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As the children of God, we are already complete and whole. We are right this moment at the point of perfection because God is our Life. Whenever there’s an appearance that evokes fear, whether it’s in ourselves or somebody else, special love bids us have sympathy and to take action; whether that be to take measures to save our self from the fearful appearance or to have sympathy for our loved one and their “real” problem. Interestingly, if and when a loved one does not show sufficient sympathy for our situation, the ego considers this blasphemous and calls it unloving. The result is that we pull away and separate from the one that we deem insufficiently sympathetic to our problem. I would venture to guess that most everyone will succumb to their loved one’s pressure to join them in the fear in the face of a present threat. They will be the dutiful family member, the doting spouse, they obedient child, all playing their roles and as if on cue go into fear when expected of them. Yet this simply compounds the problem.

If the seeming issue is our own, we judge ourselves and then whip ourselves into a frenzy trying to “do something”, whether that be to study harder, try harder, or do more at the level of form to save ourselves. We believe that if we could only do more or be better at something, then we wouldn’t have this real problem to begin with. How great is this drive to try and save ourselves in the appearance of adversity!

The more seemingly serious the issue is, the louder the ego shrieks at us to take some kind of action. Furthermore, the more serious the seeming problem seems to be, the more likely we are to turn on those who do not commiserate in our “suffering”. The ego’s mantra is “you’re either for me or against me”.

It is imperative that we recognize and understand that anytime we seem to be panicked or in deep fear, that it is always the counter intuitive response of surrender, accept and receive our actual innocence that is the way out, and not to take thought at the level of the human form and “do” anything.

Step gently aside, and let healing be done for you. 8 Keep but one thought in mind and do not lose sight of it, however tempted you may be to judge any situation, and to determine your response [by] judging it. Focus your mind only on this: I am not alone, and I would not intrude the past upon my Guest. I have invited Him, and He is here. I need do nothing except not to interfere. T-16.I.3.

We most often miss this opportunity to gently step aside and rest in the Knowledge that we don’t need to do anything but that He will do it for us, because the appearance, the physical sense testimony, the emotions and others that may be involved in the situation adding their sympathy to the situation makes it practically impossible to do so. This is why the Holy Relationship is vitally important.

When a Holy Relationship partner shows up and holds fast to the Truth and does not commiserate or show any sympathy at all for our problem, and to the extent that we’re still ego identified, or believe that our problem is real, the ego will become completely enraged and insulted. It argues “how dare they withdraw their love at such a crucial time as the one that I seem to be facing!” And yet, and the absolute truth is, they are expressing Divine Love to us by not having any sympathy with error, but standing unreservedly and without fear, even in light of the five, physical senses’ false testimony. When this moment of our development comes, it is helpful to recognize that all of the ego’s rage and indignation is only smoke and mirrors and a massive distraction so that we don’t drop in and really accept what Jesus was teaching when he said “we need do nothing”.

What does it mean to truly do nothing? Ego suggests that this is suicide and madness and stupidity at its highest. Holy Spirit knows that to do nothing is the stance of dominion that declares that nothing needs to be done because the only condition that is ever present or has Reality is our incorruptible innocence. We can give our Brothers this same assurance in the name of Love. What does it take to stand and witness to the present perfection in spite of the testimony of physical sense, despite any lingering specialness between you and the one seemingly faced with a problem? It takes conviction and a perfect love. It takes a love not of this world but the one that Jesus Christ came to embody and to demonstrate for us. This conviction and perfect love is available to all of us within the Holy Relationship.

In Holy Relationship, consent and trust is extended to one another that says no matter how crazy I seem to get, no matter how convincing the evidence seems to be, no matter how asleep I seem to be, you have permission to be the presence of the Mind of God and to be the reminder of the perfection that must always be right where the problem boasts itself. When two or more have that commitment and refuse to let go of one another even in the heat of the battle so to speak, the ego has no believer to give it traction or seeming life. It fizzles out and is seen as the nothingness that it is as the one who is sane calls his or her insane brother back to the light of Truth. This is exactly what Jesus did 2000 years ago and is asking us to do for one another.

The distinction between authentic Love that doesn’t accept as Real anything in the ego world and the ego’s “love” that demands that we do something about each seemingly real problem becomes obvious. When we see this, we can finally cut through the egos rant and understand that these thoughts aren’t ours, but that our partner is actually doing the most loving thing for us by not believing what we seem to be caught up in and is calling us back to our Holy Self. It is upon recognizing this fact that we feel like dropping to our knees in massive gratitude.

There is literally nothing that we can do to increase our perfection as the child of God. There is nothing more that we need to know, more that we can do, farther than we can go, and nothing to improve, embellish, or add to. We are already one with everything that is. Only the thought that we’re separate from our creator would seem to create a space in which there is anything to do at all. All striving and achieving occurs in the imaginary gap and in closing the gap with our Brothers we recognize that what we are in truth is one with God. There is no lack in God and therefore none in us.

Doing and Self-doubt

It is also important to recognize the connection between the drive to “do something to save our self” and self-doubt, and that self-doubt is always our defense against receiving the revelation about our True Identity.

If you knew your indestructibility and invulnerability from all seeming threat, what would you need to do? In your Knowledge of what you are as the Christ, nothing could persuade you that you still needed to do anything, improve yourself, add to your experience, or protect yourself. It follows then that our insistence that we must take measures to enhance or protect our self comes from the doubt we have that we are the Christ. We don’t believe it so we accept that we must do something to make up for this deficiency in our identity.

We are so convinced that we have separated from God and lost our Identity as His Son that we don’t trust ourselves to the Holy Spirit. We project our own self-doubt onto Him.

He will not desert you, but be sure that you desert not Him. Humility is strength in this sense only; that to recognize and accept the fact that you do not know is to recognize and accept the fact that He [does] know. You are not sure that He will do His part, because you have never yet done yours completely. You cannot know how to respond to what you do not understand.

Jesus is urging us to become totally humble and turn our seeming problems over to Holy Spirit;

to drop the self-doubt. He is assuring us that when we have done our part completely, that Holy Spirit will be able to do His. And just what is this part that we have never done completely? Surrendered! We must drop all need to do something, to learn or achieve something, to attain some illusive standard. We must become childlike and come to Him in deepest humility and state of surrender, admitting that we don’t know how to save our self but place our trust in Him who does.

This is highly, counter intuitive, and ego will again argue that this is madness and that we are sure to fail or die. But what is behind this argument? The ego knows that only in our surrendered state will we receive the direct revelation that we are the Son of God. To the extent that we interfere by engaging in self-doubt and unworthiness, we will continue to attempt to save ourselves and block the Source of all healing.

How do we achieve this state of surrender and non-interference that we must come to in order to receive from Holy Spirit? It is the opposite of self-doubt. It is Self-Love! Self Love is the state of surrender. It is a state of non-interference, an acceptance of our worthiness and allows receipt of His healing messages. We surrender, accept and receive in direct proportion to the degree of Self Love.

In summary, this incessant drive to take action and save ourselves by doing things in the world is all the ego’s ploy to keep us from entering into the sacred place of surrender, where we can actually receive the only Real solution and healing for every illusory appearance of adversity. The ego will use others to try to protect itself by using them to influence us to stay active and busy defending ourselves or them from imaginary problems, thereby missing the only place we can truly surrender and Receive the correction. Let’s be alert to ego’s command to “do” anything in times of fear, and recall that this is our call to come back to our Holy Self, to turn it all over to Him in deep humility. Our part is only not to interfere with self-doubt but to stand with Him for our perfection, Knowing that the God who Loves us unconditionally will send us the Answers we need for every occasion.

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