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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020

What on earth is our Holiness? What does it mean? And how can we recognize and embrace it?

Jesus often refers to the importance of our Holiness and the magnificent healing power it holds. But do we actually know what it is and how to access it?

In the present phase of my journey it seems I am being taken to the very seed of our unconscious desire for separation. However as I delve deeper into this I am dropping through it and into the Truth of the “I AM”, the exquisite Light that has always blazed beneath the illusion of darkness.

But before this Light could be seen and thus valued above all else, I had to dare to look with radical self-honesty at the separated self’s overwhelming obsession with guilt. This is the singular cause of fear, of suffering in all its myriad forms such as relationship conflict, pain, illness, aging, financial scarcity, etc.

This deeply coveted guilt is at the root of feelings of unworthiness, of never “being enough” and of never “having enough.”

How can we determine if we are still hopelessly attracted to guilt? We just have to look at its “effects” in our body and our life. Do we harbor judgments against others or the past? Do we judge our self? Do we cast judgment upon seeing the news? Are we fearful? Do we need to control? Are we concerned for our wellbeing or for that of others? Do we seek for safety and security? Are we defending our body against the seeming threat of disease or aging? Is the body betraying us through pain, weight gain or illness?

Do we believe our happiness depends on someone else meeting our needs? Do we believe that sacrifice, struggle and effort are part of Love? Do we believe that Love can turn to hate or loss? Do we believe that our innocence comes at the expense of making someone else guilty?

If the predominant answer to these questions was “yes” then it clearly reveals that fear and lack and not Love, have been the primary motivators for our experience. And they always proceed from unrecognized and un-relinquished guilt. Unconscious guilt spawns all fear which is often felt as a nebulous and persistent sense of threat; one that underlies most of our decisions and actions concerning our relationships and our life in general.

Guilt is the fear of punishment. All fear regardless of its many diverse manifestations of suffering, is the by-product of our secret anticipation of punishment; its attraction. Fear and the need to control or defend are the result of our unconscious belief that our guilt warrants punishment, that we deserve it. And it’s this hidden expectation of retaliation which fuels that deeply ingrained sense of threat together with the beliefs of having and being “not enough.”

Those feelings of threat strongly indicate just where we have misplaced our value and trust; in our own strength and not in God’s. There is a fundamental belief in judgment. In fact we value our own mistaken judgments (apart from God) and set them as the foundation for our entire life experience.

Every judgment that we make independently from Spirit is based on fear or some form of deprivation. Therefore our independent judgments are really a form of condemnation. Yet all condemnation is unconscious self-attack arising from our own un-forgiven guilt projected outward onto the body, others, the past, the world and God.

Whatever we fear or resist we do indeed attract. And this is why if we sincerely commit to healing our mind we must learn to observe our own judgments and willingly offer them to Spirit for forgiveness and divine reinterpretation. This is our ultimate healing via quantum forgiveness or the Atonement because through this we heal the single cause of all manifestations of suffering – guilt.

Remember God’s Law, that whatever we give we keep. The cost of giving is receiving. We strengthen it in our awareness and experience. In fact the way to keep something is to give it away, or to project it. And this happens every time we believe that anger and judgment are justified. And this is why we must be particularly vigilant of what it is that we give or project. When we condemn another we condemn our self consolidating guilt which in turn amounts to bouts of unconscious self-attack via conflict, pain, sickness, financial lack, etc.

Every challenging person appearing in our life is there for just one divinely inspired purpose but do we recognize it? Do we gratefully acknowledge that their presence is never by accident? Do we recognize their “call for Love?” Do we accept the disguised gift they extend?

Do we remember that they offer us yet another chance to correct our perception, a sacred opportunity to “will with God” to undo our ancient cycle of self-condemnation? Are we willing to give them the unconditional forgiveness that we crave for our self?


Artwork by Keisuke Fukase

The Incorruptible Innocence of our Being

How can I really see, feel and trust my Holiness? What makes my Holiness visible and valuable to me? How can I embrace my Holiness? How can I extend my Holiness to help heal myself and others?

