Take Me to Truth received this beautiful testimony from a being who has been watching Nouk and Coreen’s presentation of the daily workbook lessons on YouTube:

I want to thank both Nouk and Coreen for their beautiful explanations, especially of today’s lesson number 138, Heaven is the Decision I Must Make.

I’d like to share something with you…. In the last few days or even more like the last week I have been experiencing massive neck pains for no apparent reason, as I listen to the lessons it came to me that maybe I was getting a bit too close to the truth and the ego decided that was not a good thing for it and brought about this massive pain in my neck to the point I could hardly move my head.

I prayed about it but to no avail, and then I remember the ladies talking about prayer that cannot be heard when we’re in the gap, or maybe it was in the book I’m currently reading called ‘The Disappearance of the Universe,” by Gary Renard, that says God or truth cannot hear our prayers unless we’re in the unified mind. Today it came to me that if I choose to be in Heaven, or in the Heaven state of Mind, then God will hear me. And so I followed the teaching of today’s lesson and made the decision to be in Heaven and in that state of Mind and asked for healing. I am delighted to say that I have experienced my first miracle!

I can now move my neck up, down, sideways and every way without pain. Isn’t that amazing?

To me this is really out of this world for I tried pain killers, exercises, and all manner of things but nothing, and then today after my decision to be at one with the Mind of God, the pain is totally gone.

The most amazing thing is something the ladies shared in the last few days and I think it was Nouk who said something to the effect of “as we get close to remembering the truth, the ego goes all out to try and steer us away from it by any means it can use including bodily pain, sickness, accidents and whatever else it can find to block us from the truth.“

It’s only when we make a decision for Heaven, like in today’s lesson, that we truly come into the oneness of Mind and then everything changes and we begin to experience the miracles.

Thank you, beautiful Nouk and Coreen, for your help in my understanding of the different lessons in the Course.

With love and peace.


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