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There has been a shift over the past year or so that I have noticed where the answer to all ego fear, depression, anxiety and self-doubt has been met with the idea to love what is arising, to envelop it with the Love that you are, to subsume it, etc. I admit that at first, I felt a “thud” with this, because it was so unlike what I was raised in Christian Science to do, which was quickly reject anything that clearly isn’t from God because it isn’t true. I wondered if I wasn’t doing a bypass, and if I needed to go down into every dark cavern of fear and doubt to greet it and embrace it. Self-doubt clouded my thought and so I sat back and asked for Guidance.

The first “download” so to speak that I received was that to the degree that one is completely identified with the separate self, that to reject the feelings outright was to reject themselves which is clearly not loving or helpful. As one begins the work of dissociating from the negative feelings as coming from the ego and recognizing that they are not an ego, then it becomes easier to make that quick recognition that if it is an ego suggestion, it is not our thought and we don’t have to spend time with it. But if the trigger carries a lot of weight with it, and consumes us and our emotions, this indicates that we still believe and value the trigger and its emotional story. In this scenario, it is important that we investigate what beliefs are lingering within that story to be identified and released via forgiveness.

Once we have done work around a specific trigger, it doesn’t mean that it will never come back for what I call a “fly by”, where the ego uses its favorite “go to’s” to get a hit of adrenaline, emotion or reaction from us, which is its very life line. But once you have really identified what that story was for, what beliefs it created about you and you have forgiven that belief or beliefs, when the ego tempts you again with it, you can quite easily detect it and dismiss it with a conviction that it is not true and not your thinking. In other words, when you have done the work on a trigger, you can summarily dismiss it when it tries to tempt you again.

The reason this issue was catching me up was that as a student of Christian Science, I have been healed and have assisted others with healing by the process of immediately casting out what does not come from God as totally illegitimate and without any cause of its own . .  pure suggestion with no truth in it. So the idea of welcoming a false belief and allowing it to linger felt completely counter intuitive to me, and if I’m honest, a step in the wrong direction.

I asked again for clarity. And what I received was truly incredible. I was given the idea of Light. I was instructed that God is Light and we are the emanation of Light, children of Light. Light is what we are and it is our very substance. This Light is Love and Intelligence itself, one with God, and is never born, cannot be separated, and never dies. It is pure, without any darkness at all. It never varies, changes or decays. It is our true Identity. The idea of bodies are what we made to try and overlay the Light we are, which simply cannot be done because the Light obliterates the flimsy filter that we have attempted to impose on the Light we are.

Isn’t it amazing how those who have purified their thought always appear lighter to us? More transparent? We can see it and feel the Light within. I saw how the Light we are obliterates all darkness and that this is exactly why the ego is so terrified of the Light. It is why Jesus was despised and why the world wanted to crucify him; his very existence threatened the entire (made up) fabric of the dream of separation. Those who dare to allow the Light to shine where darkness is valued are seen as traitors and are shunned and called insane.

The part that really changed everything for me was the Knowing that Light and darkness CANNOT CO-EXIST. You cannot have both in one place. We all know this, yet this is exactly what we are supposing when we believe that the Light we are can embrace or hold the darkness. Love and fear cannot co-exist. Light and dark cannot occupy the same space. Reality and illusion cannot both be perceived and experienced simultaneously.

Jesus is named Jesus Christ because he so perfectly embodied the Christ, which is this Pure Light. Where Jesus was, the Light destroyed the darkness to every receptive thought. The question will surely arise that what about in cases where Jesus did not heal? Because the Light is Love, Love does not coerce, force or deny anyone’s so-called free will here in the dream to dream of dark shadows. Love patiently waits for the slightest invitation.

Where someone still values his or her belief in separation, Love simply waits, while respecting the desires of the one valuing separation. Yet the second that one welcomes the Light of Truth and Love, the darkness vanishes to nothing. This is healing. It is the destruction of what never was because the shadow was brought in contact with the Light and was naturally and necessarily eliminated.

As we purge our mind of all that is not Real, meaning not of God, we become the same transparency that Jesus was, and are the clear Transparency for the Christ to shine forth from us and through us. To the extent that our thought is pure Light, we will be the walking Answer to every call for Love effortlessly, just as the Light effortlessly dispels the darkness. This Light is God, this Light is the Christ, the Son of God that is One with the Father. This Light is the Power of God here in the dream. We are the Light; the Light is us.

So like the rungs of a ladder, someone having no concept of their true Identity will find the most help from allowing what is coming forth to heal by not judging it or pushing it away but loving it and allowing it to be, which gives them the sense that what is seeing it and observing it is NOT the same as the one who is afraid, sad, etc.

As we begin our ascent back up the ladder we came down, it’s helpful to apply the approach of “loving what arises” without judgment. But as our trust advances, a comprehensive and positive separation must be made between the unreal AND the Real; the darkness AND the light. At this advanced stage, the light we ARE (the Will of God) annihilates the darkness, rather than “holding” the darkness.

Light AND darkness brought together…erases darkness completely. This is the undoing of the SPLIT mind that mistakenly ACCEPTS both darkness AND light. It’s the ACCEPTANCE OF DARKNESS that maintains the split mind, and this is why we must eventually make an unequivocal choice for ONLY light. And this where we’re headed in awakening FROM the entire ego dream instead of just within it.

As one begins to make this positive separation between the ego and their true Identity, we can process our triggers quickly to get the jewel underneath the negative emotions and hand them over to Holy Spirit through forgiveness. I am finding now that the clarity that anything not of God is not True or Real and has nothing to do with what I Am, allows me to stay with God, simply allowing God to inform me of what is the Truth in every situation. And even more incredible is that the experience is that even the gap between “God informing me” is closing so that Knowledge is just occurring where I Am.

I offer the following two quotes from the Course that came during my asking process as confirmation:

“In sorting out the false from the true, the miracle proceeds along the following lines:

If perfect love casts out fear,

And if fear exists,

Then there is not perfect love.

But only perfect love really exists.

If there is fear,

It creates a state which does not exist.

Believe this and you will be free.”


“The miracle compares what man has made with the higher level of creation, accepting what is in accord as true and rejecting the discordant as false. All aspects of fear are untrue because they do not exist at the higher creative level, and therefore do not exist at all. To whatever extent a man is willing to submit his beliefs to this test, to that extent are perceptions corrected.”


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