At the heart of our one most Holy Self is perfect, incorruptible Innocence. This remains entirely whole and uninterrupted regardless of the seeming ravages of guilt, judgment and suffering. There is nothing we imagined we did or didn’t do that could possible disturb our incorruptible Innocence. It is not only permanent but infinite too.

Our pristine state of guiltlessness is the unchanging state of our Holy Self. It comes from God and is the substance of the all-encompassing and unopposed Love that we are. The only thing missing temporarily is our awareness of it. The memory of our majestic Identity is heavily obscured by our erroneous beliefs which are spawned from guilt and perpetuated by our incessant un-forgiveness which is always un-forgiveness of our self no matter how convincingly judgment of others may seem to be justified.

Incorruptible Innocence is Holiness. It is completely free of guilt and therefore, entirely free of fear. Without guilt only Innocence remains. This is the divinely fearless state Jesus embodied and harnessed while in a body here on Earth and this is the state He encourages us to accept in every Holy Instant of forgiveness.

When only Innocence remains fear must disappear. Once fear falls away all that remains is everything that fear previously hid from our awareness – Unbounded Love and effervescent joy beyond our comprehension. These make up the very essence of our Being. And they have never left us!

In my recent transmissions with Jesus, while I was reviewing the following lessons, He asked me to replace the word “holiness” with the word “innocence “in each of them. And then to breath these most blessed prayers deeply into my heart. The results of this practice for me have been absolutely astounding. It has opened my heart ever more deeply to accept myself and to make peace with this body as the last “special relationship” to be healed. I pray this will help you as it has for me.

For this exercise only, I have adapted the following review lessons in A Course in Miracles to reflect the deeper meaning within the word “holiness.” Please join me and Jesus in opening our one heart to a whole new depth of Love through first accepting and then extending our incorruptible Innocence.

This is not an intellectual exercise. This is to be a deeply tender and “felt” practice; one that is lovingly seen, accepted and expressed with great reverence and gratitude. The Holy Instant of innocence awaits us. It is ultimately realized through heartfelt acceptance of our (and others) guiltlessness which translates to our unchanging and uninterrupted state of incorruptible Innocence. This is our Holiness. This is our literal immunity from all pain, all sickness, all conflict, all loss and suffering of any kind. This is the Will of God.

W-58.1. (36) My incorruptible Innocence envelops everything I see.

From my innocence does the perception of the real world come. Having forgiven, I no longer see myself as guilty. I can accept the innocence that is the truth about me. Seen through understanding eyes, the innocence of the world is all I see, for I can picture only the thoughts I hold about myself.

W-58.2. (37) My incorruptible Innocence blesses the world.

The perception of my innocence does not bless me alone. Everyone and everything I see in its light shares in the joy it brings to me. There is nothing that is apart from this joy, because there is nothing that does not share my innocence. As I recognize my innocence, so does the innocence of the world shine forth for everyone to see.

W-58.3. (38) There is nothing my incorruptible Innocence cannot do.

My innocence is unlimited in its power to heal, because it is unlimited in its power to save. What is there to be saved from except illusions? And what are all illusions except false ideas about myself? My innocence undoes them all by asserting the truth about me. In the presence of my innocence, which I share with God Himself, all idols vanish.

W-58.4. (39) My innocence is my salvation.

Since my incorruptible innocence saves me from all guilt, recognizing my innocence is recognizing my salvation. It is also recognizing the salvation of the world. Once I have accepted my innocence, nothing can make me afraid. And because I am unafraid, everyone must share in my understanding, which is the gift of God to me and to the world.

W-58.5. (40) I am blessed as a Son of God.

Herein lies my claim to all good and only good. I am blessed as a Son of God. All good things are mine, because God intended them for me. I cannot suffer any loss or deprivation or pain because of Who I am. My Father supports me, protects me, and directs me in all things. His care for me is infinite, and is with me forever. I am eternally blessed as His Son.

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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