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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death Volume 2

A Manual for Holy Relationship: The End of Death – Volume 2

By Nouk Sanchez

A Manual for Holy Relationship is the second volume of The End of Death trilogy, based on the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles. In an uncompromising, comprehensive approach, this manual provides a literal gateway that leads us, step by step, into the actual experience of changeless Love through Holy Relationship. Multi-layered meaning is revealed throughout, which will unpack itself to the degree that our mind begins to drop its defenses to Love. As long as we fear changeless Love and Union, we will be locked into perpetuating time (suffering) through the birth, amnesia, death and reincarnation cycle. The ego’s definition of “love” as special (conditional) must be overcome as we awaken to the majesty of God’s consistently changeless, boundless Love. The manual contains crucial teachings that point the way to the Love we have always yearned for, but mistakenly feared would cost us too much. When coupled with the undivided Truth as given by Jesus in A Course in Miracles, there is no power on earth, including death, that can withstand the Holy Relationship’s divine transfiguration. A Course in Miracles means exactly what is says when it tells us there’s a place in us where the strength of God abides, where there is perfect peace, and where nothing is impossible. This is not metaphoric. The Course meticulously guides us toward recognizing and awakening to our truly shared, Holy Self. Many in the continually growing and evolving Course community have already investigated the metaphysical teachings of the Course from an intellectual standpoint. Most are now willing or even eager to delve deeply into the very experience that the Course has pointed to all along – the knowledge that we are only changeless Love. This experience that we long for, but which has seemed insurmountable, is realized through the gifts of Holy Relationship. Now is the time. The way is clear. Truth and Love will triumph. The Holy Relationship is the means by which we finally learn and demonstrate the Course’s number one miracle principle: There is no order of difficulty in miracles. These are the teachings for our final victory lap!


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754 pages


Nouk Sanchez

Nouk Sanchez

Nouk began her passionate journey with A Course in Miracles in 1990. She is best known for her very practical approach to undoing the single cause of suffering, - the ego. In 2007 Nouk co-authored Take Me to Truth with Tomas Vieira, which became an instant bestseller.

During her darkest night of the soul in January 2011 which was brought about by Tomas’ passing, she experienced a revelation that profoundly shifted her perception. Since then she has received a series of divine transmissions that joyfully reveal Jesus’ deeper message in the Course. The End of Death Trilogy is the exciting culmination of these insights.

In 2015, after a 25 year gap, Nouk was blessed with a profound reunion with treasured soul buddy, Daniel Boissevain. Nouk and Daniel have joined in a total commitment to help extend these life-changing teachings to the world.

Nouk literally lives for nothing else. Her own embodiment of these teachings has escalated through her latest experience and transmissions revealing that Holy Relationships are the crucial, missing key to undoing all forms of suffering. This is the subject of Volume Two (The End of Death): A Manual for Holy Relationship. Together with Daniel, their hands-on extraordinarily practical approach has contributed to startling and miraculous breakthroughs and life-changing turnarounds for many people in their Global online Total Transformation Classes (TTC).

The End of Death (Volume One) is currently available in audiobook, paperback and Kindle. A Manual for Holy Relationship is scheduled for release in 2020. Visit www.takemetotruth.org and www.EndOfDeath.com for more helpful info. You can visit Nouk’s Blog too; it offers a wealth of incredibly valuable material including some revealing exercises to help quicken the undoing of fear and suffering.