We want to understand. And we desire to be understood. We want to be healed. And we desire to heal others. We want our problems solved. And we desire to solve other’s problems. But why is it that these desires seem so difficult to fulfill consistently? The solution is not where we think it is.

Peace is the necessary condition for all healing. Let me explain. When we’re concerned and we believe there is a problem, regardless of its form, we are literally seeing something that does not exist in God’s Love. The only way we could believe in a problem is if we’re looking through the body-self’s lens of fear. The “problem” does not exist in reality. Nor does the one who is convinced the issue is real.

We are not that! We are the eternal, immortal Holy Self and nothing but the Holy Self. We cannot be both a human being and the Holy Self; both the body and Spirit. “A mind and body cannot both exist. Make no attempt to reconcile the two, for one denies the other can be real.” W-96.3:4-5

The peace of God is the necessary condition in which the laws of God operate. The necessary condition for healing is the peace of God. All True healing is the absence of fear.

Escape from fear as conflict and suffering necessitates making a firm decision to accept and proclaim what we are. We are God’s most beloved Child. We share His Loving Will. We are His Loving Will. And we share His dominion over all “appearances” of adversity.

The Self we share with God is completely immune to all the ego’s phenomena here in the dream. When we make a comprehensive choice to align exclusively as God’s Will, we become the living demonstration of that Truth. There is no opposite and therefore, zero threat to God’s all-encompassing Truth and Love. This is His Will.

This may be a good place to introduce a reminder about God’s Love (Truth) as His Will, which is our True nature. Love is imbued with unopposed and undivided attributes. They are peace, joy, happiness and gratitude. If any one of these qualities are missing then our mind is in fear and not in Love. Subsequently, we’re back into witnessing through the body-self and not the Holy Self. Love is not Love unless gratitude, joy, happiness and peace accompany it. These elements are inseparable.

God’s Will is Truth and it cannot have an opposite. In other words the body-self, together with what its senses perceive, what its appetites crave, as well as all its seeming problems, does not exist. We are not that. All our suffering arises from this split in our mind where we believe we are both the body and Spirit, both fear and Love. Yet the two cannot be reconciled. We must make a willing leap, to want to know with conviction “what” we really are. Holy Spirit then has our permission to reveal to us what Love is.

“If truth is total, the untrue cannot exist. Commitment to either must be total; they cannot coexist in your mind without splitting it. If they cannot coexist in peace, and if you want peace, you must give up the idea of conflict entirely and for all time. This requires vigilance only as long as you do not recognize what is true. While you believe that two totally contradictory thought systems share truth, your need for vigilance is apparent.” T-7.VI.8:7-11

All adversity is false. It can only be an issue while we still choose to believe that we are the body and not a Holy Child of God.

The necessary condition in which God’s Will and His laws function, is peace. Peace, like Love, is the absence of fear. God’s perfect Love and healing are always present. There is never a moment in which His Love and healing are absent. If we do not perceive it then it’s because identifying as the ego, we are not present. Therefore, we’ve used our free will to choose to witness through fear. This is not random. It’s a choice.

Fear blocks His communication and taints our perception of God’s Love. It obstructs our acceptance of His ever-present healing, and His laws. His communication of Love and healing is eternal and uninterrupted. It is always here and now irrespective of what the body-self seems to perceive. His healing has already been given to us in totality. Nothing can threaten it. It is certain. If we do not see it then we still believe in fear and thereby value it via the body-self identity. If we truly desire to heal then this is where we need the willingness to confess that we’ve allowed our self to be deceived by issues relating to the body-self (ours or others). In doing so, we have unknowingly rejected our Holy Self. And now we want Holy Spirit’s help to bring us back to peace so He can heal our split mind. A little willingness to accept His healing in exchange for fear, is all He needs.

Here is the unparalleled secret to healing: Healing is communication. Fear disrupts communication. Therefore, fear or concern prohibits healing. Nothing can be healed or resolved apart from the peace of God. Everything can be healed in the peace of God. True healing is the absence of fear. And this is why in order to heal, we enter a Holy Instant of peace where we mindfully choose to accept Holy Spirit’s healed perception instead of the egos. We lay fear aside and by doing so, we allow the miracle to restore the perfect healing which fear had previously blinded us to.  The veil of fear is lifted to reveal healing as God’s Will and our own. This is accepting the Atonement. Jesus shares with us:

“Fear prevents me from giving you my control. The presence of fear shows that you have raised body thoughts to the level of the mind. This removes them from my control, and makes you feel personally responsible for them. This is an obvious confusion of levels.” T-2,VI.1:5-8

The reason there is no order of difficulty in miracles is because there is no hierarchy of fear (illusions). Every possible fear, including all its consequences such as illness, pain, conflict, lack, etc., is spawned by fear which is merely “lack of Love.” Miracles restore the Love that was lacking, thus they heal.

