s divine understanding beneath all seeming problems which is always healing. Once judgment is removed, all that remains is Love. Without the obstruction of the ego’s need to understand, we are now open to direct insight and inner vision.

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