The End of Death, Volume 1; blog reference
The End of Death, Volume 1; blog reference
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My understanding of the Course during my first twenty years of study was not very different from what most other students and teachers were prepared to assimilate from these teachings, given our level of trust in Spirit at the time. We all tried our best and learned (mostly intellectually) that the cause of all problems we perceived was in the mind. And we learned forgiveness was the key to healing our mind.

Most of us were also taught that only the mind was real and the body and world were unreal and irrelevant, therefore it didn’t matter whether the body/world was healed or not as a consequence of true forgiveness. I was not ready or willing back then to see the incredibly clear message Jesus teaches us in the Course—and I remained unready to see it until my own fear of God, and of my limitless power in God, had been at least partially healed.

I see now that we all interpret the Course to the level we are able to accept at the time. Its deeper meaning is revealed to us only to the extent we’ve managed to undo the ego’s fear and hierarchy of illusions. As unconscious guilt and fear are cleansed from our perceptual lens, we begin to accept and experience Jesus’ teachings at a much deeper level. The deeper holographic message of the Course is discovered and embraced to the same degree that our unseen fear of God’s Love is exhumed and surrendered.

Until recently, my own unconscious fear of God had been obscuring my ability to recognize the profound depth of this teaching. Not to mention the subsequent paradigm shift that it asks us to embrace! Had I been prematurely exposed to these deeper teachings in the first few years of studying the Course, I probably would have rejected them. Such was the depth of my own fear of God’s Love as my Holy Self.

Few if any Course teachers or students thus far have fully appreciated the magnitude of what these teachings mean for this ego world; the miraculous thought-reversal they bring changes everything. Jesus teaches nothing less than how to overcome all forms of death including physical death, and this teaching itself is the death knell to the ego’s central dream. But death cannot be overcome in all its insidious forms, until we confront our own unconscious fear of God’s Love as our Holy Self.

“Death is the central dream from which all illusions stem. Is it not madness to think of life as being born, aging, losing vitality, and dying in the end? We have asked this question before, but now we need to consider it more carefully. It is the one fixed, unchangeable belief of the world that all things in it are born only to die. This is regarded as “the way of nature,” not to be raised to question, but to be accepted as the “natural” law of life. The cyclical, the changing and unsure; the undependable and the unsteady, waxing and waning in a certain way upon a certain path,–all this is taken as the Will of God. And no one asks if a benign Creator could will this.” M-27.1.

“Who loves such a god knows not of love, because he has denied that life is real. Death has become life’s symbol.” M-27.2:5-6

“Death is the symbol of the fear of God. His Love is blotted out in the idea, which holds it from awareness like a shield held up to obscure the sun. The grimness of the symbol is enough to show it cannot coexist with God.” M-27.3:1-3

“If death is real for anything, there is no life. Death denies life. But if there is reality in life, death is denied. No compromise in this is possible. There is either a god of fear or One of Love.” M-27.4:2-6. “The Holy Spirit guides you into life eternal, but you must relinquish your investment in death, or you will not see life though it is all around you.” T-12.IV.7:6.

The fear of Love appears in many forms, yet the last remaining barrier to be overcome is our belief in an order of difficulty in miracles. This belief exists because we still value a hierarchy of illusions, with death being the most treasured of them all.

From my own experience, I recognize most of us are secretly terrified of being healed physically by the miracle. If a total and spontaneous healing were to occur, it would be a living demonstration of the glaring defect in what we accept as nature’s universal laws.  Miraculous healings like those Jesus performed would overturn the ego’s entire value system. The world as we know it, and the laws we obey, would be totally overthrown if we accepted full healing of both cause and effect.

The ego’s last defense is fear of God, disguised as the fear of death. The unconscious urge for death is the ego’s most addictive compulsion. As Jesus teaches in the Course (and as I now know in my own experience), our greatest fear, even more than our fear of death, is to awaken into the living embodiment of the Christ within. If we as the Holy Self claim our power over all the ego made, it will reverse the thinking of the world entirely. In other words, our greatest fear is to accept and embody the incorruptible power of God within us.

Physical death is the ego’s plan to make sure the body dies before we awaken to our real invulnerability and power in God. For once we truly know this power, we will recognize, accept and demonstrate as living witnesses the number one Miracle Principle: “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.” One miracle is not harder or bigger to make manifest than any other. A life-threatening illness is no more difficult to heal than a common cold.

“All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening. They are attempts to reinforce sleeping out of fear of waking. This is a pathetic way of trying not to see by rendering the faculties for seeing ineffectual. “Rest in peace” is a blessing for the living, not the dead, because rest comes from waking, not from sleeping.” T-8.IX.3:2-5

“For as long as you feel guilty you are listening to the voice of the ego, which tells you that you have been treacherous to God and therefore deserve death. You will think that death comes from God and not from the ego because, by confusing yourself with the ego, you believe that you want death. And from what you want God does not save you.” T-12.VII.14:4-5.

Jesus says through claiming our holiness the power of God is made manifest, and all worldly laws are therefore reversed. This means nothing the ego projects in the world of form can threaten us, once our mind has truly been healed.

“Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind.” W-38.1:1-2

“Through your holiness the power of God is made manifest. Through your holiness the power of God is made available.  And there is nothing the power of God cannot do. Your holiness, then, can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems. It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else.  It is equal in its power to help anyone because it is equal in its power to save anyone.” W-38.2.       

When our trust has been transferred from the ego’s dream of death to the Christ within, it is the Christ that lives out from within us. Our bodies remain here in the dream a while longer, yet through the Christ within we experience the Real World dream of Heaven instead. The ego’s obsessive belief in a hierarchy of illusions has finally been seen through and discarded.

Now we recognize everything that is not of God is simply not real. Only Love exists. The Christ within looks beyond the illusory appearances of sickness, conflict and deprivation, and focuses only on perceiving the Truth. And from this right-minded cause in our mind, perception of Truth can then allow the ego’s effects to be healed. Although these effects appear to be outside our mind, in truth they are found within our mind along with their cause.

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