From The End of Death, Volume Two

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The divine feminine is not exclusively gender specific, – nor is the divine masculine. As we heal, the divine aspects of what appear to be two dualistic genders are eventually desired, integrated and embodied to replace our sense of separation.

Both feminine and masculine divinities are simply healed expressions, or attributes of our recognized and embodied oneness. Women and men alike will display these characteristics to the degree they have healed guilt and fear and embraced Love. As we heal we integrate both the divine masculine and feminine as one within.

Eventually as we advance in our trust this deep inner merge will be recognized as genderless – a state of inner divine androgyny.

The expression of the divine feminine does not necessarily belong to one who believes she is a female body. The divine feminine has nothing to do with the body except to re-purpose it as a healing agent to communicate unconditional Love. This singular purpose eventually transcends our identity as a body and assists in removing the limitations of the body.

In fact, in its truest sense the divine feminine’s focus is to lead us away from the confines of the illusory body with its many debilitating appetites. It is to rest in the innocence necessary to initiate and open the heart to Grace. This Grace is the eternal flame that burns on the Altar within.

Either the inner Altar or the body is seen and therefore, valued. One will be revered while the other will be idolized. The body represents a fence we use to separate our one united heart/mind from one another. While it remains an image to be idolized, rejected or attacked it will continue to be used to prove the separation from Love is real and has real effects.

The divine feminine encourages us to stay focused on the inner Altar of Grace, the same Altar we share with others. It gently calls to us reminding us not to lose our self in addictions of the passing pleasures of the flesh. Valuing its incorruptible innocence it beckons us onward past temptations of the body, to join in Grace with others at the Altar of the Heart.

Ultimately, the role of the divine feminine is to teach us to overcome our sense of separation through our whole-hearted embodiment of all the attributes which demonstrate that innocence (defenselessness) is strength. Innocence in this view is quite the opposite of victimhood.

Divine and incorruptible innocence is not the same as the ego’s version of innocence. There can be no awareness of divine innocence unless it is perfectly shared. The ego’s dualistic form of innocence is always bought at the cost of making someone else guilty. And this is not innocence but projected guilt.

A heartfelt extension of incorruptible innocence – or quantum forgiveness – is one example of the divine feminine expressing itself through both men and women. NOTE: Here are The Seven Essential Principles of Quantum Forgiveness

Emotional vulnerability and intimacy, trust, patience, gentleness and joy are characteristics of the divine feminine. These constitute inner strength which supports, nurtures and collaborates with the divine masculine’s gifts. We see these qualities equally in healed women and men.

The divine masculine, in line with its counterpart the divine feminine, likewise does not identity with the body as itself. Being divine it always seeks to identify with the timeless and infinite spirit that appears to occupy the body. It does not confuse the two. To do so would be to jeopardize awareness of its union with both its direct Source and its companion/s.

Of great significance for both expressions of the divine feminine and masculine is the sacred re-purposing of the body and its appetites. The sexual appetite is one of these which must necessarily be re-purposed in healed romantic relationships.

The divine masculine’s primary focus is to lead us back to our divine Source. Innately there is a questing to overcome and conquer that which appears to block the Light. Translated, this is the courage necessary to forge an undoing of the darkness which opposes the light.

Fierce Love equates to the willingness and radical self-honesty needed to pierce this ancient dream’s thick shell – to shatter its complacent consent to remain in ignorance. It carries a pioneering energy. The divine masculine trait represents the final resurrection of all mankind, from fear to Love, from darkness to the Light.

Some of the characteristics of the divine masculine include honesty, accountability, tolerance, faithfulness, generosity and open-mindedness. As we’ll see these are aspects of both healed men and women. They are certainly not specific to one gender or another.

Self-Betrayal in Relationships

The divine feminine and masculine have nothing to do with the body except to help to re-purpose and transcend it. They symbolize the healed qualities or characteristics of God’s one undivided and innocent Child. In the dream of duality the unhealed or shadow sides of these two polarities have warred with each other since the beginning of time; with each projecting onto the other that which within itself, it is unwilling to recognize and forgive. Consequently they each project onto the other their own unseen, rejected and often cruel self-betrayals.

Let’s take a look at the destructive sides of the unhealed feminine together with the unhealed masculine.

The unhealed feminine carries with it a lineage of victimization right throughout the ego dream. There is a polarizing aspect to this energetic belief in victimization which serves to perpetuate the very split that it seemingly intends to heal. The first mistake lies in its attempt to make the victimization real. In other words, our separation from God and each other must be made real in our mind first before it’s possible to justify our belief that we were indeed victimized.

The second mistake follows on from the initial one. It goes like this. A problem is seen and made real. A real victim proves there is a real perpetrator who needs to be punished. In fact the victim’s innocence in this example depends on the perpetrator’s guilt. We see here too that the seeming perpetrator is an expression of the unhealed masculine.

Only the unhealed feminine in one will believe it can be harmed by the unhealed masculine. And only the unhealed masculine in one will believe it is justified to control and manipulate the unhealed feminine. It may seem as if men carry more of the unhealed masculine (perpetrator) and that women carry more of the unhealed feminine (victim). At one level within the ego dream this is true.  Yet both genders carry and perpetuate this unconscious and therefore, unhealed polarity within their psyche until they realize that ultimately, all healing is an inside job.

Both unhealed masculine and feminine tendencies are usually brought to a head in the special relationship for just one purpose. This is so we can learn to recognize and heal our own Self-abandonment and lack of Self-worth.

