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God’s Love as our Holy Self, is infinitely powerful, bountiful and limitless. Yet when we unknowingly choose to express that power in a mis-creative way via the ego, we will appear to see and experience the opposite: weakness, powerlessness, scarcity and limitation.

Many of our uninvestigated beliefs, even those that seem to protect us, serve to perpetuate the very experiences we attempt to avoid. For instance, if I have a belief that I don’t have the funds to do something important, even something that feels genuinely inspired by Spirit then I will unknowingly give my limited “belief” permission to shape my experience according to that deficiency. And scarcity will be the result.

I might have a belief in pain or sickness that limits me to the ego’s restricted healing options. Because of these beliefs I will not be open to immediate or spontaneous healing. In other words my limited beliefs will exclude me from the miracle even though the miracle is readily available in every Holy Instant.

My experience is always based on my beliefs, conscious or unconscious. If my belief is in scarcity then my ongoing experience must reflect that belief in lack no matter how hard I try to manage my finances, my health or my relationships. My experience as a result of my belief will surely testify to lack by finding all manner of evidence to support my original belief.

Limitless abundance and healing arise from mindful joining with the Christ within, the Holy Self. In my experience it requires un-learning every limiting belief the seeming world has taught me. And the fastest way to accomplish this is via forgiveness of everyone and everything that seems to threaten me.

The past and the outer world including the body itself are all “appearances” and not fact. Seemingly real, they are projected effects that arise from their cause in our mind; these are our particular wishes, most of which remain unconscious until they are willingly exhumed and forgiven, having been reinterpreted by Spirit.

The phenomenal world has no power to limit us. It is completely neutral.  Its laws, including the laws of nature were made by us in fear and not by God in Love. When we feel threatened or limited by anyone or anything, we can choose again. All it takes is our willingness to enter a moment of mindful allowing, making sure we consciously drop our resistance/judgment. In this instant we exchange our distress for the miracle…remembering that miracles completely transcend all limits the world has ever known.

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