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“We have recently seen and discussed that the ego uses 5 so-called physical senses to report to us a “sense” of reality. These senses have no origin other than in a dream. The body and its senses were made by us to report only distortions of the Truth. This so-called “sense” is literally nonsense!

Our sister Nouk and I recently joined and read in Chapter 28 in ACIM a section entitled, “Remembering the Present”. I am so excited to share what became abundantly clear to us as we reviewed this Life changing section.

Recall that Jesus tells us that this world and all that seems to be taking place in it was over long ago. Our seeming existence here is only the desire to replay what is no longer in our minds; a dragging up of a false past to re-live the experience of separation and its effect, guilt, over and over again.

If this belief in the separation and ensuing guilt are no longer in our mind but we seem to be experiencing these now, we must admit that actual cause (guilt/separation) is absent and that only illusions of its effects seem to be present. However, without a real Cause, there can be no effects, since cause and effect are one.

With me so far?

The term “remembering” is no different than our present perception . . .  both are the same and both serve as a defense to our awakening to our present Oneness with God and His Creation. As we remember, we perceive what we think has gone by as our present view. Our memory is not unlike all the other tools we made to create separation from God, such as our bodies and false idols. In fact, the concepts of past, present and future are all one and the same, a defense against being present to the Holy Instant, the only access to our remembrance of Reality. Thankfully, these made up concepts can be used by the Holy Spirit for our use in our awakening.

There is one use of memory that Holy Spirit uses on our behalf, the memory of the present. As the Course states,

 “You are so long accustomed to believing that memory holds only what is past that it is hard for you to realize it is a skill that can remember now. . . . . The Holy Spirit’s use of memory is quite apart from time. He does not seek to use it as a means to keep the past, but rather as a way to let it go.”  ACIM CoA Edition, Paragraph 4

We have used the concept of time as a filter in order to blot out the remembrance of Reality, our Oneness with God and all of Creation. Yet it is this memory that Holy Spirit would have us recall. All other memories of ours are described by Jesus as being a “vault” where all of the body’s past, as well as injustices and pains it has seemed to have endured, are kept inviolate for our summoning up as we deem necessary to maintain this staggering picture of orphanhood.

Our use of time would keep us trapped in victimhood, believing that what occurred in the past has caused the present and that we must, therefore, accept the present because the cause, which is in the past, is gone! We also fear and lament the future basing it upon our memories of a past (which does not exist!). For example, if I believe that I am suffering from some ailment, subconsciously I have accepted that the cause of the sickness is in the past. It could be the belief in heredity, or contagion, or accident,  . . . all of which would have occurred in the past. Keeping the cause in the imaginary past would prevent me from healing the cause NOW, which is always in my mind and not in “time”. We also project onto the imaginary future images in thought or memories in thought from the past. This pulling forward of our imagined past literally cloaks our perception in fear and creates the very thing or condition we say we want to avoid.

Let us recall that there IS NO TIME. It is an ego-made mechanism to prevent you from entering into the Holy Instant so that Holy Spirit can reveal to you the one true memory which will serve you, the fact that you exist in God and being eternal, time is non-existent. Being nothing, time has no power to do anything at all. This means it has no power to age the Son of God or take his faculties and strength; nor power to weaken or destroy the Real Man.

When any memory arises that threatens our peace, it is up to us to know that its cause (guilt) is over and gone. As each one surfaces, we are given a new opportunity to repurpose it and use it as a means to accept the new Cause, our innocence, and to experience this Cause’s effects which are here and NOW. “The miracle reminds you of a Cause forever present, perfectly untouched by time and interference, never changed from what It is. And you are Its effect, as changeless and as perfect as Itself.” ACIM CoA Edition, Paragraph 9

The memory of God is always in our Mind and cannot BE forgotten. It need not be recalled, we only need to drop the blocks we have used to not experience it. This True Memory is Cause. God with us. And this Cause has its effects . . .  our joy, peace and Love. This is the memory we are being asked to replace instead of all the false memories in “time” we have imagined to avoid God. Think of it! Jesus says that what we remember NEVER WAS. Not having a real cause, it never was true.

“What your remembering would witness to is but the fear of God. He has not done the thing you fear. No more have you. And so your innocence has not been lost. You need no healing to be healed. In quietness, see in the miracle a lesson in allowing Cause to have Its Own effects, and doing nothing that would interfere.” ACIM CoA Edition, Paragraph 10

This miracle, Memory of God, will come to us as we are quiet and still. As we allow ourselves to remember, we join with our Brothers and share in the joining that extends this Memory. It is humbling to consider what Jesus promises us will occur when this transpires:

“Born out of sharing, there can be no pause in time to cause the miracle delay in hastening to all unquiet minds and bringing them an instant’s stillness where the memory of God returns to them. Their own remembering is quiet now, and what has come to take its place will not be wholly unremembered afterward.” ACIM CoA Edition, Paragraph 11

It has become clear to me recently that praising God is an important and indispensable aspect of our awakening journey. This does not mean mere lip service but actually embodying what we are learning. God is Cause and wills not to be deprived of His effects. As we let go of our false memories and allow the One memory to rise in our consciousness, God is invited in and abides in and with us. THIS is praising God, glorifying Him, adding to Creation and being the extension of Love and Peace.

This Memory of God contains no fear. All fearful images from the so-called past are gone and are not being recalled to serve as blocks to our remembrance of the Truth. This is perfect peace, perfect Love, the memory of our One True and shared Home. This Memory is the bridge that flows across the seeming gap between our imagined selves and the One Holy Self we share. God built this bridge and it is God who will carry us across it. We need only allow this Memory to surface to our awareness, and this requires accepting that the Only Cause and its Effects is here and now.

As Nouk and I poured over these passages, it became evident that the ideas of space, time and matter are all one and the same. The distance between matter objects gives us the concept of time, and matter needs space in which to seem to exist. They work together to impose a staggering filter before the physical senses so that we stay completely engrossed and mesmerized by the dream of separation. We also saw that Christ Vision and time, space and matter are mutually exclusive. One cannot see with Christ Vision while believing in time and bodies or a physical world. It must have been that Jesus knew that Lazarus never lived in a body or in “time” in order for him to call Lazarus forth from the grave.

If space and time are illusions that we made to block our awareness of God’s Love, it follows that everything we place in space/time is false. Your Brother is not a body in a specific location. YOU are not a body in a specific location. Sickness cannot attach itself to a body that is nowhere! The events that you believe caused you pain had no place to actually occur. You see? All the images we made we have placed like a pin on a map in space/time which does not exist. Understanding this, the entire dream collapses for lack of an imaginary foundation.

So it is actually fun to recognize that the ego thought system is not only nonSENSE, but it is also NOWHERE. The idea of time and space, of bodies and birth and death must be laid aside with the recognition that they are causeless, without a place, or power, or law to support them. They seem to exist in thought as a defense to God. Recognizing them as decoys and not reality at all, we are free with Holy Spirit’s assistance to enter into the Realm of the Spiritual Real, Union with God, our Brothers and our Holy Self.” – by Coreen Walson

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