AROUND 8 MONTHS AGO, a small group of ACIM sisters and I began joining once a week to study the 7 Keys to Authentic Communication. We watch Daniel’s videos on the subject, discuss what is shown to us, and share and join for spiritual support. I did not know the power of all that, until recently.

In the dream, I have known my friend Julie for 48 years. We grew up together, went on fabulous trips, even had children and grandchildren the same age who became friends. Life was as good as I thought the dream could get. Then suddenly, five years ago, (same time as I began to study ACIM) her seemingly unfaithful, drug addicted, alcoholic husband (again, in the dream) died in a motorcycle accident. I continued to dive deeper into ACIM, TTC and other classes, as well as continuing to be Julie’s “savior” and dumping ground. As the years went on and I began to integrate Course principles, I would share what I was learning in ACIM and how my perspective on life was shifting but it was clear she was not interested in changing her story of being a victim of the world. I began to dread talking with her and started avoiding her calls altogether. I was attending our 7 Keys joining at the time and knew this was not the right way to go about it, so I asked Holy Spirit for help, and to repurpose our relationship. (KEY-WILLINGNESS) He led me to call her and tell her that I was going to be doing a lot of work on myself with the Holy Spirit and was not going to be in contact until I was led to do so. I added for her not to be offended because it was really all about me (KEYS-EMOTIONAL VULNERABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY). Julie respected that and did not contact me.

For months and months, the Holy Spirit and I dug deep to release and forgive millions of emotions, behaviors, beliefs, fears, guilt etc., only to find out, that being a “savior” to EVERYONE was my starring role. I gave the performance of a lifetime! Since a very early age, I had been a people pleaser, great listener and had wonderful solutions. (KEY-RADICAL SELF HONESTY) No wonder everyone was calling to dump on me, and I was avoiding them all. Eight months later, one day I was getting ready to go to a friend’s farm to play with their new baby goats, and the H.S. said, “call Julie to go with you,” so I did. We had the most miraculous day! No stories, no attack and no judgements – only complete joy and love as we fed and played with the baby goats and llamas. When we departed, there was no need to plan our next outing, as in the past (KEY-TRUST). Only a long, heartfelt hug and “I love and appreciate you!” (KEY-GRATITUDE).

The H.S. showed me that we had collapsed the “savior” role and expectations. I can only smile when I think back to how I thought I was Julie’s savior, but clearly, she was mine! (KEY-BIG TIME GRATITUDE)

Mary Short
Also, big time gratitude for Daniel, Nouk, Coreen, Lisa, my 7 keys sisters and all my ACIM family!