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The End of Death, Volume 1; copyright 2014
Photo by Nouk Sanchez

Photo by Nouk Sanchez

True forgiveness asks that we look past the appearance of whatever form of suffering we may see or feel, and allow Spirit to reveal the Truth, the perfection behind what our body’s five senses informs us is reality. Jesus explains that forgiveness, when genuinely believed and valued as warranted regardless of the so called transgression or suffering, will heal.

Whether it is interpersonal conflict, inner conflict, illness, pain, scarcity or death, genuine forgiveness heals. To sincerely forgive, we must be willing to recognize that any “appearance” of suffering, is not God’s Will. It’s an immediate sign then that we perceive with fear. And whatever we attempt to heal or remedy from a place of fear, doubt or lack, (body, another, relationship, situation, financial scarcity, the world, etc.) will only serve to increase fear and guilt.

From my own experience, unknowingly we often attempt the ego’s version of forgiveness and are deeply disappointed when there is no healing as a consequence. I’ve done this many times before and it produced the exact effect the ego desired: my belief that the miracle itself was inconsistent, that God’s Will heals some of the time but not all of the time.

This belief feeds the unconscious fear of God we all have. It insinuates that God heals sometimes, but only if I have earned it, and only if I am worthy of it. And if I don’t feel worthy (which is at the root of all suffering), then I’ll hardly be willing to open my heart in full expectancy of the miracle. No.

Contrary to the small self’s belief, God’s Love is changeless. His Love for us never wavers even when we are not aware of it. It is always maximal. Therefore God’s healing via the miracle is always 100% effective; it never ever misses a beat. His Love and healing are certain without the slightest chance of failure.

Any kind of delay in healing always arises from our own doubt, our own feelings of unworthiness. And it’s this self doubt and unworthiness that we unknowingly place between us and God’s certain healing. How on earth can we heal while we still value feelings of fear, worthlessness or doubt? These need to be released and forgiven, offered over completely to Spirit in exchange for unopposed Love, trust and joy.

It’s precisely this feeling of unworthiness to expect immediate healing, which must be healed before we can wholeheartedly receive the divine healing that is already there, patiently awaiting our acceptance.

We will always get exactly what we believe we deserve in any one moment. And the miracle cannot override our own unconscious wish to be unfairly treated. Also, if we’re still holding a grievance against someone or something present or past then this automatically contributes to our own unconscious self-doubt which must be projected onto God. We then doubt our Holy Self and the miracle while preferring to trust in fear and the small self.

Choosing to hold grievances against others, the self, the body, the past or the world has the effect of seemingly disqualifying us from the miracle. It never does in reality. But because we unknowingly harbor the guilt we attempt to project outside us by judging, we then feel unworthy to accept total and spontaneous healing. That is why it’s so helpful to review in all honesty, who and what we still feel unfairly treated by, and resolve to forgive it all.

Who and what do we still judge and resist? Who and what do we condemn? Is it the body? Is it someone from our childhood? Is it a colleague? Or is it our self? Whomever and whatever they are, these judgments need to be seen and forgiven first with the unconditional Love of Spirit, so as they are no longer projected onto the body (pain, illness, aging, weight gain, etc.) and the world by the ego. Remember that all attack (judgment) is always self-attack. While we judge against anyone or anything, we sentence our self to further bouts of seemingly random and unconscious self-attack. And we reject the miracle.

If I sincerely desire healing, then I commit to being mindful of any grievances that show up. These are gifts, as each one holds the potential to unlock and thereby release another chunk of unconscious self attack. With each relinquished grievance my perception is restored to Love. The veil of terror falls away and I realize that my will and God’s are the same. I don’t have to resist or defend any longer. There is no more conflict inside or out.

As judgment is relinquished, I recognize I am innocent and that everyone is. I am Love and Loved unconditionally. As a result, I relax and trust. I can afford now to trust in God’s Love within to allow, to embrace, to trust and therefore, to transcend all things in the ego’s dream.

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