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There is only one Power, God’s all-encompassing Love. Anytime we see or feel anything other than this then we are believing in illusions. God’s Love is eternally changeless, just like our Holy Self. Jesus’ message is uncompromising. In order to bring about consistent miracles we must cultivate a single-minded conviction in only ‘one’ Power – God’s Love. While we still retain our belief in a hierarchy of illusions we will reject knowing and demonstrating that there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

What we seem to see in this ego-made paradigm is constantly changing. The body appears to be born, it grows and matures and then it seems to wither and die. All this we take to be reality. Yet true Reality is changeless. The things we see in this paradigm are always changing. This unconscious propulsion for constant change comes from the ego’s beguiling intent to keep us forever running from God’s Love.

Everything we seem to see here is purely an ‘appearance.’ And appearances, because they do change, are not God’s changeless Reality. Appearances are projected by the ego to hypnotize us into believing they are real. While we believe the ego’s appearances of pain, sickness, loss, conflict, scarcity and death, we remain spell-bound by an hallucination. And instead of waking up from it, we go deeper into it by: 1) searching for pleasure, fulfillment and remedies within the hallucination. And 2) By defending ourselves against illusions within the hallucination.

There are two diametrically opposed realities and only one of them is real. There is this fear paradigm we experience here as an epic and ceaseless loop of change. And there is God’s changeless Reality that remains quietly but powerfully active beneath every ‘appearance’ that we choose to see. We choose which of these two realities to manifest depending on the one we value.

To most, what the body’s senses report is taken as truth. Once the hallucination is believed then no healing can take place.  However we can invoke the miracle in any instant that we question reality; in that instant we become lucid. We remember that what we see is not God’s Reality. We must be hallucinating. We stand fast, choosing to look past ‘appearances’ and we trust in God’s changeless Reality; a Reality that cannot be accessed nor activated while we still prefer to be mesmerized by illusions.

This insane world with all its demented laws based on fear and death, is clearly not of God. It’s as if we placed a veil of terror over our eyes. The veil holds images of the ego’s most cherished gifts, guilt, pain, sickness, conflict, loss, scarcity and death. So when we look out through this veil at our body, others and the world, we cannot see them as they really are. Everything we see is superimposed with terror. We fall for the images of terror that seem to dance in the veil. And we plan our entire lives around attempting to navigate through it.

It’s just a veil! It has no reality. And look, who is holding the veil over our eyes. We are!

While we live our lives reacting to the illusory images on the veil, we cannot see nor feel Love. We can’t give it and we can’t receive it. We remain empty no matter how much we seem to achieve according to the rules and laws of the veil.

The veil of terror made its own laws apart from God’s Love. It’s central commandment, the one that supports every other law, is the concept of ‘death’. But once the concept of death is questioned, the center of the veil is pierced and the veil of terror loses its hypnotic conviction.

When we recognize that the world we seem to see with the body’s senses is really this veil of terror then we can decide with Spirit to be vigilant only for God’s Reality. This means that we consciously choose to look past (forgive) the images we see. We look past appearances whatever they may be. Our body’s eyes might see the veil of terror in the form of cancer, pain, financial loss, divorce or death, but we remain vigilant to keep our vision on God’s changeless Reality beyond what the ego’s senses report.

While we choose to look past illusions, we place our trust in Truth. This trust is what invokes the miracle. And the miracle can heal anything and everything. We must choose only one Power though. Just like the healing of the lesion on my leg in the summer of 2012. It took a while, but eventually I was able to truly surrender it to Spirit in full trust while knowing that it was ‘already’ healed. Some weeks later it just disappeared.

When Tomas had cancer in 2010, I did not have the level of trust that I have now. So I was not able to see completely past the veil of terror. I did see the tumors and I did feel fear which is an indication that I still believed in what my body’s eyes saw; instead of God’s Reality. To the degree that we continue to fear then to that extent we will ‘expect’ and manifest what we fear. This is the attraction of fear.

Fear separates us from God’s Love and help; from miracles. The Atonement is the undoing of fear. That is why Jesus says that the one responsibility of the miracle worker, is to accept Atonement for himself. We can’t help ourselves or others while we ourselves remain fearful, anxious or concerned. When we accept Atonement we accept healing. Then we can truly give what we know we already have.

Miracles ~ All Appearances Can Change!


Jesus speaks strongly about miracles and how they can heal any and every appearance.