“The miracle does nothing. All it does is to undo. And thus it cancels out the interference to what has been done. It does not add, but merely takes away.” T-28.I.1:1-4

There are no degrees of fear, just as there are no degrees of Love. Fear and Love are each total thought systems which exclude each other. They cannot be merged because they cannot coexist in our mind at the same time. In any one moment, the presence of fear in our awareness is the denial of Love. And the presence of Love in our awareness is the absence of fear.

All fear is an illusion. Adversity, regardless of its severity, is fear. Can you imagine degrees of darkness? Perhaps a large house that appears to have varying degrees of darkness? Let’s say that the differing grades of blackness depict our own hierarchy of problems such as disease, pain, conflict, scarcity, etc. For instance, the darkest room in the house may represent what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle such as a life-threatening disease.

Now imagine Holy Spirit switching on a gigantic floodlight, one that shone clear through ceilings and walls illuminating the entire house in brilliant golden light. Imagine that this light permeated every darkened corner of that house. No darkness can survive it. Darkness cannot endure in light! Darkness is only a lack of light. Illness, pain, conflict and lack are forms of fear, which means they are purely a lack of Love. Darkness and fear are causeless because they are both illusions. Darkness is merely denial of Love, of light. It has no active cause other than this. This is why all real healing is the undoing of fear; the block that hides Love’s presence.

“It is impossible to conceive of light and darkness or everything and nothing as joint possibilities. They are all true or all false. It is essential that you realize your thinking will be erratic until a firm commitment to one or the other is made.” T-3.II.1:3-5

There is no hierarchy of darkness – or adversity – once the light dispels it. There cannot be any part of darkness (fear) that is more difficult for light to shine away. Light erases darkness effortlessly. The light in our mind is unblocked and shines forth to heal in the moment we sincerely want it to. But we must desire to access a Holy Instant of peace, more than we want to believe the body’s senses.

There is not one area of darkness that is more obstinate than any other. Darkness vanishes once the light of peace blazes it away. And this is why there is no order of difficulty in miracles. One miracle is not harder than any other because light always eradicates the illusion of darkness equally, everywhere. All illusions are equally unreal. All miracles are equally real. This is why there is no seeming problem which the miracle cannot heal.

All miracles abide within the peace of God already, just waiting on our welcome. Yet when we’re genuinely willing to receive and extend them via accepting the Atonement (the undoing of fear) they are perceived and witnessed.

While we really do believe that a problem exists and that there is indeed a hierarchy of adversities, then we value the mistaken belief that light cannot abolish darkness; that God’s Truth cannot erase illusions. Light enters and the symptoms of darkness are erased when we prioritize peace. In each instance that we ask Holy Spirit to help us heal our split mind we’re actually asking Him to undo our belief that we’re a body-self. Remember, our erroneous value of the body is the split mind itself. Note: Here is the Atonement process: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-seven-essential-principles-in-quantum-forgiveness/#audio

Nothing, absolutely and unequivocally nothing, can be understood without peace. Anything that is seen in fear cannot be understood. Again, if fear is present it is an immediate disruption of God’s communication as Love, as healing. The mind in fear is sick.

All understanding, all healing is a divine collaboration of miracles which dwell in the peace of God and nowhere else.

While we believe we are private minds trapped in separate bodies trying to exist within a world of chaos, we will never understand nor heal anything at all. There is no understanding possible apart from the peace of God. We are the one continuous Mind with God as Love without opposite. This one Mind is whole and changeless. It never left its Source. However, once we lose our self in the seemingly separate body-self then we value being a private mind as well. And we experience random chaos as a result. Fear can only ever be experienced in a mind that believes it is private. Hence, a private mind with a separate body believes in and is sustained by the illusion of fear and attack.

“Although you are one Self, you experience yourself as two; as both good and evil, loving and hating, mind and body. This sense of being split into opposites induces feelings of acute and constant conflict, and leads to frantic attempts to reconcile the contradictory aspects of this self-perception. You have sought many such solutions, and none of them has worked. The opposites you see in you will never be compatible. But one exists.

“The fact that truth and illusion cannot be reconciled, no matter how you try, what means you use and where you see the problem, must be accepted if you would be saved. Until you have accepted this, you will attempt an endless list of goals you cannot reach; a senseless series of expenditures of time and effort, hopefulness and doubt, each one as futile as the one before, and failing as the next one surely will.”

“Salvation comes from this one Self through Him Who is the Bridge between your mind and It. Wait patiently, and let Him speak to you about your Self, and what your mind can do, restored to [this one Self] and free to serve Its Will.” W -96.1-2;8:3-4

The false body-self is fear. Nothing can be understood in the presence of fear. Fear is not understandable. No problem can be solved in fear and nothing can be healed in it. The presence of fear is the absence of God – our own abandonment of our beloved Holy Self, and the absence of the Love that heals all.

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