Circuit Breakers – Highlights from ACIM Unpacked

The ego is a “closed circuit” thought system. Everyone and everything we see is seen through this filter of FEAR that resides in our split mind. Thus, we don’t see ourselves, the body, others, the world, or the past, as they really are. While we still mistakenly believe that we’re at the mercy of these seemingly external stimuli, we will never recognize and heal the one underlying cause of them all – the ego’s unconscious projections of self-attack (guilt).

All suffering arises from confusing our identity. We have forgotten our true Identity as the most beloved Child of God. God is unopposed LOVE. And so are we. We share His changeless Love, His incorruptible innocence, and His unequivocal power equally; as we learn to overcome (forgive) all suggestions of fear and evil. After all, this is ‘A Course in MIRACLES.’ Until this fear filter in our mind is willingly forgiven and undone…we will perpetuate our “closed-circuit” self-sabotage.

It is our great privilege to share with you this series of ego “circuit-breakers.” We hope that they will accelerate increased trust in your True Identity – through the abounding miracles that this Identity will naturally inspire.

Nothing but Love,

Nouk & Coreen