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From The End of Death

The body is literally a projected thought form, an “image”. It has no intelligence of its own other than what our mind tells it. The mind decides what it expects from the body and the body responds accordingly. The fearful ego expects punishment and manifests it as sickness, pain, aging, conflict, betrayal, scarcity and death. Most of this expectation of attack (pain/sickness/death) is unconscious until we exhume our secret wish for PAIN. Unknowingly, we choose pain instead of joining in our divine inheritance as LOVE and JOY. This warped and deeply hidden urge for self-sabotage comes from our unconscious fear of Love (God – Holy Self).

A True Prayer is this: To ask Spirit to reveal to you the Truth of what you ALREADY HAVE but have forgotten. This is the restoration to awareness of your true Identity and indestructibility in God’s Love. In Truth you lack nothing. And nothing can threaten you. Imagine being CERTAIN of this WITH God? This certainty is “willing” WITH God (Love). All seeming pain is “wishing” with the ego (fear).

You acknowledge there is nothing to heal at the form level because there is no “body/world” to heal. Yet there is simply ONE misperception to forgive…and that is the mistaken belief that you, as the perfect and innocent Child of God, could possibly BE sick or troubled and therefore separate from God’s ever-present WILL and CERTAINTY. God does not require time in which to effect healing.  As I said before, His healing is already HERE, NOW. God’s perfection is all that exists even in the ego’s dream. If we see something other than this then we must be hallucinating. And it’s this insanity in our MIND, the sole cause of all pain that needs healing; rather than the illusory projected effects of this insanity. But while we continue to choose to be hypnotized by the ego’s “appearances” then we will remain in its ongoing cycle of fear and suffering.

Say I suffer from recurring nightmares of being victimized by a particular affliction. The nature or form of suffering does not matter. Perhaps in this frequent nightmare I am dying of disease. The question is this: Every night before I fall asleep, do I make a commitment to find a cure for the disease IN the dream? Or do I make a commitment to heal the CAUSE of the nightmare itself, to awaken FROM the dream forever? What good is it to find a cure IN the dream for an imaginary problem that the nightmare itself was meant to perpetuate? Isn’t it plain to see that sanity would choose to heal the single CAUSE of all nightmares?

If there is a belief in suffering and seeming proof of it, as in the appearance of pain and sickness, and you deeply desire to heal the SINGLE cause of this then your perception of being separate (not worthy) from all-inclusive Love and Healing is all that requires healing. Therefore your only responsibility is to claim it via accepting the Atonement, the miracle.


Magic medicines are not bad in themselves. They are the ego’s substitutes for God’s immediate Love and Healing. And we will use them until our trust in God’s Love as Self eclipses our unconscious fear of Love (God).

All medical remedies including natural or holistic magic are “effects” only as you might know. They can cause (heal) nothing of themselves. They are temporary placebos in the ego’s dream. They only seem to heal the body because we TRUST these illusory remedies MORE than God’s Love as our Holy Self. We are terrified of the Power of our Mind joined with God; consequently there is great fear of immediate healing via Spirit’s Miracle.

Spontaneous healing as an effect of accepting the Atonement is a great threat to the ego thought system. Suddenly, we recognize that ALL power is in our mind. Nothing seemingly external such as the body has any power of its own. It’s all neutral and responds only to the teacher in our mind we choose, either fear or Love. We recognize that everything we previously believed could threaten our body, our relationships and our world is purely ego projected phenomena that in reality is completely CAUSELESS.

Magic is a way of manipulating phenomena at the “form” (effect) level to attempt to heal that which is NOT sick. Only the mind can be sick! The body or problem is just an illusory SYMPTOM of the sick mind, the belief that we are separate from all-encompassing Love which has no opposite.”

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