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Following is a checklist to help transfer your trust from fear to Love and to realign with Spirit’s healing. Take your fear, concern or health problem through the checklist and remember that radical self honesty will quicken the healing process.

1) In this moment, do you trust in God’s certain Healing? If you don’t trust in God’s healing then you don’t value it. If you don’t value God’s healing then what do you believe, trust and therefore value? Is it doubt, pain, sickness, conflict, scarcity or death? Be honest and bring this to the light to be healed. 

 Open your heart and mind to Spirit to transfer your trust from the ego’s story of suffering to Spirit’s certain healing.

2) In this moment, do you believe that both God’s Love (as certain healing) and the ego’s expression of suffering (self-attack) are real? If so, you must be split minded and confused. Only God’s Love is real. Nothing else exists. The miracle depends on your acceptance. You cannot accept the miracle while you still believe the ego is a power equal to or greater than God’s all encompassing Love and certain healing.

Apply true denial. Recall there is only one Power, and it is God’s Loving Will. Therefore, steadfastly deny anything not of God’s Love the power to hurt you or anyone else.

3) In this moment, where do you place the cause of your suffering? Do you believe the cause of your pain, disease or problem lies in your body, in another, in the past or in the world? If you do then you’ll be confused. You will seek the remedy for your seeming problem outside the only place it can be found – in your mind.

Place cause and effect in their proper sequence. No matter the form of problem, all cause is in your mind and nowhere else. If you believe the cause is anywhere but in your mind, you will be unable to heal the cause or its seeming symptoms. Recall that unconscious guilt is self-attack projected outward. There is no one to forgive except yourself, for having unknowingly used others, the body, the past or the world to attack you.

4) In this moment, where do you place the cause of your healing? What are you still using as substitutes for trusting exclusively in God’s Love and healing? For example, medicine, supplements, treatments, special relationships, etc. While these are neutral in themselves, the ego uses our dependence on them to fuel unconscious guilt as self-attack. This is why it’s so important to come clean and offer our dependence on them over to Spirit. Then the ego can’t use these hidden shards of guilt for self-attack. Where do you believe the remedy lies? Is it in the body, in another, in worldly magic (medicine), in the future, etc?

The single cause of suffering is the ego. The single cause of healing is forgiveness as the miracle, the Atonement. (Note: Taking magic is fine however you must sincerely learn to trust the real cause of the problem along with its remedy is always in your mind and nowhere else).

5) In this moment, do you desire your seeming problem, pain or sickness to be healed more than you want your perception of suffering healed? If so, you will deny healing the only cause in your mind.

Make healing of your mistaken perception your priority over all else. You must desire to have your perception of the illness or problem healed, more than you want a physical healing, a physical miracle.

6) In this moment, do you trust the ego’s physical evidence of a seeming illness or problem?

Look past appearances. Look beyond what your physical senses tell you of reality. The ego sends these senses out to report back exactly what it wants you to see; they will always confirm “proof” of separation and suffering.

7) In this moment, have you fallen for the ego’s hierarchy of illusions?

Remember there is no hierarchy of illusions. One illusion is never truer or bigger than another. They’re all equally illusory. As we accept and practice this principle, we also learn and demonstrate that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. One miracle is not harder or more impossible to achieve than any other. By accepting and demonstrating the illusory nature of illusions, and the maximal power of miracles, we undo everything the ego made to attack us.

8) In this moment, are you willing to exchange the seeming problem for a miracle?

Accept the Atonement. In accepting Atonement, we immediately join with and receive God’s certain Will for healing. This unequivocally replaces the ego’s wish to be unfairly treated. This is the miracle! No matter where we see suffering, we must accept the Atonement, the miracle, for our self. If we perceive suffering in another, the past, the body or the world, healing must be accepted in our own mind first. This is the divine undoing of fear and guilt in our perception.

9) In this moment, are you willing to trust that God’s Love heals all and is certain and consistent?

Trust in God’s Love and healing! It is already done. Doubt and trust are mutually exclusive. If you doubt, then you cannot accept healing.

When we’re in pain or turmoil, the presence of fear has tricked us into trusting in our own (ego) strength instead of Spirit’s.

“The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength. The awareness that there is nothing to fear shows that somewhere in your mind, though not necessarily in a place you recognize as yet, you have remembered God, and let His strength take the place of your weakness. The instant you are willing to do this there is indeed nothing to fear.” W-48.3.

The ego thrives on keeping our fears submerged so as they will be projected outward as suffering. When faced with a particular illness or problem, try to exhume your worst possible fears about the issue. What would be the worst case scenario? Go deep until there is nothing left to fear and give these over to Spirit for complete reinterpretation. You’ll be looking at these fears with Spirit in the light of God’s Grace which cancels the ego’s unconscious self sabotage. Now you can take these fears through the Atonement process. Click on this link for the forgiveness/Atonement Process.


The End of Death

The End of Death

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