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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020
Through the false self we have completely misunderstood what Love is. Real Love is consistent and changeless.  It does not change with a person, time or circumstance. It is inclusive and does not leave anyone out. It illuminates the Soul and with all respect and reverence, it Loves that Soul by consistently looking past the false self/body and the mistakes they seem to make.

Real Love is devoted to seeing innocence in another, thereby seeing and accepting it within. It knows that the Holy Self is always guiltless no matter how confused the small self might be. It also knows there is only one Holy Self in which we all share. And because there is only one of us here it desires to give unconditional Love rather than judgment knowing that what it gives away is merely increased for itself. It recognizes that the cost of giving is receiving – always. Our Self Love increases as we give it away with no strings attached.

We cannot fall out of Love unless it was “love” spelled with a small “l”. Special love is really hate in disguise. And this is why it seems to change. If love can turn to disappointment or even hate then there was no Love there in the first place.

“Special love” is fearful love. As the “love of fear” and the “fear of Love” it was made by the ego as the primary substitute for the Love of God within. It is entirely opposite of real Love which is God’s changeless Love as our one Holy Self. Special love is fragile, moody, needy and selfish. It is conditional and defensive. It is primarily dishonest and it’s terribly afraid of radical self-honesty and emotional vulnerability because it believes they would annihilate it.

The ego’s special love smacks of exclusivity. Coming from its own puny evaluation of itself it believes that love is limited, volatile and just as easily threatened as itself. The ego says that the more love I give to you the less love I will have left to give to others.

Further, this pseudo love targets the body as the seat of its devotion to the point that it consistently denies the Soul or spirit. At its root it believes it is deeply unworthy and insignificant. It is unknowingly devoted to the idea that love demands sacrifice and it asks that same sacrifice of those it thinks it loves. It is committed to sacrifice as long as it can secretly resent those it sacrifices for.

Special love is meant to suppress, deny and hide our inner light. It works as a darkened shroud that we unwittingly use to hide from True Self discovery. And herein lay a deep inner conflict indeed. In the depths of our Soul we yearn to be seen, accepted and Loved unconditionally. We want to trust and be trusted. But there is an inner betrayal; an unseen abandonment of Self.

Are we willing to do whatever it takes to be True to our most Holy Self? Are we willing to explore our most authentic and beloved Self?

Are we willing to recognize and drop all our artificial defenses to Love? Are we willing to show up for our Self by learning to be radically self-honest? Are we willing to be consistently accountable for our own reactions to seeming threats? Are we willing to be defenseless? Are we willing to be truly emotionally transparent and vulnerable? And are we wholly willing to forgive our self for having unknowingly used others to attack us? If not – then we’re saying that we don’t really want to be seen, accepted and Loved unconditionally.

If I cannot see, accept, Love and trust myself unconditionally, then who on earth will?

Love Is. It can never change. It can never cause pain nor can it be lost. And I could never have been betrayed or abandoned if I had not unknowingly betrayed or abandoned my most Holy Self first.

Real Love is eternal and infinite. And because of this, all the Love we think we lost can be restored in just one heartfelt, Holy moment of True forgiveness; one in which we sincerely forgive our self for having mistakenly used someone to falsely perpetuate the ego’s belief that we are separate, betrayed or abandoned.

When we show up for our majestic and Holy Self…others will too.

For the “7-Key Principles to Authentic Communication and Holy Relationship”: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-seven-powerful-keys-to-holy-relationships/

“Perhaps you think that different kinds of love are possible. Perhaps you think there is a kind of love for this, a kind for that; a way of loving one, another way of loving still another. Love is one. It has no separate parts and no degrees; no kinds nor levels, no divergencies and no distinctions. It is like itself, unchanged throughout. It never alters with a person or a circumstance. It is the Heart of God, and also of His Son.”… “Love’s meaning is obscure to anyone who thinks that love can change.” W-127.1,2:1

“There is no order in relationships. They either are or not. An unholy relationship is no relationship. It is a state of isolation, which seems to be what it is not. No more than that.”  T-20.VI.8:1-5

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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