What people have to say about the work we do
“Nouk, I had never heard it put this way: “Adversity, pain, sickness, lack and death are projected by the ego to prove the separation from Love is real.” Just reading this literally shook me to the core! Intellectually, I know separation from God is not real, but it did not shift me until I understood that God = Love! Funny how something so simple change do this! Thank you.”
L. Walker

“My husband and I are quite baffled at what happened to our relationship. To say that it is totally and completely transformed is not an exaggeration. My husband says he feels awake and more aware. He gazes lovingly into my eyes for long periods of time and follows me around the apartment, only wanting to be near me–this from a man who hid behind his computer and didn’t notice me for the last 20 years! The Easter retreat was life-changing. How do you thank someone for something so immense? Still can’t wrap my head around it. And tears come to my eyes when I think of how many lives are being transformed because of your work, how you are healing the world one person at a time.”
Pam, USA.

“At one of Nouk and Sparo’s Retreats, my brother collapsed and died. I was holding onto his leg and fell into a deep, deep grief as my thoughts went to his beautiful wife, Nicole, and 6 children. One of the participants came and led me to a group. She insisted I join in the Atonement (miracle) with her. As I did, I began to notice that the entire room was accepting the Atonement, led by Nouk. My entire world completely altered as I left my thinking/ego mind, and entered the Christ Mind. Twenty-five minutes after his death, Mick resurrected. It was at that point that I realized that my “grieving thoughts” were actually hurting my brother. I have never had one since. It has now been 10 months since that time. Mick has returned but without the past. He is a delight and lives exclusively in the now moment.

I have also been witness to the healing miracles of Fawna, Calico and one other cancer participant at the Retreats. It says somewhere in ACIM (and I am paraphrasing) that if miracles are not occurring, something is amiss. That is true, and Nouk is correct, miracles are literal! And that is now what it feels like, miracles appearing everywhere, and they are the most natural thing in the world. Thank you.
I love you.”
Sally, USA.

“What an outstanding, brave and perfect reflection of the Course’s most true and deepest meanings, they really are the key to the door of leaving the ego’s world forever…totally inspiring THANK YOU.”
Eric, USA.

“Nouk, your beautiful ability to help others to really and truly “get” the Course is magnificent. Jesus is speaking through you as clearly in 2013 as He did in the 60s/70s through Helen and Bill.”
Denise, USA.

“With a diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2012, I ‘graduated from hospice’ in November of 2013. I went from ‘losing days to a death like sleep, waking to massive fear of what day it was, to now walking 2 miles, 5 times a week, and putting money into some expensive dental stuff I was needing and was not going to get while in a ‘dying conversation’. I am making plans WITH God. I now get the Power of ACIM. And my first 18 years of studying it did not even scratch the surface. I was doing the Metaphorical version… I am now only playing the game of literal God, and literal Miracles. I thank God for Nouk’s clarity to put this Message on paper and my willingness to receive it… Thank You Nouk!… For Ever and Eternally Grateful!!!”

Calico, USA.

“I don’t know how to express myself right in this moment, but I’m finding myself so touched by Holy Spirit, just being able have someone like you Sparo and Nouk, to go to and KNOW that this is what I’ve always felt I was called to get clarity of my Holy Self. I heard 1 hr of the teleclass, and I feel so hopeful, so happy, so grateful and so excited for what is about to happen in my life and the lives of everyone God puts in my journey. I JUST FEEL LOVE!!!!!!! I want to teach ACIM and to teach it I know that I’ll be actually living it and be FREE.”
Maria, USA.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Sparo, for “holding the space” so beautifully during our retreat, and for showing up as a glorious, warm, wonderful and powerful expression of your Christ Self. It was beautiful to see you tenderly supporting both us and Nouk throughout the whole workshop. Your rendition of the Aramaic Lord’s prayer was hypnotic, and I loved hearing you play the didgeridoo as well. You and Cindy were a great duo. What a profound experience I had. I feel so blessed.”
Oriana, UK.

“Thanks Nouk. I am a very new Course student. So kind of getting the concepts, and then time to time again go back to my old guilt-stricken way of thinking. Thanks again for reminding me of the meaning of the body and how we use it for attack and now, how we can use it for love.”

“I love how pragmatic you are with your teaching, without losing a drop of the deeply intimate, miraculous and Divine aspects of this journey. In fact, your teachings enhance those aspects making them even more real and personal.”
Jay, USA.

“Thank you for your devotion and your clarity as you share from the wealth of your experience. We really are Awakening, and this final leg of the Journey With No Distance is, indeed, heavily reinforced…Utter Gratitude to you Nouk.”
Janine, USA.

“Sparo, I just want to say how much your energetic presence was felt in the room – creating a depth and safety and “texture” to the retreat that wouldn’t have been quite the same had it been Nouk alone.”
Nancy, USA.

“Sparo, thank you so much for helping guide and point me back to the truth. It is exciting and I believe I’ve had some fantastic breakthroughs. Even since this email I’ve seen and released my own guilt and forgiven myself.”
Linda, USA.

“Thank you for your unwavering love and open expression on all of your revelations. It’s so awesome to share this path with such great friendships and commitment to be of service for the good if all. The Course has certainly been the most amazing path of unraveling and is such a Path that is always now, now, now. I am certainly very grateful for all that you truly share Nouk. Your loving commitment is felt in all of your sharing Miracles, miracles, miracles. God Bless you NOUK.”
Pauline, USA.

“MIRACLES…Thank you for demonstrating this truth so clearly. I was just filled with a huge wave of lightness, laughter and love for you. How simple this is and how difficult many of us keep making it. But it’s too old and stale a story now to carry on with those repetitive difficulties; Or at least not to take any of them seriously. You’re a wonderful teacher Nouk.”
Anne, UK.

“Perfect, Nouk. Another myth busted. So many once seemingly bound in the illusion of time, now freed from a false belief, including yourself. What a treasure. That old set of luggage thrown out the door. Its’ purpose served well.”

Brenda, USA.

“I will not give any power to the dark visions that seem to report death and suffering because that is NOT God’s Will for His perfect and innocent Son. I choose to see miracles and that is all I expect to see. There IS no order of difficulty in miracles. That is what I am learning to see NOW. Miracles are natural and if they don’t appear to be occurring then I have a perception problem and I have ASKED Jesus to help me to heal my mind so I can see as he sees. I am in tears of gratefulness as I write this. I feel washed by love and joy. This is the best Christmas present. You are such a wonderful gift and I don’t have words to express how blessed I am to have found your teaching. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.”
Mary Ann, USA.