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From The End of Death Trilogy

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I had asked Spirit for my trust to be deepened especially concerning the subject of the body as I know this is the last idol we willingly surrender to Spirit in its entirety.

Jesus says that as our guilt is relinquished and the body is divinely re-purposed, the body’s importance diminishes in our awareness. It becomes a useful “means” to achieve healing via forgiveness and is no longer a “goal” in itself to be used for both pleasure and pain (which are the same).

When the body’s form and purpose are given wholly to Spirit, we are delivered from the body as our identity. It fades in our awareness as the Light of Christ within out shines it. Our physical senses no longer reign supreme in telling us what reality is. Christ Vision now eclipses the body’s senses. In the following quote Jesus refers to this state. He actually says that when this is achieved the body will not “feel” at all. And that is a powerful statement indeed.

“Now is the body healed, because the source of sickness has been opened to relief. And you will recognize you practiced well by this: The body should not feel at all. If you have been successful, there will be no sense of feeling ill or feeling well, of pain or pleasure. No response at all is in the mind to what the body does. Its usefulness remains and nothing more.”  W-136.17.

We are so accustomed to relying on the body and its five senses to inform us as to how we feel; to tell us what is happening. Yet when we believe the body instead of asking to see the miracle behind it then we unintentionally block the exquisite joy and safety of our Christ Vision. While the body is seen as “who” we are it presents a strong block to Love, a rejection of our most Holy Self. Love and fear are opposites. Identifying as one completely obscures the other. And while we still primarily associate our identity with the body it acts as a convincing defense against Love and healing.

Recently, I had an experience that assisted me in opening more to this idea of looking past the body to the Spirit shining brilliantly beyond it. I feel this must have been an experience of Christ Vision because there was zero fear involved even though my own body (as I knew it) had been removed from my awareness. I will try to explain.

I was lying on my front enjoying a back massage when I became aware that there were strokes of pressure being applied to my back yet I did not feel these in the traditional way. I was distanced from the body. So I asked for guidance to take me deeper. What more could I learn while this miraculous portal opened? What could be revealed in this most precious moment where the body had faded from my awareness?

Suddenly there was a profound stillness. While I was immersed in this boundless spaciousness without my body, I began to vaguely sense that I was witnessing someone else’s body. A feeling of awe began to rise in my awareness but I remained acutely present.  I allowed my awareness to stay in deep trust and peace. It was then that I beheld it was Jesus’ body which was lying on the table and not my own.

Remaining lucid, my awareness was both in His body and outside His body. My own body was nowhere to be found. My awareness was not body identified. I certainly was not encased within His body nor in my own. My awareness was so huge that it totally transcended His body – still I could feel a magnificent learning opportunity was being delivered so I allowed my awareness to continue.

As my awareness sank ever more deeply into peace, I recognized that this body was being prepared for burial. It was being sanctified, anointed with precious oils, while in the distance I heard chanting or singing as if there were a thousand angels gathered in praise of this most beloved Soul.

I was able to be “in” this body yet to be outside it while witnessing impartially. What really struck me was this. I was an impartial witness to a completely neutral body. And when I really allowed this to sink in I felt into Jesus’ experience of the crucifixion. I received a mere glimpse but that was enough to lure me onward.

To access this ability to be an impartial witness of the body comes about through what I felt to be the complete absence of fear. An absolute state of fearlessness. This then was the total acceptance of only Love. Reaching deeper still into this sacred epiphany, I was gifted with an instant’s recognition of indescribable peace and joy which arose from a certainty of knowing that there is absolutely nothing in the vast expanse of the universe that can possibly threaten a Child of God.

In that instant it all made sense. Of course! Physical pain as a form of self-attack was not part of God and therefore did not exist. Now I perceived this from an entirely different vantage point through this experience.

This totally indestructible state came from an unequivocal certainty; of having claimed the changeless and incorruptible Innocence as a Son of God. Feeling in deeper still there was no recognition of sin (attack, pain, injustice, etc) let alone the impulse to judge it. Judgment was entirely obsolete within this certainty of Being because there was nothing to judge.

And because the idea of sin was absent then all of its consequences were not there to see. They had disappeared altogether. The guilt, the fear, the anticipation of physical brutality and finally, even the physical destruction of Jesus’ body was not there to witness. Its fundamental cause as the belief in sin, along with all its consequences of pain and death just vanished in Jesus’ resurrection.

In this expanded awareness I experienced a mere fragment of what Jesus had known. Yet at some level I recognized that what I would call a “fragment” was really an intrinsic component of the entire holographic dream. And this part, an undivided experience of the absence of sin, guilt and fear, was indeed the whole. It was an extended and eternal Holy Instant outside of time. It is in Truth a powerful and permanent piercing of the ego’s dream of suffering and death.

It was a bodiless state in a way. Yes, His body was still present however because only pure guiltlessness was observing it the body was in complete service to the Soul. It was a lifeless hand puppet awaiting animation by the Hand of the Son of God.

This experience was incredibly helpful assisting me to make headway in seeing the body as neutral and especially to perceive the Light of Christ beyond the body. I either see the body…or I see the Christ. The two are mutually exclusive meaning that belief in one eclipses the other.

For me, the all too familiar focus of either pleasure or pain was wholly removed in this profound experience. Now I had an undeniable and tangible encounter with not being imprisoned in the body but of having the body as occurring within my mind (not brain); Hence the lucid acknowledgment of being both inside a body and outside it all at the same time.

I love what Jesus says here in the following quote:

“Look at yourself, and you will see a body. Look at this body in a different light and it looks different. And without a light it seems that it is gone. Yet you are reassured that it is there because you still can feel it with your hands and hear it move. Here is an image that you want to be yourself. It is the means to make your wish come true. It gives the eyes with which you look on it, the hands that feel it, and the ears with which you listen to the sounds it makes. It proves its own reality to you.” T-24.VII.9.

“The body no more dies than it can feel. It does nothing. Of itself it is neither corruptible nor incorruptible. It [is] nothing. It is the result of a tiny, mad idea of corruption that can be corrected.”  T-19.IV.C.5:2-6

The Body Itself Cannot Feel

I would often describe how I felt by checking in with the body allowing it to influence my mental or emotional state. Was there pain or illness? In other words my happiness depended upon the state of my body. While we can use the body to determine when we have abandoned our self it’s really the mind that informs the body telling it exactly what to do. Un-relinquished judgments (guilt as self-attack) are projected onto the body as the sole cause of all pain and illness. And this is why quantum forgiveness as the Atonement, is crucial to healing the one cause of all suffering. For the forgiveness/Atonement process click here

Jesus teaches that the body is simply a learning device. It is entirely neutral and has no feelings of its own. It’s a screen, a projected image, one which we authorize to express either health or sickness.

 “A learning device (body) is not a teacher. It cannot tell you how you feel. You do not know how you feel because you have accepted the ego’s confusion, and you therefore believe that a learning device [can] tell you how you feel. Sickness is merely another example of your insistence on asking guidance of a teacher who does not know the answer. The ego is incapable of knowing how you feel.”  T-8.VIII.7:1-5 NOTE: (body) Nouk’s clarification


The End of Death

The End of Death

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