“What is temptation but a wish to make illusions real? It does not seem to be the wish that no reality be so. Yet it is an assertion that some forms of idols have a powerful appeal that makes them harder to resist than those you would not want to have reality. Temptation, then, is nothing more than this; a prayer the miracle touch not some dreams, but keep their unreality obscure and give to them reality instead. And Heaven gives no answer to the prayer, nor can a miracle be given you to heal appearances you do not like. You have established limits. What you ask [is] given you, but not of God Who knows no limits. You have limited yourself.” T-30.VIII.3.

“Reality is changeless. Miracles but show what you have interposed between reality and your awareness is unreal, and does not interfere at all. The cost of the belief there must be some appearances beyond the hope of change is that the miracle cannot come forth from you consistently. For you have asked it be withheld from power to heal all dreams. There is no miracle you cannot have when you desire healing. But there is no miracle that can be given you unless you want it. Choose what you would heal, and He Who gives all miracles has not been given freedom to bestow His gifts upon God’s Son. When he is tempted, he denies reality. And he becomes the willing slave of what he chose instead.” T-30.VIII.4.

What is temptation but the wish to make ‘some’ illusions real? He says here that within our hierarchy of illusions, we choose which illusions we want to make real. We get sick; an illusion that we don’t like. We fall in love (special relationship); and form an idol with powerful appeal, but it’s one that we do like.

 Jesus says here that ‘temptation’ is nothing more than a prayer that the miracle bypasses our treasured idols, while transforming the ones we hate. Yet all our idols, the pleasurable ones and the painful ones are spawned by guilt and therefore share the same purpose, unconscious self-attack. We do not know our own best interests!

When we have compartmentalized our idols this way, we exclude them from healing. As he says, “And Heaven gives no answer to the prayer, nor can a miracle be given you to heal appearances you do not like. You have established limits. What you ask [is] given you, but not of God Who knows no limits. You have limited yourself.” T-30.VIII.3:5-8

Reality is changeless. And miracles show the dancing images we see in the veil of terror that we hold over our eyes, are unreal and cannot interfere with Reality. The cost of believing that there are some ‘appearances’ beyond the hope of change is that the miracle cannot come forth from you consistently! Look at this. Look at how we mindlessly segregate our illusions. A cold or a toothache might be healed but how about a complete and spontaneous healing from a so-called irreversible illness? Or even the throes of death, like what happened to Anita Moorjani. (Click here for an excellent interview with her)

“There is no miracle you cannot have when you desire healing.” Sit with this deeply; there is no miracle you cannot have when you desire healing of the only cause of all suffering – unconscious guilt. “But there is no miracle that can be given you unless you want it. Choose what you would heal and He Who gives all miracles has not been given freedom to bestow His gifts upon God’s Son.” In other words when you select a specific ‘form’ to heal while excluding another, then you reject true healing of both the cause and the effect (symptom).

The reason why we never heal the one cause of our particular problem/s is because we attempt to heal them at the level at which they appear (body and world). Yes, we may succeed temporarily with changing the ‘appearance’ of the problem. But because we’ve isolated the ‘effect’ or symptom, we have separated it from its one cause; guilt. And now the cause remains free to manifest again either in the same form or perhaps a different one.


Sickness and pain are idols because they are something we defend against, thereby assigning them power and reality over God’s Love; God’s changeless Reality. Health (ego healing) is an idol too, because it’s something that we attempt to achieve independently, apart from God’s Love. Anything we want ‘more’ than God’s Love is an idol. We may want to be disease or pain-free. But if we want this more than God’s Love, we reject healing the only cause of all suffering, unconscious guilt as self-attack.

There is nothing ‘more’ than God’s Love and there is nothing ‘other’ than God’s Love. So if we want something more than God’s Love, or something other than it, then it’s obvious that we desire an illusion, a substitute for God’s Love as our Holy Self. And for this desire we will accumulate guilt as unconscious self-attack.

The miracle becomes immediately and consistently available to heal all appearances, each time we’re willing to look past the appearance and seek to heal the one cause within, being guilt. We withdraw the ego’s belief that the problem’s cause is anywhere but in our mind no matter whether it be disease, financial scarcity or any other form of guilt.

” [Because] reality is changeless is a miracle already there to heal all things that change, and offer them to you to see in happy form, devoid of fear. It will be given you to look upon your brother thus. But not while you would have it otherwise in some respects. For this but means you would not have him healed and whole. The Christ in him is perfect. Is it this that you would look upon? Then let there be no dreams about him that you would prefer to seeing this. And you will see the Christ in him because you let Him come to you. And when He has appeared to you, you will be certain you are like Him, for He is the changeless in your brother and in you.” T-30.VIII.5.