One common unhealed masculine tendency that both men and women are prone to defend is the need to be right. It takes precedence over the sincere desire to close the gap with another (forgiveness). The need to be right is another form of un-forgiveness, a hurtful replacement for Love and True joining as genuine emotional intimacy.

When we’re triggered then it is ours to heal. Especially in toxic relationships, we abandon our Self when we choose to sustain an abusive relationship. The un-forgiven fear is then projected outward onto another usually, and we find our self in a relationship not of Love but of mutual use and abuse.

We may endure the abuse so we don’t have to show-up for our self to face and heal our own fears. It seems much easier to endure and blame an abusive companion because as a victim we can judge the other as guilty. Then we can bask in a false sense of innocence, not realizing that we’re secretly condemning our Self.

Unfortunately, when we don’t show up for our self we will agree to a trade-off in relationships. This is what special relationships represent. Staying in an abusive relationship is a reflection of self-abuse. Thankfully, radical self-inquiry will reveal just how we have betrayed our self and how we project this onto others. Seeing this without guilt is the beginning of Self acceptance and healing.

Perhaps there is a fear of being alone, fear of loss of financial support, or fear of being a single-parent, etc. What is the underlying fear that stands between us and expressing with radical honesty? What is it that we’re so afraid of that we’re willing to sacrifice, sell out, compromise and abandon our Self for in relationships?

For the sake of not having to face the fear and heal it completely, we inadvertently make inappropriate compromises and may sacrifice (trade) in a relationship while we secretly resent the other for it. In romantic relationship sex can often become one of those trade-offs.

This is really self-deception, self-dishonesty and self-distrust which represent additional expressions of the unhealed masculine and feminine. While they remain un-forgiven aspects of self they will continue to be projected outward and appear to us as the unhealed masculine or feminine appearing in another.

A powerful practice which accelerates the undoing of self-deception and therefore, brings us closer to our Holy Self, is the Seven Powerful Keys to Holy Relationship

We can gauge the extent of our own un-forgiveness by the degree the unhealed masculine still seems to trigger us. These are all “calls for Love.” They cry out to be seen and healed within so they cease to be rejected and thus projected outward and returned to us as attack.

Radical self-inquiry is invaluable when we do it without self-judgment, when it’s done with Spirit and not with the critical ego. “Do we falsely believe that to clearly define our own healthy boundaries by saying “no” to inappropriate behavior from another is to condemn them personally?”

Their behavior is certainly not “who” they are. And to heal in a relationship we must make that positive separation between the person and their behavior. We always respect the person although we may not be willing to tolerate their poor behavior. We learn to de-personalize all seeming forms of attack by not taking things personally.

We must want to know and align with our own inner Compass. This is our Holy Self and thus the one shared Identity. As we come home to our Holy Self we do so for everyone despite the initial ego resistance we may encounter from others.

As we heal the inner split we heal our relationships and we joyfully realize we are one Mind and Heart. And it is within this sacred integration that the body itself is also returned to Love. It is no longer used to separate but to extend the shared guiltlessness that we are.

“The demarcations they have drawn between their roles, their minds, their bodies, their needs, their interests, and all the differences they thought separated them from one another, fade and grow dim and disappear. Those who would learn the same course share one interest and one goal.” M-2.5:6-7

The View from Above the Battle Ground

As we heal we will be able to see from above the battle ground of duality. We’ll see in our effort to play out duality that we’ve all played roles of both victim and perpetrator. After endless incarnations, we’ve all played the roles of both male and female throughout the dimensions of time.

I know that in a previous incarnation I was male and had been a perpetrator of women and sex. As a female in this lifetime, I was sexually abused as a child. Like everyone else, I scripted my lessons before birth in this lifetime, so I could undo and heal – forgive – the belief that I could be a victim (separation). All attack is always “self-attack”. In order to be victimized… we must first have abandoned or betrayed our Self.

I see now the miracle beneath my early abuse. The ultimate question is, “What is it for?” “What is the miracle underlying the seeming abuse?” The abuse I sustained catapulted me into searching for the True purpose of life; to look for my True and shared Identity as the one Holy Self. And the sole purpose in reality is to awaken from (undo) the belief that we’re separate. As we close the gap with others …we must close the gap within. This is the miracle of forgiveness.

This is such a beautiful and unequivocal message from Jesus. The message that I get from another is up to me. There is only one of us here. Will I trust the ego to interpret what my brother or sister says? Or will I set my goal in advance to hear only the healing Truth? My brother will always fulfill my own expectations and that is why I need to look within to expose what I’m secretly expecting. Am I unconsciously “wishing with the ego” for self-attack? Or am I “Willing with God” for healing, forgiveness and true joining?”

“The message your brother gives you is up to you. What does he say to you? What would you have him say? Your decision about him determines the message you receive. Remember that the Holy Spirit is in him, and His Voice speaks to you through him. What can so holy a brother tell you except truth? But are you listening to it?

Your brother may not know who he is, but there is a light in his mind that does know. This light can shine into yours, giving truth to his words and making you able to hear them. His words are the Holy Spirit’s answer to you. Is your faith in him strong enough to let you hear?”… “You will not know the trust I have in you unless you extend it. You will not trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or believe that it is for you unless you hear it in others.” T-9.II.5,6:7-8

“If you would hear me, hear my brothers in whom God’s Voice speaks. The answer to all prayers lies in them. You will be answered as you hear the answer in everyone. Do not listen to anything else or you will not hear truly.”… “Believe in me [by] believing in them, for the sake of what God gave them. They will answer you if you learn to ask only truth of them.” T-9.II.7:5-8,8:2-3


The End of Death

The End of Death

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