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From The End of Death Trilogy 

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This recent leap from fear to Love was unmistakable. I had asked for it. I know that as I write this, I am experiencing the third step in the awakening journey according to Jesus in A Course in Miracles. The third step necessitates being vigilant only for God. The issue is this: I can’t be vigilant only for God, if I am still confused about the nature and Will of God, which is my own true Will, the Holy Self. Or if I believe that there are two equally real and powerful authorities (ego and God), which govern the body, the seeming world and me.

Am I under the ego’s laws or God’s? Surely I must learn not just intellectually, but experientially, that only one is real. Therefore I choose to place myself under no laws but God’s. To be vigilant only for God necessitates an unequivocal commitment to choose Love over fear, regardless of the egos tempting appearances to the contrary. Only Love is real. And this is literal.

The third step in awakening from the ego’s dream (rather than just awakening in it), involves an uncompromising devotion to Truth, to God’s Laws without opposite. This phase is extremely confronting to the ego because it entails the willingness to accept that we share 100% of God’s power. Thus we are 100% responsible for how we choose to play with that power.

If we experience suffering in any form then it is always the ego’s desire for unconscious self-attack. It is a choice for fear. We were given 100% of God’s power (free will) to either project (miscreate) through fear, or to extend through Love. If we decide to extend through Love, then we accept that nothing can harm us. We cannot be attacked.

Through forgiveness, we withdraw our projections. This means we acknowledge that all power resides in our mind only. In this phase we learn that no external phenomena has the power to harm us. We made it up and can therefore un-make it. This level of undivided commitment invites us into the embodied experience of being a miracle worker.

The ego is relentless in its focus, which is to convince us that there are two equally real and powerful forces at play, God and the ego, or Love and fear. It uses the five bodily senses to witness that the illusion of fear is indeed real and must be respected.

Lately, I have been learning to make an unequivocal choice for God and God’s Laws despite the ego’s feeble attempts to see and feel confusion, false humility, scarcity or pain. I sense this recent shift is preparing me for the state of fearlessness or incorruptibility. Wherever fear falls away there Love is. This period came on the heels of a particularly unsettling period. The key here is that I didn’t resist this challenging time but instead viewed it as an opportunity to further undo fear.

Only the ego feels fear and pain. However our Holy Self (as God’s Love) dwells in a permanent state of fearlessness and joy. Fearlessness arises from knowing we are guiltless and therefore invulnerable. In claiming our innocence, we no longer expect attack (suffering). Therefore we no longer manifest it.

The state of fearlessness is guiltlessness. This guiltless state is a by-product of having withdrawn (forgiven) all our projections onto our self, others, the body, the past and the world. This is why it is crucial to forgive our self for having unknowingly used others, the body, the past and the world for self-attack.

Be Still

“Be still and know that I AM God.” This is what I heard echoing through my sleeping state. The power that dwelled beneath these words woke me up. And as I lay there, I heard and felt a gentle yet firm command, “Accept and receive your perfection, your innocence, your inheritance as God’s most cherished Child. Be still and rest in God. Know God’s Will. Allow God’s Will. Receive God’s Will. Be God’s Will.”

I had gently and effortlessly slipped into a deep state of resounding peace. But this was not the transient peace that the ego uses to tempt us back into complacency. No. This kind of peace was not of this world. This is what I felt and knew. Within this peace lay an ancient memory of being invincible, literally indestructible, and changeless, of being immortal. As I dropped deeper into this state I touched the very Source of this peace.

The origin of this peace is a changeless state of embodied guiltlessness, of innocence without opposite. I reveled in this state of fully accepting my innocence. I clearly recognized that by accepting my own guiltlessness, the seeming gap of separation between God and I collapsed. Suddenly God and I were one. Here was 100% of God’s Love and power restored. And there was no part of me that was separate from this experience.

The Circle of Peace

Recently, I had a vivid and lucid experience of being invited to enter what appeared to be an infinite golden Circle of Peace.

“I step inside this golden Circle of Peace and leave all my fears and judgments outside. I forego the ego’s cruel judgment of my worth. I release all my self-judgments as I step into this most Holy Circle. I take a deep, light-filled breath… as I open my heart to receive the Truth of my Being.

God is my Being. I and the Father, are ONE.

 I accept, receive and embody the totality of my guiltlessness in this instant. My innocence is my safety. And I rest here. Nothing exists apart from my divine innocence because all the joy of God lay in it. Nothing can oppose my innocence. It has all the power of God in it.

In this heartfelt moment, I accept God’s all-encompassing Love, joy, abundance and certain healing. I allow the light of God as me… to shine away the darkness. I rest in God. And I receive what is already mine as perfect Love, joy and healing. There is no will but God’s and I AM God’s Will. Therefore, I am under no laws but God’s. And into this golden Circle of Peace, I bring all of Creation to share this joy with me. Amen.”

As I rested deeply within this Circle of Peace I realized there was no fear here and therefore, no conflict. “I and the Father, are one.” All needs are already met here. This is the state of fearlessness, where there are no concerns, no suffering, no defenses and no lack. Nothing is missing. Everything is restored.

To enter this Holy Instant we require no preparation. We need not earn it or qualify for it. We need do nothing except to receive it. We are God’s Will, His perfect and guiltless creations. The most terrifying thing for the ego is to experience complete surrender to receiving God’s immaculate evaluation of our worth.

Every judgment of our self and the world, both conscious and unconscious, ceases to exist in this most Holy Instant. And it is this precise moment in which the Atonement takes place. It may only last for a second in time. However it covers the whole of eternity. In this precious instant, we have restored the Sacred Laws of God to our awareness.

The moment in which we decide to forfeit our judgment of self or others, is the moment of forgiveness, of Atonement. We give up the illusion of attack (separation from God as our Holy Self).

This is the Holy Instant in which we choose to Will with God (Love). This is the instant where we open to receive God’s evaluation of “who” we really are, which is boundless innocence; divinely impervious to the ego’s illusory threats. And it is this divine evaluation of “who” we are, that replaces the ego’s illusory self-identity. Fear and suffering disappear when we choose to forgive everyone and everything.

It is God’s full joy to have us join Him in this precious and eternal “now” moment.


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