Miracles are already here to heal all things that do change. As they heal the guilty cause, they must also transfer to the effect and heal the appearance. Cause and consequence always remain together in the mind and can never be separated. But if I hold un-relinquished judgments or beliefs, I won’t be open to the miracle.

So if I believe another is sick, or in pain, then I reject the miracle on behalf of us both. It means that I would reject God’s changeless Reality in favor of what the ego’s senses see. I trust in illusion rather than Truth. And by this judgment, I would not have him healed and whole. We would not have our self healed and whole. Jesus explains that the Christ in him is perfect. Wouldn’t we want to see only this? Because if we did, we would see the Christ within our self. And our guilt would fall away to reveal the unimaginable innocence and perfection that we always were.

“This will you look upon when you decide there is not one appearance you would hold in place of what your brother really is. Let no temptation to prefer a dream allow uncertainty to enter here. Be not made guilty and afraid when you are tempted by a dream of what he is. But do not give it power to replace the changeless in him in your sight of him. There is no false appearance but will fade, if you request a miracle instead. There is no pain from which he is not free, if you would have him be but what he is. Why should you fear to see the Christ in him? You but behold yourself in what you see. As he is healed are you made free of guilt, for his appearance is your own to you.” T-30.VIII.6.

You will see the perfect Christ within when you decide there is not one ‘appearance’ that would replace the Truth of what your brother really is. You may see disease, pain, conflict and even death in another. But let no temptation to allow the veil of terror block you from witnessing the changeless in him. Do not give the veil of terror any power. And do not feel guilty or fearful by the threat of temptation.

When you do this, there is no false appearance that can withstand your request for a miracle instead. There is no pain he can suffer if you desire to see his changeless Reality instead of what the ego sees. As you look past the ego’s veil of terror for another, you do so for yourself. As he is healed you are made free of guilt because his appearance is your own to you. This is indeed powerful stuff!

“The miracle is means to demonstrate that all appearances can change because they [are] appearances, and cannot have the changelessness reality entails. The miracle attests salvation from appearances by showing they can change. Your brother has a changelessness in him beyond appearance and deception, both. It is obscured by changing views of him that you perceive as his reality. The happy dream about him takes the form of the appearance of his perfect health, his perfect freedom from all forms of lack, and safety from disaster of all kinds. The miracle is proof he is not bound by loss or suffering in any form, because it can so easily be changed. This demonstrates that it was never real, and could not stem from his reality. For that is changeless, and has no effects that anything in Heaven or on earth could ever alter. But appearances are shown to be unreal [because] they change.” T-30.VIII.2.

Jesus says here that the miracle is the means to ‘demonstrate’ physically, that all appearances can change because they are appearances only. They are not changeless Reality. He states that the miracle attests deliverance or recovery from appearances by showing that they can change. Appearances, as illusion, are not fixed. Our brother has a changelessness in him that is far beyond the appearance of deception.  But this is blocked by our own changing and erroneous perception.

He goes further to mention the happy dream (Real World) here, declaring that in this state, ego appearances of suffering are exchanged for Spirit’s appearances of joy, health and healing. He says the happy dream about our brother takes the form of perfect health. And perfect freedom from all forms of lack, and safety from disaster of all kinds.

The miracle is proof, a physical demonstration that he (and you as well!) is not bound by loss and suffering of any form…because it can be changed. He makes a point here. Stating that the miracle ‘demonstrates’ at the form level, that suffering, loss and death were never real. And that they could by no means stem from his reality. This is exactly what Jesus demonstrated while he was in a body 2,000 years ago. He calmed storms, healed the sick and raised the dead. Now, he is calling us to consciously join him in deciding what we want to see. Do we want to believe what our bodies eyes see in the veil of terror? Or do we deeply desire to focus our heart’s vision on God’s changeless Reality, looking clear past all ego appearances?

NOTE: To ‘look past appearances’ is forgiveness. It is done with Spirit and not with the ego. To align with God’s changeless reality and to invoke the miracle, I do the following: I remember that if someone or something upsets me, I am not seeing God’s Reality but an illusion, an idol. Therefore my own perception requires healing before I can heal myself or help another. I remember to accept Atonement, click here for the Forgiveness/Atonement Process

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