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This is a great little question and one which can quickly silence the spiritual ego.

What do I desire more? Which of these two do I consistently prioritize in my awareness? Is it to awaken? Or is it inner peace?

The funny thing about the desire to awaken is that awakening cannot be experienced without peace. Inner peace or the end of conflict is an attribute of the awakened state.

The initial desire to awaken is expressed by the separate self. But this self is not the one that awakens from separation. In our genuine return to Love we awaken from the dream of a separate self.

Two things here; we can afford to have gratitude for the ego because it is the one that initiates the spiritual journey. Yet paradoxically, it is the one who despises peace. Remember that the false self is sustained by conflict and is enormously threatened by peace. So when we ask it whether it prefers to pursue awakening or dwell in peace, it will choose the goal of awakening to keep us on the run…away from peace. Real uninterrupted peace is the annihilation of the separate self.

This is why there is very little inner peace experienced by the spiritual ego that is in constant pursuit of a future goal set in the illusion of time. The Truth is that when our wholehearted desire and thus our choice for peace eclipse our desire to awaken, we will awaken.


The one Holy Self is already awake. It is a state of uncompromising certainty, guiltlessness, fearlessness, peace and joy. In short the Holy Self is conflict-free. It shares the totality and singularity of God in an undivided state of Love without opposite. Hence it is free of the incessant vacillations between fear and Love because it is free of judgment (of self, others, the body, the past and the world).

We are the awakened state. This state has never left us because it is us. It is the nature of our united Being which lay undisturbed beneath our distorted concept of a little self. It’s always available to us in this very instant. It is not something we need to qualify for. And in reality it is not something that happens in the distant future. Our Holy Self is here – now. The real question is this. Do we desire this Self and only this Self? Because unless we desire only this in any one moment, we cannot experience the profound peace it brings.

Here is the catch. To desire it truly necessitates the relinquishment of our belief (value) in conflict. And yes, strictly speaking conflict cannot be overcome while we still value guilt, fear and judgment. Yet we can access the awakened state in any instant in which we consciously desire to exchange our perception of suffering for peace.

It has been revealed to me that we return to God in phases, stages and levels of awakening. And we can accelerate our experience of these stages by choosing to experience inner peace – now. In summary, we speed up our awakening as we actively engage in shifting our perception of conflict. We always have a choice when we are faced with conflict. And it comes down to what we really value in any one moment. Do we choose forgiveness and therefore peace?

For me there is no other option. And what a relief!

NOTE: For the forgiveness/Atonement process go to: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-seven-essential-principles-in-quantum-forgiveness/


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