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The root of all our suffering, all our problems, is the BELIEF that we are an independent “self” apart from God. God is Love without opposite, without fear. Nothing BUT God’s Love exists.  Our True nature and will is one with God. Our Holy Self is God’s Love in Truth. We share 100% of God’s Love and dominion over fear and its illusory EFFECTS (yes, even in the physical world). There is no fear in God. Therefore there is no fear in us (Holy Self).

There can be no separate “self” without fear. The separate self IS fear.

If we believe we are a separate self, then that “self” MUST be fear! Alternately, if we feel any sense of threat then this proves that the mistaken self who believes the fear (disease, pain, conflict, loss, scarcity or death), is in OPPOSITION to God/Love. This false self is terrified of our True Being as the Holy Self. It is terrified of Love without opposite.

The moment I believe a problem EXISTS, it MUST be the separate self experiencing it. It will then attempt to solve the seeming problem that IT itself projected! And because the ego-self’s unconscious goal is our physical death, it will make sure that the “means” it employs to remedy its self-made problem, will amass more unconscious guilt.

The very instant that I BELIEVE a fear, is the exact moment of delusion. And further delusion will follow if I attempt to problem-solve independently, apart from God. I must remember that regardless of all FORMS of suffering, there is always only ONE problem and this is that I must have mistakenly believed that I am separate from God’s Love! This, and only this…is the ONE problem which underlies every form of suffering.

The ONE remedy is forgiveness, my acceptance of the Atonement. This is the miracle which literally UNDOES the one unconscious cause, the guilt and fear that projected the seeming manifestation of the problem. The miracle also undoes the seeming EFFECTS…if we trust it 😉 Here is the Forgiveness/Atonement Process: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-seven-essential-principles-of-quantum-forgiveness/

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