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In True healing we agree to unite with God’s Holy purpose which can only be achieved by excluding our concerns for the body. To maintain concern about the health of our body or another’s is to reject God’s healing. Contrary to the ego’s belief, God’s Love reveals that concern and trust are diametrically opposed. The presence of concern is a rejection of God’s Love and healing. To access True healing, the body must be relegated to its proper place as purely a symptom of our wrong-minded choice to attack.

As Jesus tells us in the following quote, the body is healed as a consequence of this principle because if we want True healing, we must come to Spirit without concern for the body. In other words, we desire our perception of suffering to be healed more than we want the body’s physical healing. Now we have placed cause (mind) and effect (body) in their correct order.

“Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal the Son of God. And he is healed [because] you offered faith to him, giving him to the Holy Spirit and releasing him from every demand your ego would make of him. Thus do you see him free, and in this vision does the Holy Spirit share.” … “The body is healed because you came without it, and joined the Mind in which all healing rests.”…“The body cannot heal, because it cannot make itself sick. It [needs] no healing. Its health or sickness depends entirely on how the mind perceives it, and the purpose that the mind would use it for.” T-19.I.2:1-3,7 T-19.I.3:1-3

Truth is the absence of illusion and illusion is the absence of Truth.  If we believe in a problems reality, making it real and then attempting to solve it, we reject God’s Truth as healing and help. Spirit cannot heal an illusion that’s been given reality in our mind. To believe in both the appearance of suffering and God’s Reality is totally unsustainable.  Eventually the intensity of conflict leads us to such a contrasting split in our mind that to maintain these two irreconcilable beliefs becomes intolerable. The body is then separated from the mind and when this occurs the ego uses the body to demonstrate attack, most often through pain and illness. Its goal is to convince us the body is real and is master of the mind.

 “Truth is the absence of illusion; illusion the absence of truth. Both cannot be together, nor perceived in the same place. To dedicate yourself to both is to set up a goal forever impossible to attain, for part of it is sought through the body, thought of as a means for seeking out reality through attack. The other part would heal, and therefore calls upon the mind and not the body.”T-19.I.5:8-11 “The inevitable compromise is the belief that the body must be healed, and not the mind.” T-19.I.6:1

The necessary prerequisite to heal all illusions is the willingness to look past them and not make them real. This is forgiveness. In looking beyond the error and invoking the miracle as God’s certain healing of our distorted perception, we join with God’s Will in Love and healing.

 “If God is real, there is no pain. If pain is real, there is no God.”W-190.3:3-4 Yet do we really “know” this in our experience? Is it an embodied part of our being? If not then the reason is that we don’t yet trust in God’s Love. And if we don’t trust in God’s Love it must mean we’re trusting in ego’s fear and attack. Faith is trust. Remember we can’t Love without trust. If we don’t Love Spirit then how in the world can we trust Spirit, joining His Will for our healing and happiness, as our Holy Self? We must be vigilant against the ego’s belief in suffering in order to cultivate and prioritize trust in Spirit.

If we genuinely desire healing then regardless of the seeming sickness or problem we want healed, we must first decide for what Jesus calls “true denial”. We must make a fundamental distinction between illusions and Truth. We cannot invoke True healing while simultaneously hedging our bets on both the ego and God (body and mind). Following is a seven question checklist to help us clarify and to unite our healing intent with Spirit’s. Take your illness or problem through this checklist:

1) Are you being tempted to believe in two mutually exclusive powers? If the Truth in any situation is always God’s Loving and healing Will, how real is the problem you perceive? If only God’s Loving and healing Will are True then you give reality to this problem by believing it’s a power that exists apart from God. Who do you trust more, the ego or God’s Love? You must be clear on which inner teacher you trust and thereby call upon to heal. The two are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist. If you trust both the ego and God, you are split and therefore deny true healing. Only one is real.

2) Where have you placed the cause of the problem or sickness? If you want to heal the real cause of this problem you must place cause and effect in their proper sequence. The singular cause is always guilt/fear in your mind. It is not out there in the body, the past, in another or in the world. Who do you trust more, the ego or God’s Love?

3) What is your priority? Is your priority to have the sickness or problem healed so the cause in your mind remains to attack again? Or have you made your priority to accept Atonement thereby healing the singular cause (unconscious guilt) so that you’re free of attack altogether? Who do you trust more, the ego or God’s Love?

4) Are you falling for appearances? Are you looking beyond the “appearance” of the problem (forgiveness)? Or are you focused on fixing illusory appearances of sickness or problems which the ego has purposefully projected to distract you from healing their real and only cause, in your mind? Who do you trust more, the ego or God’s Love?

5) Do you believe the sickness or problem is real? Is the illusion of this problem or illness truer or bigger than any other illusion? Does it appear harder to heal? Have you realized this problem is not of God therefore it’s an ego illusion? Or are you still hypnotized by believing this problem is a) real, b) is a more difficult illusion to heal and c) that it’s your (ego’s) responsibility to heal it independently of Spirit? If you believe the issue is real you cannot forgive it. Remember there is no order of difficulty in miracles because there is no hierarchy of illusions. All illusions are just that – illusions. And all illusions can be healed equally by the miracle.

6) Who is the healer, the ego or God? Only God’s Love as the Atonement can heal. Whom have you placed your trust with, the ego or God? There are never any problems in God. If we see them we perceive without God’s Love and will attempt to remedy the illusory problems the ego projects, all the while keeping the guilt that causes all problems. In God there is only healing via our surrender to Love and receiving God’s Will. This is accepting the Atonement, the miracle, as the undoing of our perception of suffering.

7) Where do you place your trust? Is it in the Remedy as God’s certain Will for healing? Or is it in the ego’s problem?  You will value what you believe to be real – the sickness/problem or Spirit’s healing. If you trust that the remedy lies in the body, in magic, in another, in the world or in the past, then you cannot accept Spirit’s Remedy which is here right now, in this Holy Instant when you accept God’s healing through forgiveness and Atonement.

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